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12 thoughts on “MSI Pro Cast #28 – X570 Overclocking Guide | Gaming Motherboard | MSI

  1. To be Honest i regret i choose Msi for my new M Board should inform before i bought it .
    Didnt knew P-State not working its bugged for years on all your Msi B450- B350 boards its bugged for years,
    people complaining for years about this bug but no one seems to care and i lost my hope to.
    Next time i defenetly go for Asus and avoid Msi.

  2. Are you MSI live under a rock!?…Try make a better bios…go to your forum and see people complain about this…

  3. Sorry folks, but you can cry because of your p-state problems as you want. For my part I love MSI because of their bios and have no problems with it.

  4. Guys please update bios of b450 to latest agesa abb update , i m freAking out cause my cpu r5 3600 is not even boosting upto 4.1ghz im using cm 212 led

  5. MSI takes 1 month longer than other vendors when it comes to bios updates. Right now Asrock and Gigabyte are top tier choices.

    Btw, I have an X570 creation mobo. It was rated the worst high end board when it comes to auto boost clocks but I still bought it anyways. No regrets though, It's performing great just wish MSI wasn't so slow with BIOS updates.

  6. got an Prestige x570 Creation here…
    runs super slow on auto settings due to bios isues but OC is just awe inspiring,
    note I run a custom open loop with 2 280mm radiators and noctua industial fans, so cooling is optimal for conventional cooling methods, I found my 3900x will do 4.475 max all core OC at the max safe voltage of 1.375, 4.45ghz all core for stable, now thats not bad but I knew I could do better, so off to ryzen master to test what my chip could do with CCX OC, with a 3900x you get one kick ass chiplet and one meh chiplet, overclocking in groups of 3 cores is the way to go, test results for my chip on ryzen master stress crash test at 1.375v are as follows
    ccd0: ccx0 = 4.675pass (4.700crash) ccx1 = 4.650pass (4.675crash)

    ccd1: ccx0 = 4.550pass (4.575crash) ccx1 = 4.550pass (4.575crash)
    as you can see one chiplet rocks hard and one holds me back the reason AMD did this was to save on cost and they probally did not have enough good 6 core chiplets to meet demand just know these CPU could have been better though they are already amazing power houses for the price.
    armed with this I slowly tweeked down till I had my unstable power run OC of 4.600, 4.525, 4.475, 4.450, each of those speed for 3C6T respectively
    my CBr15 score was 3471 points multi 210 points single
    my CPU-Z score was 9120.2 multi 568.1 single thread
    for a gander of my build and screen shot confirmation of the OC head on over to Alphacool forums and look for Nyx under PC builds ^.^ cheers for a great board MSI now fix your bios so the darn thing boost right at stock!

  7. Whenever I save and exit BIOS on my ACE gets stuck on the A2 boot code… Need to do a forced shutdown and boot up again for new BIOS settings to be applied. This is very annoying. If I set optimised defaults first and then make changes, then I can boot up normally with new settings because the system resets. I can also leave BIOS normally without saving, but the fact that I can't save settings normally bothers me, is it because my boot drive is in a chipset m.2 slot and not a CPU one? Should I re-seat all the drive connections?

  8. After updating to the newest bios (GSE-Lite) I can't change my CPU frequency. I tried reverting to the older click 5 and it wont let me m flash to the older bios.. thanks MSI..

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