NethServer 7.3 Installation + Review + VMware Tools on VMware Workstation [2017]

This video tutorial shows NethServer 7.3 Installation, Configuration and Review on VMware Workstation/Player Visit NethServer Website Download NethServer 7.3 ISO Create Virtual Machine on VMware Workstation/Player Choose “Linux” and ” CentOS 64-bit” Browse to NethServer 7.3 ISO file. Start NethServer 7 Installation NethServer Interactive Installation Date and Time settings Keyboard layout Set root password Create a new user NethServer 7 Installation takes about 5-10 minutes. Login as root Check IP Configuration Open up Web Browser and type server IP Address Server Manager NethServer Initial Configuration Set server hostname (FQDN) Time zone Change SSH Server port Configure Network Interfaces Configure DNS Servers NethServer 7 Dashboard Check network connection Install VMware Tools (Open VM Tools) on NethServer 7.3 Open VM Tools installation is complete on NethServer Start VMware Tools service NethServer 7.3 Review Services NethServer Software Center NethServer 7 Review Update NethServer 7.3 Update process takes a while. Install additional modules Account Provider: Samba Active Directory Backup Bandwidth Monitor File Server OpenVPN Simple bandwidth monitor Statistics Web Server Configure Samba Active Directory Set IP Address for Samba Active Directory Domain Controller (DC) Create a bridge interface for the green network Start DC Enable and set a password for the admin user. Use complex password Create a new user on NethServer DC Bandwidth usage Graphs NethServer 7.3 Review Shared Folders Create a new shared folder on NethServer Set ACL for this share Network services Password Policies Enable Bandwidth monitor: ntopng Enable and Configure DHCP Server Select Interface for DHCP Service NethServer 7.3 Overview Enable and Configure Backup configuration Access to shared folder from another machine on the network. In this video tutorial we’ve installed, configured and reviewed NethServer 7.3 on VMware Workstation Thanks for watching

6 thoughts on “NethServer 7.3 Installation + Review + VMware Tools on VMware Workstation [2017]

  1. hello! I have one question regarding nethserver. Can it work to feetch all my emails from my service provider, and I then would connect my pc and mobile phone to the nethserver? that way o would get rid of the storage limit of my service provider. many thanks.

  2. I'm having a problem I hope you can point me in the correct direction; host Windows 10, Vmware Workstation 12 player (free), NethServer 7.3.1611-x86_64. Everything is great up through creating the shared folder. However when back in windows and using the File Explorer for the share (I can find it & get the log in screen). I'm unable to log in, either the name or password isn't accepted. Except the name is testuser and the password is on a macro. I've cleared and rest the user in NethServer a couple of times, entered the pw by hand, but I'm unable to gain access to the shared folder from Windows 10.

    Great video BTW, it was a pleasure to follow along as I've never used NethServer before.

  3. Hi, everythings fine, BUT, executing the same example as your video you are entering into shared folder autenticating as domain user without entering into domain, in my case i need to put domain users into lab.local, but the IP address not exist when i exec ifconfig -a, i just only see, so i can't join the windows pc into domain of nethserver. what i'm missing ?, can you complete the video putting the part where users need to be join into domain and after that access into testshare? thanks

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