MSI Workstation, Creator and Prestige Laptops at CES 2019

This coverage at CES 2019 has been sponsored
by MSI, without them I wouldn’t be here to check out all of these new laptops. I’ve previously covered MSI’s gaming laptops
in another video, this time we’re going to see what’s going on over on the more
professional side. These machines are aimed more towards creators and designers for instance
rather than those after pure gaming performance. Let’s start with the PS63 Modern, it’s
got a solid metal body with a blue finish, and like the GS75 also has a wider than usual
touchpad with fingerprint scanner in the top left corner. The keyboard felt nice to type
with and has white backlighting. The air exhausts can also be seen up the back just below the
screen. The lid is solid metal too and has the same blue finish with a very subtle MSI
logo in the center, overall it had a very premium finish and feel to it. The PS63 is available in two configurations,
the 8RC has the Nvidia GTX 1050 Max-Q graphics, while the 8M version just relies on the Intel
integrated graphics, again these aren’t gaming machines so they don’t need beefy
GPUs. The unit I was checking out had an Intel Whiskey Lake i7-8565U quad core CPU, I recently
tested that one out in another laptop and it actually does quite well. The 15.6” 1080p
screen has a 86% screen to body ratio, but what I found most interesting was that MSI
note 16 hours of battery life, that’s a pretty huge claim and it will obviously depend
on what you’re actually doing and the configuration of the machine, though the 4 cell 82 watt
hour battery is fairly large and can be charged 80% with Qualcomm quick charge in just 35
minutes. The total weight is around 1.6kg and it’s
actually got quite a small power brick, this would be super appreciated by someone that
travels frequently. Oh if you’re wondering why this shot looks
so much nicer it’s because Eber from Hardware Canucks turned up and schooled us all on doing
it right, I can’t wait to see how much better their video turns out! The next laptop on show was the P65 Creator,
it’s a little heavier at 1.8kg and notes around 8 hours of battery life despite having
the same 4 cell 82 watt hour battery most likely as a result of the higher end specs,
so the PS63 does seem better there if you don’t need GPU power, it’s lighter and
lasts longer. Not sure if you noticed, but the body is basically a white GS65, which
is just fine by me as I personally like the look of that design. It’s available with
8th gen i7-8750H CPU with the option of 1070 Max-Q, 1060 Max-Q or 1050 Ti graphics. Next up is the PS42 Modern, and I think this
was my favourite of these laptops. It’s got a solid metal body with a silver finish
and it felt very nice, there’s just something about holding a solid metal thin laptop compared
to a plastic gaming laptop, maybe it’s personal preference but I prefer it so much more. The PS42 is available in three different models,
the 8M model which has no discrete graphics, the 8RB which has Nvidia MX150 graphics, this
was the one on display in the video, and the 8RC model which has the Nvidia GTX 1050 Max-Q
graphics, so a few options based on your needs in terms of graphics, which seems to be the
only difference as far as I can tell. The CPU in this one was the Intel i7-8550U, another
quad core chip which I’ve tested on the channel before, and again it holds up quite
nicely. If you’re after more power then you’ll
want to look at MSI’s workstation range. This model on display was the WS65 and had
Intel’s i9-8950HK CPU and an Nvidia P3200 Quadro graphics card, so quite a powerful
workstation in a fairly portable body. Other models within the workstation range include
Xeon server grade CPUs, ECC memory and range from Quadro P1000 to P5200 graphics, so there
are some pretty serious options available if you need them. Again this range isn’t
for gaming, MSI’s workstations are for professional work like 3D modelling and engineering. I’ve also quickly shown some of these models
in my live stream, although I think I had to stop for the presentation before getting
through them all, it’s worth checking out the stream of MSI’s presentation if you’re
after more information on these laptops, as they talk about them there too. I’ve got more coverage of CES 2019 on the
way, so if you’re new to the channel get subscribed so you don’t miss any.

36 thoughts on “MSI Workstation, Creator and Prestige Laptops at CES 2019

  1. Those 1050 max-Q systems would still be great for mild gaming and probably even PS2 emulation since those portable i7’s are beasts and the emulation doesn’t require a super beefy gpu.

  2. well pretty much of msi's gaming laptops are just being updated with rtx gpu's its nice but i did want them to compete with

  3. A workstation with rtx could have been perfect. Quadro simply don't offer the same amount of vram, reliability is not paramount if you don't render 24/7. EDIT: I should have specified VRAM/Price bracket

  4. Glad MSI stepped up to send you there. I mean, we need more than one Aussie there! LOL! Say hi to Bryan when you see him!
    Have a great time while you're there Jarrod!

  5. I wonder why they stick to those GTX 10xx cards. What's the point if newer models are available? Talking about P65, since I haven't heard of a 1050 updates

  6. Hi, Jarrod.
    Quite nice looking laptops. Really beautiful, with a good variety of configs. Who knows they give you a PS42 as a gift? I'd do, if I were in their shoes.
    All the best, mate.

  7. Hi did you try typing on the MSI PS63 Modern?
    Because the trackpad seems so big that there is no space left for your right palm

  8. As far as I know the main reason for the Xeons is the compatibility with ECC memory. The laptop Xeons are almost exactly the same as the normal CPUs, except they do seem to inhabit the top of the CPU product stack moreso than any other part. On the server side the Xeons are quite different, the focus is on power efficiency so clock speeds are lower and core counts are higher to enable massive virtualisation. Xeons on the desktop just aren't that useful unless you are running with and using a massive amount of memory, with the added necessity of having a stable system. Very few humans on earth need all of those things together, still fewer need them in a portable package. I think in the end it's a little bit of engineer dick measuring.

  9. Hey Jarrod! I have the Optix MAG27CQ, do you think it's worth upgrading to the new Optix MAG271CQR? I want a 2nd monitor so idk if to wait for these to come out or just buy the previous one… Hope you reply, thanks!

  10. I hope some of the elegance and simplicity from their creator and prestige lineups bleeds into MSI gaming lineups. I can't bring myself to buy an MSI gaming notebook despite good specs and thermals because they look so gimmicky, juvenile and plain ugly. Freaking RGB circus is a threat to job security and sex life lol, laughingstock of the office/Uni/cofeeshop

  11. Please review the PS42 soon. I'm buying a new laptop next month and I still can't decide which one to go for. I'm watching your channel every day. I know you told me you haven't yet got the PS42 from MSI but I'm eagerly waiting for it.

  12. You should do more workstation laptops reviews or gaming ones but used as workstations. There are quiet a few of us out there that use laptops for work and as our models are getting bigger an heavier, it is important to get a decent piece of kit 🙂

  13. I did buy ps63 week ago. Right now, it's says that 21:28 hour (%97) left with stamina mod. I did not think its gonna stay alive for 21 hour but its possible for 12-16 hour, imho.

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