myCADtools SheetMetal add in for SOLIDWORKS (1 minute)

Are you spending a lot of time creating
flat pattern drawings in SOLIDWORKS for your sheet metal jobs? If so you’ll know
it can be a repetitive task that is prone to human error. What if you could
use a tool that does all this for you in a single click? The myCADtools SheetMetal add in for SOLIDWORKS allows you to automatically create the
cutting drawings for your entire sheet metal project. Now you can automatically
generate your flat patterns grouping them by sheet file or thickness. Not only
that you can automatically export to DXF or DWG in just one click. myCADtools – over 50 SOLIDWORKS productivity tools for automating repetitive daily tasks,
leaving new time to get on with what you enjoy: designing great products.
Contact Innova Systems now to get started with myCADtools for SOLIDWORKS.

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