Must Have Laptop Accessories! Dream Laptop Battlestation Setup

I really like using laptops for doing work
away from the office. And while just having a solid laptop is all
I really need for short work sessions. For long and intensive work like video editing
on the go I like to turn my laptop into a full fledge workstation. Improved ergonomics, lots of screen real estate,
and all the same comforts of a typical desktop pc. And it all cleanly packs and organizes into
my tech backpack to take anywhere. Hi I’m David and these are my must have
laptop accessories First let start with the laptop I’m using
for this setup. I’m using the Dell XPS 15, probably one
of the more popular windows laptops in the market today for power productivity. Video editing directly on the laptop is surprisingly
fast with the i7 Kaby lake CPU and GTX 1050 configuration. My battery life experience has been great,
easily lasting me through an entire day of less intensive web browsing, emails and word
documents. And while it would have been nice if there
was one more USB A port since the included two are usually always occupied, that’s
my only real complaint. I also opted for the lower resolution 1080p
non-touch screen, and while yes the 4K version looks nicer, I personally don’t find this
high PPI practical or advantageous on a small 15 inch screen. Also the 1080 non-touch version with the matte
screen cuts down on glare, uses less power, and is cheaper so I can spend the savings
on better things. For example, a second display. For video editing having a second display
makes a huge difference allowing me spread out my windows and not feel cramped using
a 15” main display. I’m using a product called Packed Pixels
that has a really nice display, which is basically same one you’ll find in an Apple iPad. Mounting the display uses these brackets held
on by an elastic band and then you can slide the display in place in either portrait or
landscape mode. On the back are the connections, Micro USB
for power, mini DisplayPort for display, buttons to change the brightness and a switch to change
the power draw depending on the USB port you’re using to power the device. Overall it’s a great looking display and
I really like the mounting system, but there are definitely some issues to consider. For one it can only be driven by a DisplayPort
or older Thunderbolt connection. This means newer laptops with USB C like my
Dell XPS 15 require an extra adapter for this to work. And if you only have HDMI out on your laptop
this solution won’t work for you. Also the screen is glossy so it’s prone
to glare and fingerprint, and it feels like it’s made of a soft plastic so I’d be
careful not to scratch it during storage. Next up is addressing ergonomics. One of the biggest problems with using a laptop
over long periods of time is that you’re typically hunched over looking at the screen. A simple solution to the problem is a laptop
stand. I’m using a product called NexStand for
this. It’s a really simple solution, you unfold
the product, adjust the height and insert your laptop into the tray, so that your laptop
screen is elevated to a comfortable height. If your familiar with these products you might
have also heard of the roost being the original design for this. While in comparison, this NexStand feels looser
at the joints, and lacks rubber padding in certain areas. The NexStand is half the price, more readily
available at least here in Canada, has more height levels, and just works for what I needed
out of it. Using a laptop stand you’ll also need to
use a separate keyboard and mouse. Here I’m using the Logitech G602 mouse which
isn’t ideal since it requires a separate USB dongle, but the Logitech K810 keyboard
I find fantastic in this setup. Bluetooth connectivity switchable between
three different devices, physical switch to turn the keyboard on or off, and a low profile,
compact design with just the right keys to handle my most used productivity use cases. For my headphones, I’m using my older Bose
QC25 with Active Noise Cancellation that are great for working in loud environments. I’m also using the AirMods attachment to
connect over Bluetooth so I don’t need to deal with cables but over the 3.5mm jack works
just as well. And finally there’s no point of having a
power laptop workstation if I can’t travel with it. To store all of this gear I use my eBags Professional
Slim Backpack. It has pretty much all the perfect compartments
to store everything safe and secure. Laptop compartment in the back. Padded compartment on top for the second display. Hard case shell at the bottom for the charger
and mouse. Main storage for the keyboard, headphones
and laptop stand. And front pocket to store the rest of the
cables for the Packed Pixel display. So those are my must have laptop accessories
for my power laptop workstation. Improved ergonomics, lots of screen real estate,
and all the same comforts of a typical desktop pc. And it all cleanly packs and organizes into
my tech backpack to take anywhere. But hope you guys enjoyed this one, You know
what to do. And I’ll see you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “Must Have Laptop Accessories! Dream Laptop Battlestation Setup

  1. Can anyone guess the desk I'm using? (Hint: Like most of my stuff it's from IKEA)
    All to be revealed when the dream setup is done!

  2. Really cool setup!!! Can I ask if u would still recommend the xps 15 for video editing? (2018 model) if so what spec would I need as a minimum???
    Some 4K editing.
    Thank you.

  3. Love the second screen. I have the XPS 9550 and usually prop it onto a fan stand for games. Both my keyboard and mouse are Bluetooth. The mouse is the "Surface Mouse" (not the arc touch or precision) and the keyboard is the Microsoft universal foldable keyboard, which I think I've only charged once in two years, lol. My travel headphones are the newer Sony WH-1000XM2's, which have been fantastic for flying. I also have the WF-1000X's for when headphones would be too much.

  4. Hey, i want to buy Packed Pixels but it seems like the itel is unavaliable….
    Is there any simmilar display like this? My laptop has MiniDisplay port and HDMI port…It would be great if i use a MiniDisplay port! What you recomend ?

  5. Lol, the time I will take u set it up, I will already be done with my purpose and had turned my lappy off.
    Who requires all that stuff with a laptop. Its better to have a desktop in that case.. if u r not a traveller like him… :p

  6. Before I even watched this video, I had about 90% of the same accessories. Go figure!

    I sport the Roost Stand, SzHahn Wireless Keyboard, Macbook Pro 2015, Logitech Wireless Mouse, and a VictSing Ergonomic Mousepad.

    Going to DEFINITELY get that monitor setup though.

  7. Nice advertisements. Can't believe people actually believe this is a Youtubers practical video editing setup without reading description. One the other hand kudos to you for putting that in description and saving my time.

  8. Nice, that Nexstand was just what I was looking for, My Laptop setup:
    -2-in-1 Laptop
    -Crysis 2 Nano Edition Bag
    -Sonnet eGPU Enclosure
    -WX 7100 Workstation GPU
    -Idk if I'm getting an external speaker or sound card
    -Slide-N-Joy 15inch 3 Monitor
    -External UHD Optical (since laptops don't come with them anymore)
    -Turtle Beach 800X

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  10. Actually I also have same kind of setup but I was wondering that should I get accessories of white or black colour because my table is pure black ??

  11. Hey Dave, umm.. really great work as usual but my wife told me to stop watching your videos because according to her, every time I watch your videos I buy something from Amazon. That's okay though, I kicked her out of the house instead. Keep doing what you're doing brother. ✌️

  12. i have a 4k laptop and i know Decreasing resolution is good idea but When I change the resolution to 1080p
    all things become blurry. like you have an image and resize it to 4x… NO quality! anyone can help me?

  13. You should look for a hard case for your g602. I have the same mouse, they are great, but very sensible. I wouldn't recomend to transport them without a case.

  14. Did you try the asus mb16 monitor ?

    And what laptop stand would you prefer, if this was to be a permanent solution ? A next stand or a more rugged metal / aluminium one?

    // Daniel

  15. Hi, David…
    Can you tell me where can i find the secondary display…?
    And Can You suggest me a Good mid range laptop for a Schooling student.

  16. dude, your setups are killer. I bought the same backpack because you recommended it, haha. Same laptop as well. I have been looking at how I can setup a tablet like you have there. I even have the same screen and laptop stand. Such great recommendations.

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