MSI Z370 GODLIKE GAMING -One Board to Rule Them All | Gaming Motherboard | MSI

18 phases digital power design for a non-stop gaming experience XTREME AUDIO DAC Dedicated Dual Front & Rear HI-FI Audio Processors Nichicon audio grade Fine Gold Capacitors Hi-Fi grade WIMA Capacitors ESS audio DAC with dedicated ESS Amplifier Killer™ xTend
3x Killer™ connectors and the Killer™ Wi-Fi for the ultimate 3867 Mbps bandwidth World’s first motherboard with Killer™ xTend
Turns your GODLIKE GAMING into a network extension bridge no matter wired and wireless devices GAME BOOST
One second automated overclocking tool DDR4 STEEL ARMOR PCI-E STEEL ARMOR U.2 STEEL ARMOR M.2 SHIELD V2
Delays throttling which results in higher overall performance LUXURY PACKING
Features both RGB strips and RAINBOW strip for dressing up your rig ONE BOARD TO RUAL THEM ALL

44 thoughts on “MSI Z370 GODLIKE GAMING -One Board to Rule Them All | Gaming Motherboard | MSI

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  2. Can't wait to get this, been saving up for a while to get this ans the 8700k! Hope some of the RGB lights can be turned of individually though.

  3. what's the point of this 500$ board when intel will shit out yet another processor in 3 months with no support for older platforms making this mobo obsolete . Also, what's up with all these stupid marking all over the motherboard ie: "Godlike", "Enthusiast" , "XXXtreemz". This thing looks like it was designed by a 7 years old. I know MSI cater to gamers but this is taking it too far.

  4. Its funny to see the arguments on this motherboard. I understand how some are saying many items are gimmicky. I don't think they're wrong, I think the marketing for this board is excellent. Maybe not worth the 500$ price-tag especially if you know what your truly need, but if you like the board and have the money, I really don't see the problem as long as you know you're getting some overkill.

  5. Get ready to throw this when intel release a "new" 1% better cpu to rip our pocket again! (We all knew they will NOT support older one!)

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