[MSI] GE72 2QD Gaming Laptop – (Dutch Review)

Hey guys! Nice to see you for another review in which I’ll be testing a MSI gaming laptop! This time it’s the GE72, 17.3″ screen combined with a NVIDIA GTX 960M It also has a 4th generation Intel Core i7 and a SSD. You can certainly notice this! Of course I tested it by playing games such as Heroes of the Storm and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 After I increased the settings of the game I started with Black Ops 3 My first experience was that it instantly ran smooth, colors were great and… suddenly an hour passed… Of course it was different for me because I usually game on my desktop It’s different, but you can always connect a keyboard if you really don’t like it After that I played Heroes of the Storm. A game I play a lot on different systems I instantly noticed the colors popping off the screen and of course it also ran smooth And again I could increase the settings of this game without any issues One important aspect is the design This laptop looks stylish but also tough And of course the keyboard… full of colors! I like it! Noticeable is that this laptop isn’t very thick It also isn’t heavy so you can easily bring it with you to a LAN event or friends… or just in home This laptop has enough connection options such as an HDMI out and several USB 3.0 ports Everything you would expect from a laptop A nice feature of this laptop is the extra cooling on demand, for instance when you are playing a game A disadvantage might be that the extra cooling makes more noise This was my review, I hope you liked it. I’m not an expert on laptops, but I focussed on the things I look for in a gaming laptop If you want to know more about this laptop, click on the link in the description. Till next time! Bye!

14 thoughts on “[MSI] GE72 2QD Gaming Laptop – (Dutch Review)

  1. Marcella, een vraagje: Kan je misschien als je gaat streamen op twitch een video uploaden op dit kanaal? Een soort aankondigings video.

  2. This thing almost burned my finger ..when I try to play a game and the fans noise are unbelievably loud everything else is not that bad. But I still return it back to Amazon.

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