My New Laptop for Content Creation – Gigabyte Aero 15X

I previously reviewed the Gigabyte Aero 15x
laptop back in April 2018, so 6 months ago, and at that time I mentioned that I was considering
buying one for myself. After testing many other laptops on the channel since this time
I haven’t found any that I personally prefer, so let’s talk about why I picked the Aero
15x. Alright full disclosure before we start, this
laptop was provided to me by Gigabyte, however I want to emphasize that I was in the process
of looking to buy one due to some recent PAX sales that I covered in a previous video,
and if you’ve been following the channel you’ll have seen me talk about wanting to
get one for a while, so massive thanks to Gigabyte for hooking me up. A few of you have
been asking me to do a video covering the laptop that I use, so here we go. For the specs we’ve got an Intel i7-8750H
6 core CPU, Nvidia 1070 Max-Q graphics, 16GB of DDR4-2666 memory running in single channel,
which I’ll probably upgrade to dual channel later, a 512GB M.2 NVMe SSD, and a 15.6”
1080p IPS 144Hz display with nice thin bezels. As a result of the good specs it’s a very
capable gaming machine, I’ll just briefly skip through some graphs here giving you a
quick idea of performance, if you’re after the full details though check out my full
review on the Aero 15x . While I might play the occasional game on
it, for the most part I’ll be using it for content creation, 4K video editing and exporting
in Adobe Premiere to be specific. Prior to the Aero I was using a 2012 13” MacBook
Pro while travelling, as it was thin and had good battery life. That was well before I
started this channel though and had no need for video editing, which as you can see has
changed. You may have recently seen the videos I made
at PAX Australia, I managed to get by there by borrowing a 3 year old laptop, but it was
clear that I’d need something better if I want to start doing more of that content
in the future while I’m travelling. This is where the Aero 15x comes in. The i7-8750H
CPU is currently one of the best laptop CPUs available and will give me the best experience
while editing and exporting 4K video files. I’ve got a video coming soon talking about
why I think it’s not worth waiting for 9th gen CPUs in laptops, so don’t forget to
subscribe for that one. The large 94 watt hour battery is one of the
best I’ve ever tested in any laptop with similar specs, with the only close competitor
being the more expensive Razer Blade. It’s also at least somewhat thin, not as bulky
as many other machines out there with similar or lower specs which should help out when
travelling. The small bezels are a result of the overall smaller footprint of the laptop,
so despite it still having a 15.6 inch display it ends up being a noticeable amount smaller
than many other 15 inch laptops. Perhaps the most important feature for me
personally is the UHS-II SD card slot, and while this may sound trivial to most for me
it’s simply awesome. I record all of my video to SD cards with my Panasonic GH5 camera
in 4K, so the files can get quite large. Having a fast SD slot allows me to take advantage
of my fast SD cards, so I can offload video from the camera quicker. It’s pretty common
for me to shoot 20gb of footage per video so this time adds up. For my workflow a decent
SD reader is pretty important, and competing laptops in this space such as the Razer Blade,
MSI GS65, or ASUS Zephyrus simply don’t have an SD card slot at all, which is fairly
common from gaming focussed laptops. Unfortunately for me though, gaming specs are also perfect
for video editing, so there’s limited choices. Now the Aero 15 is certainly not perfect,
let’s talk a little about issues with it. A number of people have reported issues with
the keyboard and asked me if I had any problems with it. At the time of my initial review
I didn’t have any problems, now that I’ve got it again I’ve been able to do some more
in depth testing with the latest keyboard firmware installed. I don’t have any issues
pressing multiple keys down at once as was previously reported, I think that was fixed
in an earlier update. Sometimes while typing keys do seem to not
be picked up, but I think that’s just a result of me not pushing hard enough. If I
push a little harder while typing the issue doesn’t happen so I think it might just
take some getting used to and may just be down to the actuation of the keys. There’s also the webcam placement position
down the bottom, but as I don’t personally ever use that myself that’s no problem for
me. Overall to me the benefits previously discussed massively outweigh these small potential
issues and so far I’m very happy with the Gigabyte Aero 15x. So there you have it, my new laptop and the
reasons why I picked it, mostly because it’s got good specs, good battery life and is nice
and portable for travel. The Aero 15x isn’t exactly cheap, but for what I’m using it
for and compared to the competition I think it’s a good choice. Let me know what you
thought of the Gigabyte Aero 15 laptop down in the comments, as well as what laptop you’ve
got or are looking at getting, and don’t forget to subscribe for future tech videos
like this one.

100 thoughts on “My New Laptop for Content Creation – Gigabyte Aero 15X

  1. 1-asus zephyrus m or s(extradionary cooling system which means long life to the king)
    2-alienware m15 (sexiest aw ever and for the first time in alienswares laptops not heating issues and it's alienware man)
    3-razer blade 15 Mercury limited edition white (sexiest laptop ever for my opinion and strong performance too)
    4-msi gs 65 (they say it's the lightest 15'gaming laptop and in a weird way i can't explain it is special!
    5-aero gigabyte 15 x(a powerhouse laptop) sorry mate but your laptop is 5-th 😝anyway a great choice….. Ps:that's the opinion of someone who loves in a crazy way laptops and smartphones! I imagine myself with a white razer blade 15 limited edition Mercury and Huawei mate 20 pro! That's all I want santa 😝😂😂😂

  2. Enjoyed the video, as I'm hoping you're enjoying the new notebook. 2 Questions. Did you buy the 4k model, and if so, how do you rate the brightness of that screen?

  3. So I love the laptop a huge fan of it and I have it. The only issues I have is that it gets really heated when playing games and the windows icon doesn’t work when I do shortcuts. is there a way to fix either one?? @ anyone

  4. I totally agree about this laptop, it's awesome! I am personally getting Dell G3 because it's performance is enough to me(getting i5+1050 version with 4 gigs of memory) and because Dell has that battery lifespan prolonging program, the thing most other laptop manufacturers don't have unfortunately

  5. I'm deciding between this the razer blade and the GS65. I'm thinking of getting one for college. Can anyone tell me which have the best keyboard since I am going to need to type a lot with it? Thank you

    ps: I know it is best for me to go try it myself but I don't think these laptops are available in my country (I will be buying these in the US later next year)

  6. Despite the dated logo I think the new Alienware thin & light ticks more boxes for me. I was looking at this as well but I've had Gigabyte laptops before and they've been generally shit longer-term (actually not even that long term: One of mine from a while ago actually cracked in half through normal backpack portage after a few months through a weak point on the side).

  7. I am currently hunting for a new laptop, and after searching many reviews, the Gigabyte Aero15X is my top contender. I'm hunting for a laptop that has power to spare for running VM's in an R&D environment, NVMe storage to allow the VMs to operate at maximum speed while multiple VMs are running and installing various software, and must have an exterior that exudes "professional." To elaborate, this means it must look sleek and clean with no RGB logos or flashy designs on the exterior (bonus points if it looks premium), any RGB must able to be turned off or set to plain white, regardless of OS, and the keyboard must not be loud (typical mechanical keyboard clicking is a nono). During my search, I've narrows it down to three contenders that are close to this:

    1) Gigabyte Aero15x – $2100
    2) Huawei Matebook X Pro – $1500
    3) Eluktronics Mech15-G2 – $1950

    My requirements for the laptop are:
    4c/8t CPU
    16GB of RAM
    512GB NVMe SSD
    RJ-45 Ethernet jack (or thunderbolt port to connect an RJ-45 dongle, but this isn't ideal)
    3 USB Type A ports
    Discrete GPU for gaming on the side (anything is going to be better than the 660m in my current laptop)
    Must look professional – no flashy RGB/logos, not have flashy colors. If there is RGB, it must be configurable to soft white and stay that way, regardless of OS (no bloatware requirements after setting). Thin Bezels. High quality outer build materials.
    Keyboard must not have the typical mechanical keyboard clicky sound – Needs to be "normal" sounding so it can be taken into meetings without being obnoxious

    Preferences of the Laptop
    16GB of RAM with expandability to at least 32GB
    512GB NVMe SSD with slot for an additional secondary SSD
    USB Type C (Thunderbolt would neat but not necessary)
    GTX 1060 or higher
    1080p 144Hz screen – Both to take advantage of the GPUs FPS and to reduce eye strain
    Great battery life – Ideally at least 4 hours of use interfacing with remote server's VMs (slightly more load than watching youtube/twitch)
    Linux OS friendly – Would like to load Linux Mint on the Laptop and do some testing

    The Gigabyte Aero15x is the most expensive, but only option that fulfills all conditions.

    The Huawei Matebook X Pro is lacking an RJ-45 port, so would require a dongle for wired connections. The GPU is an MX150, which is still a significant improvement to the 660m, but is lacking compared to the other laptops options (1060/1070), and the screen is 60Hz. Additionally, it has no expandability and there are noted issues with the NVMe SSD not having proper thermal pads on the controller chip, resulting in poor performance and potential issues later, plus I plan on working for the US gov't, so they'd likely not want Huawei products in their building.

    The Eluktronics Mech15-G2 has by far the best overall value option, with 32GB of RAM, 1TB NVMe and 1TB 2.5" SSD at $1950 US, and has great ease of maintenance, but the reviews for the unit indicate some lacking to attention to detail on the outer build quality (sharp aluminium edges near the corners). It also features a mechanical RGB keyboard, which means both loud typing noise, and unsure if bloatware is required to keep the RGB off.

    Honorable Mention:

    MSI G65 Stealth. I actually like the design of this laptop the most. It is near equivalent to the Gigabyte Aero15X, and personally I tend to gravitate to MSI products. However, I looked up how to add and replace the RAM on the laptop and it is by far one of the most unfriendly laptops to perform maintenance on. Not a fan.

    In the end, I am most likely going to be choosing the Gigabyte Aero15X, and am just waiting for a good sale to come by to hopefully pick it up a bit closer to the $2000 mark, as at that point I feel it's a steal.

  8. This is my dream laptop. I already have an Alienware r3 13, but battery is too less and 60hz screen. This laptop is everything that I can dream about

  9. It is a reasonable decision but I was expecting more discussion on the screen. I think that for portable video editing I will personally take a 4K 60hz over any 1080 panel. At your 1080 panel it is like editing 4K at 1/4 resolution and even entry level machines can edit 4K at 1/4. Also 1080 at 15 inches is borderline blurry, not sharp enough for precise work.

  10. Also you have to consider warranty and costumer support including onsite service. if the machine will be crucial to your travel work you don’t want to wait 3 weeks to get it depot serviced. In that regard dell next business day onsite services makes the XPS a better choice from a total cost of ownership perspective.

  11. Really wish youtube would enforce putting a logo on the video, for the entire video that this is a sponsored video. Electronic Arts does it. Do not understand why its not universal. So hard to get trusted information any more with all these small reviewers who are trying to make a go of this. He does say he was given a free one so that helps but that can be easily missed. Not as bad as the guy doing reviews that gets the machine from a company that actually mods them and then he does benchmarks. The only place to do this is from this company. Essentially he is shilling for this company but yet he always says he is not sponsored. Guess because he gives them back? We really need some rules.

  12. I have an HP since 2004 I've always kept the highest spec HP laptop, I was going to get the new Alienware laptop 15 in but they remove the lights from the side so it looks like the razor blade 15 is what I'm eyeballing.. But I would never get a laptop with a webcam is at a weird angle as I do use it a lot

  13. No offence. I would never pick a windows laptop (desktop depends) for content creation cause you always compromise on something whether it’s battery life and noise (both important to pros especially doing audio work), windows has crap audio drivers compared to macos, colour management – Mac has on it system and OS wide, and 3 the gtx 1070 in there does not support 10 bit output for video editing or photography. I’m sure it’s a good gaming laptop and much more raw power than a MacBook Pro but from an overall pro experience, no way. My 2cents. Enjoy your laptop!

  14. Hey Jarrod, I just recently picked up the SurfaceBook 2 with the 8650U, 16GB RAM, and GTX 1060 with 512GB SSD storage, for $1340 with a one-year warranty. It was a local Craigslist purchase, hence the cheap price.

    I don't know if you have any personal experience with the Surface line, but I am trying to discern whether I should try and flip the SB2 for around $1800-1900 and purchase the Aero 15X. Do you have any input? For me, battery life and display quality are top priority, followed by CPU power and then finally GPU power.

    I know the Aero hits around 270-300 nits of brightness, and the SB2 hits around 450ish (50-75 shy of the MBP) and has a higher resolution/pixel density (the latter isn't super important to me, 1080p @ 15" displays is typically more than enough). The Aero also has the hexacore vs. the quad-core ULV processor (though, I was able to undervolt and slightly increase the TDP so it can boost far longer than average).

    I'm not going to go into more specifics, I just was wondering if you had an opinion on which device is better from a battery life/usability perspective (the rest of the YouTube space can input, too!)

  15. Im still rocking my thinkpad w540 with i7 4800mq. I love it. Next laptop im gonna get is a surface with the 1050ti or a thinkpad carbon x1 extreme.

  16. I have a Thinkpad T450s and it's great. But battery isn't that good and I want better graphics card for video editing and something with good battery like Dell XPS 94 or 97 watt battery

  17. Hi Jarrod's Tech ! First of all, i love your videos ! The quality of your tests is just amazing !
    I watched a lot of your videos about ultra slim pc, and i wanted to know if you could do a video about : wich ultra slim gaming laptop is better to you, and put marks on each point for each laptop (power, silent, keyboard, screen, price etc…) so we can know wich one is better for us because we will know if this laptop is better on this or this point etc… but before the Black Friday, so before the November 23th 🙂
    Im mainly hesitating between MSI Stealth Thin, Asus Zephyrus, Gigabyte Aero 15x and Acer Triton 700…
    (Sorry if i did mistakes, i am french )

  18. Hey, did the fix the trackpad? I have a 7700HQ Aero 15, and the trackpad is god aweful. Are they still using that crap with Elan drivers?

  19. Just my opinion, would be better with all the ports.

    Considering the price and I think you can also remove the branding. 🙂

  20. You might have already been asked this, but did you replace the thermal paste on your Aero 15X or is it still stock?

    If so, did you notice better thermals with what you used versus stock?

  21. hi Jarrod! Love your contents man! please answer my question!
    I am considering buying this laptop too. Should I buy it now or wait for Christmas to get the sales? I also live in Australia. Could you please give me some suggestion? Thanks a lot!

  22. Been having aero15x laptop for 2 week and somehow it shows a big performance down during overwatch hitting around 60-80fps on high settings also in pubg lagging in medium settings after 1 week. Check the battery was in high performance mode and all different situations. After doing gigabyte deffalt reset it all came back to normal today but im living in fear when my laptop might suddenly drops it performance 🙁
    Im wondering if the driver updates damaged the grapics card idk no clue 🙁
    Information about gigabyte aero 15x v8 is very lacking so more frustrated. .

  23. Jarrod'sTech in the battery life charts, where you compared the Blade 15 to the Aero 15X, which version of the Blade 15 is that? From what I have heard the GTX 1070 MQ version gets poor battery life.

  24. Look forward to your upgrade to dual channel RAM.
    I am having trouble finding a suitable RAM! I just get a black screen when trying to boot on dual channel!

  25. Great video and that's my current candidate for a laptop replacement. Have you had any problems with Nvidia Optimus micro-stuttering or not really? Just asking as I've read a fair bit about it and it seems to be an irritating issue (affecting a whole range of laptops, not just Aero).

  26. Glad we are on the same page… I need a gaming laptop mainly of the specs/screen/portability/battery life. 50%of the time I will be using it for content creation, 20% for browsing and videos, the other 30% for gaming. Other brands in the same range are lacking major things such as IPS screen and thin bezels, slim look, SD card slot,good battery life, low temps… It's amazing how they've managed to fit all that into this size laptop… So much power and great specs, excellent color accurate 144hz IPS thin bezel screen, average 7 hrs battery life(MSI, ASUS, ACER and other brands have 2-3 times less battery life in their similar models/specs/price)…. I think I finally made my mind on what laptop to get after 1+ year of researching and testing.

  27. Hey @Jarrod'sTech .. I've recently brought an Aero 15X. However, I find the mouse freeze issue caused due to Nvidia Optimus very very annoying. Did you fix this ?? Are there any fixes available for this??

  28. Hey Jarrod, I am very interested in the Aero 15x. I am interested to hear your take on the track pad, especially coming from a MacBook.

    Im currently on a thinkpad and I'm a slave to the Track Point, so I'm I'm ditching the Thinkpad line I need an excellent track pad.

  29. Hey Jarrod, nice review and yes it's an excellent machine for everything, but because of a hard drive issue! I owned 2 of these laptops and sadly it has a really bad hard drive issue where the ssd would seize to stop working and the computer isnt able to pick it up. I returned them both and will be getting a hp omen for now until they can fix this issue, then I will buy another.

  30. Have you run into the software bugginess that seems to plague this specific laptop? I was considering picking this up but the deluge of bad comments about it have held me back.

  31. So i went ahead and got the the 1080 variant, and i cannot be happier. I was really worried about not going 4k, but ive been extremely happy with this 1080 panel. YES i can see the diff esp when im up close and pixel peeping at txt and edges around everything, but once i sit in my normal position its a beauty… ESP that 144hrz fluidity. OMG!!!!!! QUICK question tho… does opening up the laptop void the warranty at all? I want to add a 2nd nvme drive and double up on my ram (going to 32 or maybe 2x 8gb to enable dual chan) but i noticed it has anti tamper stickers on some of the screws?!!?


  32. Does GPU make big difference while video editing? Will 1050TI 4gb be enough for 1080p Video editing (with i7 8750h)?

    I have seen in many websites that GPU is not big deal in video editing but never had the chance to ask content creator.

  33. what's with all these below-display webcams? The other end of the video call does NOT need to see up my nose thank you.

  34. Any chance of you detailing exactly what parts to get to upgrade and retailer to purchase them from within Aus? Keep reading up on unsupported ram and nvme drives not working and really don't want to go through the headache of sending parts back and forth.

  35. Great video! 👍Curious if you did any of the tweaks that a lot of the internet seems to think this laptop needs, clean windows install and drivers reinstall?

  36. hei jarrod im chandra , im happy that you review and bought this laptop.. and i hear that you will make upgrade this laptop…im planing to buy this laptop too.. nice video btw..👌👌

  37. I love my Aero 15 and had none of the issues that other ppl complain about. It seems messing around with clean installs or messing with the bios causes ppl issues. All I’ve changed was power management settings to get the most out the battery when out and about. Can get over 13 hours on battery at the moment. Very impressive considering the specs n screen.

  38. Hi Jarrod, Thank you for the insights you give for laptops. I just wanted to ask your opinion on something. I currently use a Dell XPS 9560 running i7-7700HQ w/ 32GB Ram and GTX 1050 as my Laptop for Day Trading Stocks. I am currently running w/ some issues of I believe is Thermal Throttling, where my computer would lag when there are many programs opened and at the same time running 2 ASUS MB169 B+ Portable Monitors.

    My question is would you think by switching to the AERO 15x would solve my issue? Or maybe the Razer 15 would be more better of a choice?

  39. Hey Jarrod, do you use the Gigabyte smart manager? i find it quite cumbersome but not sure if i can even uninstall it without the laptop breaking. i feel like it hogs resources and was wondering if you agree or noticed anything, or knew how to get rid of it lol

  40. Been debating for months to get a laptop to get my YouTube empire running and I think gonna have to take a punt on this laptop.

  41. How is the idle sound on this? Is it reliably quiet? I need a quiet laptop for school that won’t get super loud while I’m in class. I’m choosing between this and the gs65 please help! (We just talked on another post of yours lol)

  42. Bought this laptop recently and I can definitely say it feels premium. The battery life is practical compared to other gaming and even business laptops. The software that comes with the laptop is probably its biggest weakness. Out of the box, there is mouse lag when using the touchpad and the settings for Smart Manager don't save after shutting down. Thankfully, these issues can be fixed with tweaks found on Notebookreview forums.

    Overall, if you're willing to put the effort into fixing these issues then you've got yourself a laptop with great specs. If you want a flawless experience straight out of the box, then I find it hard to recommend.

  43. Nice review Jarrod! Although there's one main issue that's keeping me from buying this laptop.

    I have gone through reddit threads and YT comments and a lot of people have raised one complaint unanimously: there is screen bleeding in this laptop.

    And what's worse is that the Gigabyte customer service make a fool out of the customer whenever he/she brings this issue forward saying things like, "It must be some software issue" etc., without offering an actual solution.

    Initially I was quite conflicted between the Aero 15 and the msi gs65.

    I really wanted to get the Aero 15 as it has a better battery life and you can easily upgrade the ssd and ram. But the screen bleeding and customer service became a huge turnoff for me.

    The msi gs65 is a great laptop but the turnoff for me was the accessibility of the laptop.

    I'm quite conflicted with these two choices. Do you have any opinions to help me choose between the two?

  44. Thank you for making this video! After some research I really love this laptop, it’s powerful enough to handle video edits and occasionally gaming as well. The main reason I chose this is also because it has an SD card slot, I was unsure at first because of the pricing but look at it right now I think it’s a great investment 😄

  45. Hi Jarrod! I've decided to get an aero 15x soon, however I heard that it has some bloatware issues, and a fresh installment of windows is required. Have you fresh installed your version? If so, is there anything important to take note when doing so?

  46. Unfortunately, as good as everything sounds, this laptop just doesn't work. Far too many issues…bought it, tried to fix problems myself (spent hours!!!), then took it in, then finally returned it…broke my heart.
    Now…onto the Surface Book 2

  47. Sorry for asking lots of questions but how long will battery last if I have it plugged in and playing a game like overwatch and fortnite

  48. Have seen all of you reviews regarding this laptop , happy you've covered all of its specs in depth the exact way I like the review to be.
    As I was puzzled which laptop to purchase as there are lots of options out there, But I think I can finally decide.
    I'm going with this one but the I9 / 2070 version, ordering soon…
    Thank you 🙂

  49. Hi, Looking into this laptop for content creation as well, but… I am really worried about issues I have read in forums. How is your aero now? Did you have to do all the re install the drivers? How is the internal GPU running the panel? What are the issues you have run into?

  50. I've upgraded the memory, storage, WiFi, and thermal paste of this laptop here:

  51. @Jarrod'sTech uses a Gigabyte Aero 15x with a GTX 1070 Max Q, Dave Lee uses a razer blade 15 2018 with GTX 1070 Max Q and Matthew Moniz uses razer blade 15 with GTX 1060 Max Q? Is GTX 1070 Max Q worth it for gaming and is it recommended?

  52. In my opinion, I liked the Razer Blade 15 because it is a very small 15" laptop and it is also powerful and a good enough thermals! Sorry, This is just my opinion and also because I don't use SD cards

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