MSI GP72 Leopard Pro Motherboard Replacement

Turn over the laptop and remove all the screws
on the bottom case. I recommend using a plastic tool to open the
case. Begin to open the case on the ends of the
laptop case. Now, when the case is opened, remove the laptop
battery. Next, remove the RAM, M2 SSD and Hard Drive. Remove all screws on the cooling system in
the order that I do. Disconnect the two fan cables from the motherboard. Disconnect the LCD cable from
the motherboard. Now you can remove the cooling system by lifting
it up. Some thermal pads may remain on the motherboard;
just move them to the radiator. Also, remove the Wi-Fi card from the board. Disconnect the power cable and the remaining
cables from the laptop motherboard. Unscrew the last screws and flip over the
motherboard. On the reverse side of the motherboard, turn
off the keyboard and touchpad cables. To buy a compatible motherboard for your MSI
GP72 you need to know the Part Number of the motherboard, it is under the black film and
looks like this… In any case, in the description under the
video, I left the links where you can buy a new motherboard for MSI GP72m

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