MSI P65 Creator hands-on: Made for the creative minds

40 thoughts on “MSI P65 Creator hands-on: Made for the creative minds

  1. It’s beautiful but the hinge still ugly and the materials still normal.
    Good laptops for engineers, 3d modelers and video editors but for architects or photo editors it’s not the right choice

  2. This laptop looks nice, just as nice as GS65 uwu
    (oh wait it's the Prestige version of GS65 so that's why it looks the same as that)

  3. this is shameful…. MSI just paint white for their laptop GS65 and call it P65 Creator … worse than that, it has no touch screen which is ideal for most creator

  4. Basically a white GS65 with finger print scanner.

    Could have been something if it has a 4K screen with 100% aRGB at least

  5. If it were a 2-in-1 with a touchscreen and pen support, I would be interested. It's for creative folks I guess as long as you aren't talking about drawing, writing, and photo editing. Still a pretty device though.

  6. At first, I thought: 'what a nice laptop!' Then I realised the only reason I think that is because I own and daily the ancient MacBook White Unibody… Is it time for an upgrade? The thing is 9 years old, practically…

  7. Omg this is like a dream come true, always hoping the gs65 will hav a silver or white color tat will minise finger prints or palm marks

  8. Considering the regular GS65 at bestbuy is $2,000 without the NVMe drive and half the ram this is worth the cost as an upgrade 100%. I upgraded the drive in mine to NVMe myself but would of bought this 100% for $300 more given the opportunity.

  9. how were you able to get it already? I checked on amazon and it clearly stated that this laptop would release in september 21

  10. How does the keyboard compare to the GS65 steelseries RGB keyboard on the gaming one?

    Besides the RGB, does it have a different feel in quality?

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