My Personal Setup from 2018

Hey, how’s it going Dave 2D here. So if this video looks, and sounds, and feels, a little bit different it’s because there’s something special going on if you’re interested follow my Twitter in a couple days, you’ll find out why, but behind me is the computer setup that I use most of in 2018 so I’m gonna start with the hardware and then kinda go into the details of it. the laptop that I use the most this year was actually the razorblade 15 so this is a device that has a 144 hertz screen great for gaming, which I did way too much of this year, great for video editing And the thing is I had access to a lot of other laptops But I actually went with this one the most because of the design of it I just like the way that it looked, like the way that it felt and when it came in mercury silver or mercury white I forgot what they called it. It’s just no-brainer, this was the laptop that I went with the keyboard that I use the most this year is actually the DREVO Calibur keyboard It’s a wireless keyboard, and it’s got RGB lights and stuff like that if you want to play with it But I did a video earlier this year called the perfect keyboard, and it actually featured a different keyboard a CTRL keyboard But that thing was wired. I really like the wireless experience So I just went with the DREVO Calibur more often than not this year and a great keyboard, highly recommended it for this particular set of video I was considering changing these keys out to a white key, but it actually looked better with the gray keys These are actually the keys from that CTRL keyboard The original keys on this keyboard were white But it just looks better to have it grey and just makes the whole setup look a little bit tighter The mouse is the MX Master 2S from Logitech. It’s a wireless mouse comes in a whole bunch of different colors The white one looks particularly good with my setup But the thing that I like the most about it is the fact that you can connect to multiple devices with it So if you switch computers, you switch to like a laptop, desktop You can switch between those computers just with the press of a button and it’s just a great wireless mouse that has a super long battery life the monitor is the 38UC99 from LG It’s a widescreen monitor not super color accurate, color accurate enough But I like the width of it and I think the thing I liked the most about this monitor is just how clean it looks A lot of monitors that are big just have like a black base and stuff This is silver, white, looks clean Now when it comes to smart phones the phone that I use the most this year is actually the iPhone 10 from 2017 But the phone that I liked the most was actually the Pixel 3 So that’s why it’s sitting in the scene. The Pixel 3 is probably the best camera in my opinion I feel like it just shoots the nicest Clean images and because I take photos of my kid that runs around a lot and stuff I just wanted a fast camera that had really good auto images sitting on some blue books. These are from poppin I’ll link them down below if you’re interested in them. There’s a lamp in the background So this lamp was made by Xiaomi It normally has a red power cord, but I spent some time to kind of put nail polish on I don’t think it looks great. But I just can’t stand red I felt like if it was gonna go on the scene It had to be blue and this does only I’d want to do for a while I finally did it earlier today to make it match the whole setup. Now in the drawers, there are some headphones These are the B&O H8, I believe, I could be wrong a link properly below and there’s a blue Drive here. So this is from angel bird It’s an SSD super fast super small and I think it looks good. That’s why I went with it There’s a white power bank from Anker just clean looking white power bank Anker if you ever watch this, I would love to see this color in USB C there’s also a knife in here and the only reason why I have this knife is because it looks super cool to me. White and blue or kind of silver and blue just really matches my whole color setup There’s another Mouse in here So this is the Logitech G703 and it’s a gaming mouse and I switch over to this mouse when I’m playing games But the battery life on this thing is really short so I don’t use it for regular desktop use, but if you’re interested this is probably the best gaming mouse that is on the market right now, in my opinion now in the other drawer we have the 11 inch iPad pro and this is my favorite Apple device from 2018. It just looks super cool And that’s the thing. When you look at devices and they just are really nice looking It’s inviting to use right you just makes you want to use a device more so I feel like Apple nailed the design element this year and it just makes people want to use this thing because truthfully if you Think about like the hardware in it It’s better obviously significantly better from the previous generation But it’s not like it makes it suddenly more useful But because of how nice it feels in your hand and how much you want to use a device. That looks so good It just makes people want to use them more So that’s probably why I’ve kept on to it but that’s basically it. This whole setup is kind of like a snapshot of the devices that I use the most of over 2018 and Yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this video! Thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it. I’ll see you guys next time.

100 thoughts on “My Personal Setup from 2018

  1. The gear in this setup was the stuff I used this most this year. Gonna be switching over to something a little diff for 2019. Thanks for watching!

  2. Dave, have you had any issues with your razer laptop? I’m debating on the new stealth 13, or the 15 inch model. Don’t play any games or anything…mainly gonna be a classroom computer.

  3. Because im lazy i wish you had linked to the product review videos you did of each hardware u showcase in this vid! 😀

  4. Just watched the video of Jonathan editing this on the iPad pro now I'm watching the final product. My mind is blown 🤯

  5. You loose me when you came with the ipad pro it is not worthy the money surface pro 6 is more productive than this shit iPad whit his bend gate.

  6. Can you sugest laptop for me? I am student of architecture and i confussed about what laptop can i buy for my job and for study. Sorry for my bad eng:(

  7. This guy has probably one of the sexiest tastes on tech i ve ever seen, i knew when i saw that razer laptop and confirmed when thos B&O headphones appeared.

  8. Oof… that all seems like way too much tech imo, I’d be good with just a smartphone and laptop. I can’t imagine what all that in total is

  9. i was hoping to see what the to lights are that i allways see in the backround agaimst the wall.

  10. Wow… Either you have an ocd or you're a rare man… So clean… And really thoughtful of your environment… Cheers!

  11. "Here in the left drawer, you can see my favorite shoe horn. Like my random knife, it has absolutely nothing to do with tech, but it's got a smooth, rounded handle that I love and it's made in a sort of ceramic white what I really like."

  12. Hey Dave, I love you videos so much, and I was wondering what camera you use to take pictures of tech for thumbnails and to shoot your reviews?

  13. Really digging the keyboard, the color for the keys look really nice to me. I kinda want one but, I really like having a number pad, any you recommend that have a number pad that isn’t overly expensive ?

  14. Does the monitor work by itself? Because the link you had to amazon showed that it costs $1000 (CAD). Is this legit? Do you need to buy additional things for the monitor to fully work as a computer?

  15. Hey Dave, super video. I’ve looked in Europe to buy this laptop but they don’t sell these in Europe. So if you ever want to sell yours, please message me. Keep up the nice videos

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