My Week with a $330 Laptop

– Hey guys, this is Austin. This is a $330 laptop and I’m going to be using it for the next week. So a big shoutout to Acer
for not only sponsoring this video but also hooking us up with their brand new Spin 1. So this is a little bit
more of a budget laptop. What’s nice about it is it’s
actually reasonably portable. You know what, I actually
kind of like the look of this. So it’s all black and it’s got this kind of textured material. It’s still plastic but it
actually doesn’t feel bad. Open this guy up and you’ll
see it’s running a full copy of Windows 10 Home. Considering that this
is about the same price as a lot of tablets, it’s
nice to get the full Windows experience and of course you
still do have that touchscreen. Like a lot of Acer laptops these days, you get some flexibility
in how you use the Spin 1. So of course you can use it
in the standard laptop mode but if you want, you can
actually flip it upside down to get display mode, so if
you wanna be able to watch videos like this or one of
my favorites is tent mode where you flip it upside-down,
it’s nice if you wanna get a little bit more of a compact form factor or if you wanna use it as a tablet, you can just close it
up and use it like that. And that display really is not bad. So it is a rocking a full
1920 by 1080 resolution and it’s also an IPS panel. Now that’s important as a
lot of other budget laptops definitely skimp in the screen department. So we have good color, good contrast, and especially good viewing angles. Hey guys, this is Austin. Is this all the laptop that you need? So the Spin 1 is a solid
laptop for video consumption, it’s of course powerful
enough to stream stuff like 1080p video and with that nice screen and some surprisingly solid
speakers, it works well. However, spec-wise, it’s not the most powerful laptop in the world. Inside, the Spin 1 has a dual
core Intel Celeron processor, four gigabytes of memory,
and 32 gigs of storage. So for what I’m going to be doing with it, mostly lighter stuff like
web browsing, video watching, and things like email, it’s fine, but don’t expect it to handle
demanding tasks very well. Now that 32 gigs of storage
doesn’t sound like a lot but thankfully the Spin 1
does have a micro SD card slot so for about $40, you can
expand with 128-gig card, which should give you
a lot more usability. What’s cool is the Spin 1
also comes with a free year of Office 365, which is
cool ’cause that like $100 on its own, so at first
glance, the Spin 1’s not bad but the real test is going
to be how does it stack up when I take it on a very very long trip. So I am now on the other side of the world in Shanghai, China, and
for the last week or so, the Spin 1 has held up. So I mostly use this as a travel laptop and one of the first things
that really jumped out to me was how nice it is to use
an 11-inch laptop again. So I’ve been using a 15-inch
laptop for the last few years and while it’s nice to
have that extra power, having something that’s this small and portable was a huge help. So while I do usually
use this in laptop mode, being able to flip the screen around and set it on an airline
table was helpful. This is a nice hinge, so I
think something that I really have to kind of give them
props for is that even though this is obviously a more
budget-oriented laptop, it doesn’t really feel like it. So the plastic is nice, I
like the sort of texture, and that hinge that feels really
good to flip back and forth so having that 1080p
IPS display really does make a big difference, it
really does put a lot of laptops that cost over double the price to shame. Having a free year of
Office 365 included is also a nice bonus, so I wrote up
all the notes for this video inside of Word and it’s a nice experience. So the keyboard is
surprisingly good on the Spin 1 so it has nice keyboard
travel, the layout is solid with the exception of the
page up and down keys, which kind of tripped me out a little bit but there’s really not
a lot to complain about and that same thing
goes for the track pad. It wasn’t that long ago
that if you were buying a budget computer, you
could pretty much guarantee that it was going to
have a terrible track pad so at this point, I feel like
pretty much any Windows 10 laptop I use should have a touchscreen. It does make it a nicer experience to use and I think that kinda
goes double for the Spin 1. For something that’s so
small and so portable, having the option of not only
being able to flip around the screen but obviously
be able to touch it, use the keyboard, use the
track pad, there are a lot of options on how you
actually wanna use the laptop. So I watched a lot of video
on the Spin 1 over the last few days and for the most part, it’s been a solid experience. So apps like Netflix work really well, especially with the offline
mode while you’re flying. However, there were a few hiccups. So that Celeron processor is
decent for more basic uses but for unoptimized apps such as iTunes, it does struggle just a little bit. Considering the price, the
main competitor to something like the Spin 1 is
going to be a Chromebook and don’t get me wrong,
I do like Chrome OS, however, personally for me, I
do like having a full version of Windows 10 but you are going to have to deal with some compromises. One area where the lower specs are helpful is with battery life. So even when you’re doing
fairly demanding tasks, I never saw the battery life
estimate drop below around seven hours and when you’re
doing lighter stuff like web browsing and email, you
should expect over 10 hours. Long story short, the Spin
1 should easily be able to make it through a
full day without needing to hit the charger. So is the Spin 1 my new daily driver? No. I have to do stuff like 4k
video editing on a regular basis and put simply, this just is not up to it. However, if you’re going to
class all day, taking notes, web browsing and that kind of stuff, then this is pretty solid. Sure, it would be nice if it
was a little bit more powerful but there’s really not a lot
to complain about besides that. Anyway, what do you guys
think about the Spin 1? Let me know in the comments below and I will catch you in the next one.

100 thoughts on “My Week with a $330 Laptop

  1. sounds good i rather have a 13 in. screen black laptop that i can use for making youtube videos, research, web browsing, typing letters, for under $500 any suggestions

  2. Before worrying about the plastic construction and its specifications, people should think about the laptop component configuration (inside the box). I have an old computer with all plastic construction and (because it's old and by nowadays standards) low specifications. But guess what, it's solid as a rock and has a screen that has some kind of filter that don't hurt your eyes (a detail that i don't see in many high-end "gaming" laptops nowadays, and i'm talking of 2000 euros razor laptops).
    What i'm trying to say with all these is that the most important thing, that defines if a laptop is going to be a good machine or not (nowadays), in my humble opinion, is how it's components are mounted inside chassis. For example, if you have a computer with the last generation intel processor and the best graphics card in the market, but inside there's wiring blocking the air flow, or an internal battery near the main board (a great construction flaw in nowadays laptops, again, in my opinion), or even a heat sink that doesn't "sink" any heat (most of the times because it's horribly positioned). With these conditions i guarantee that your computer won't last long without requiring assistance somehow. I know this example is a little extreme, because if you are getting such an high end laptop, most of the times, you are getting a good quality build with it. But, from personal experience i've seen 600-700 euros HP laptops (mid-range laptops, with all the specs to impress the consumer!!) built like how i just described, which of course turn to bricks after a couple of years working with them.

    It really is crazy how company's mind set changed after a couple of years, while a while ago people would get for half that money price a laptop with good accessibility for maintenance (cleaning dust or even upgrading it) and good construction quality (there was some kind of pride in presenting a good reliable product for a fair price!), nowadays people have three options, when buying a laptop: low-end crappy laptops for 300 euros with low specs, mid-range HP laptops for 600-700 euros (with terrible internal construction), or 1000+ euros high-end laptops.

    I guess, as closing remarks (xP), my suggestion would be this one: If you are looking for a
    gaming laptop, DON'T!! Build a desktop, instead!! (you will save a lot of money and get better performance, as components for desktops completely destroy laptop components on benchmarks). If you still need something to work with on the go, opt for a refurbished/second hand ultrabook/thinkpad (which are high-end laptops for business and older models sell for 100 euros). And please don't fool yourself!! You, most definitely, won't need a dedicated graphics card for extreme gaming or video editing on a laptop !! (In any case, if you do, i'm sorry for this last remark :P)

    Note: i talk about mid-range HP laptops, because those are the ones that i'm more familiar with.

  3. If you guys actually want this budget laptop I recommend you do NOT buy it, instead you should buy the Acer Aspire e15 e5-575-33bm for an extra $20. It is a LOT more powerful than this laptop (specs wise), although it isn't as portable. I hope this comment helped some of you 😀

  4. I am student…. . planning to buy……is it good with hard drive …for my research work ????can it support active stylus ,how much it costs??

  5. Could you review Teclast F7 Notebook? its meant to be cheap and good for its price but idk there isnt many reviews on it

  6. You should do the Asus transformer mini. It's a 2 in 1 for the same price and it can be seen a cheaper rival to the surface go, because they pretty much the same specs.

  7. I got a 500€ laptop for 350 with a -150 discount, I'm about to upload a review about it, please could y'all give me tips on editing? I use adobe premiere and I'm new to editing. Please don't say that this is advertising my channel, which isn't even a channel

  8. just picked one up for the wife – tried to run basemark web 3.0 just for fun – my core -m laptop sailed through it no problem, the acer spin 1 got stuck on a "geometry stress test" and would not complete – had to exit the test without completing. bottom line, its slow as molasses. dont buy this expecting to even play any casual games – maybe for docs and web browsing, and watching tv/movies – (cuz it does have a very nice screen) but thats it.

  9. Can I get it without windows 10 (load linux by myself) and without Microsoft Office (Because Open Office is way better) for $130???

  10. this laptop is great i hvae it you CAN play games on this you can watch youtube and do other things it is a perfect laptop and it is actually very fast

  11. fantastic review, would really love to see you check out one of the latest spin1 releases, especially the SP111-33-P4VC with the N5000 cpu, 4GB DDR4, and 64GB storage, looks like it addresses the performance issues?

  12. I just buy the new version for $400 at walmart with intel pentium, 64 gb Ssd and 4gb ram, and I LOVE IT!! U can also expand the storage with an micro Sd card!

  13. When I saw the title that this what’s 330 dollars I was like ha no way I’m buying that but to be fair I’m convinced

  14. I just purchased the 64GB 'SP111-33-C7RJ' version of the Acer Spin 1 today for about $350 AUD (approx $250 USD). Hope this little guy will be enough until I graduate University.

  15. To anybody who has this laptop or any other 2 in 1 laptop, what do you recommend. I need it to use my Cricut machine, light gaming such as roblox for my nieces, watching a ton of Netflix and YouTube, average day to day web browsing and for my college classes. It needs to have great battery life and something under $400-$500

  16. I would like to ask something – as it is a 2in1 device and i'm looking for something more portable than my 4kg gaming laptop – for blogging and watching movies while traveling – do you think this would be a good deal?

  17. It's an okay laptop for simple tasks, all i do is sell on ebay and amazon and it's perfect for that. I would suggest buying a cooling pad because there are no fans in this model, also the 128 gig micro SD is a must. Trackpad kinda sucks, I use a mouse whenever I can.

  18. Hi I'm actually replying on my spin 1 which I recently bought at Walmart for 368CAD. It has a bigger screen than the one Austin reviewed at 13.3 inch has 64gb eMMC drive a pentium 4200 processor and 4gb of ram. So far so good

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