New AMD Navi Laptops – Radeon RX 5500M Specs and Performance

AMD’s new Radeon RX 5500 graphics are coming,
and this includes a new mobile version for laptops, the 5500M, so let’s get into the
details and find out what you can expect from this next gen GPU. When I first heard this news, my first thought
was that there might finally be some more competition for GPUs on the laptop side. On
the desktop side, AMD has been doing well with their new 5700 and 5700 XT graphics,
which have been offering a good combination of price and performance. This seemed to cause
Nvidia to launch their refreshed Super graphics cards to try and compete. You may have noticed
that we don’t have Super graphics for laptops at the moment, as the same level of competition
just doesn’t exist when it comes to laptop graphics. AMD are marketing the new 5500 series graphics
for 1080p 60 FPS gaming, and that goes for the 5500M too, where presumably the M stands
for mobile. The 5500 is based on their new 7nm RDNA architecture, just like the 5700
series, and AMD are claiming that on the desktop side, this results in 20% more performance
than an RX 480, but with 27% less power draw, or 1.6 times more performance per watt. This improved 7nm process should be good for
laptops where energy efficiency is arguably more important due to battery limits. Here’s what we’re looking at in terms
of specs, I’ve got the desktop 5500 listed too so we can see how much the mobile version
is cut down in comparison. Both have the same number of compute units and stream processors,
though the desktop one has higher clock speeds, most likely due to a higher power limit as
that’s typically more of a limitation for a laptop. The mobile version is also listed
as having 4GB of GDDR6 memory, which likely ok for 1080p gaming today it’ll be interesting
to see if this is a limitation in future. As for how the 5500M stacks up to the competition,
AMD are claiming that it’s up to 30% faster when compared to the Nvidia GTX 1650. These
numbers are provided by AMD, so take them with a grain of salt until we can test it
out for ourselves. Based on my own testing for comparison, I
found Nvidia’s 1660 Ti to perform around 47% faster than their own 1650, so there’s
quite a huge gap in this space. I said in that comparison video that I wouldn’t be
surprised if there was a 1650 Ti or regular 1660 for laptops to fill it in future, but
that still hasn’t come from Nvidia yet, so the 5500M might be a good option for this
gap. At the time of recording, I’m only aware
of one laptop that will feature the 5500M, MSI’s Alpha 15, however there will be others
announced. The Alpha 15 will also be using the AMD Ryzen 7 3750H CPU, so it’s an all
AMD laptop, and I honestly can’t recall MSI doing this before, but let me know if
I’m forgetting a model. I’ve asked MSI when I can get my hands on one for testing,
but unfortunately there’s no ETA at this time, it’s meant to be available by the
end of October. Anyway it’s pretty interesting, up until
now I’ve only really had AMD laptops featuring the 560X, which seems to perform close to
the GTX 1050, so having the 5500M potentially beating the GTX 1650 by 30% would make an
AMD gaming laptop a nice option. I asked AMD if we could expect to see the
5500M paired with an Intel CPU in other laptops, just like how we have laptops with an AMD
CPU but Nvidia graphics. I was told that although the first instance, the MSI Alpha 15, was
all AMD, they expect there to be laptops pairing the 5500M with an Intel CPU as well. Basically
we just have to wait for other companies to do this and release products with that combination. AMD also advised that the power limit of the
5500M is configurable by the company creating the laptop, so we could see thinner laptops
with lower power limits but less performance or higher power limits with thicker machines
that have better cooling to deal with the extra power. This is the same deal with Nvidia
graphics, for example I’ve tested the 2070 Max-Q with 80, 90 and 100 watt power limits
in different machines, so performance of a 5500M would vary on a case by case basis like
we’re seeing with Nvidia based laptops already. I also asked it overclocking would be allowed,
and was advised that it would, but it would depend on the individual OEM configuration
as to whether or not they allow software like Wattman. The 5500M also supports PCIe 4, but given
the CPUs it’ll be paired with for now don’t support this there’s not really any benefit
at the moment. Hopefully I can get one of these in for testing
soon, unfortunately for now it’s too soon for pricing. Let me know your thoughts on
AMD’s new RX 5500M laptop graphics down in the comments, and if you’re new to the
channel consider getting subscribed for those test results and for future tech videos like
this one.

97 thoughts on “New AMD Navi Laptops – Radeon RX 5500M Specs and Performance

  1. I hope they can get these priced LOW. Like less than $699-899 depending on screen quality. The 1660ti is just killing the 899-1099 range. & the 2060's saturate the 1199+ range. I hope the value is right so people gaming on 4+ year old laptops can finally upgrade !

  2. feel like its gonna run extremely hotter on some systems, especially the thin and light ones maybe even thermally and power limiting it to match a 1650 in the light laptops, but will outshine it in the larger laptops

  3. I was hoping for much powerfull gpu than this. The GTX 1660 ti seems to be more powerfull and with 6gb of ram instead of 4, that is crucial when a game has high quality textures and models.

  4. Nice! Really excited for this one. Maybe now we can have a more cheaper option for a gaming laptop instead of going with GTX 1650 which is far behind the GTX 1660 TI in performance. Hope you can get your hand on a review unit soon.

  5. I can’t wait to see how this stacks up and costs. Would be great if it’s a great budget gaming laptop. I’m probably wrong but I’d love to see this cost in the $1000 range.

  6. Well, besides Gaming, it seems that it could become a decent enough laptop GPU for content creation without spending thousands of bucks. Or at least I hope so.

  7. i7 9750h with the RX 5500m as a combo, would be great.
    That would be my future laptop. But if they came with the ryzen 7, I am okay with that. I think the i5 9300h and a ryzen 7 has not a much diffence.
    BTW I don't see a i5 9300h or i7 9750h comparison between the ryzen 7 3750h in your channel. 😀

  8. I'm really hoping the 5500M gives better than 1660Ti Max-Q performance in a 40W envelope. We desperately need more battery champs in the gaming laptop space as higher tier laptops are grossly redundant compared to desktops.

    If only AMD/MSI could somehow sweeten the deal with a 7nm mobile APU (quad core Zen 2 is tolerable) before 2020, the 10 hour battery life/1080p + >60fps gaming laptop should have been real from last year!

  9. Really looking forward to these to fill the the gap Nvidia left on the laptop side with no mobile 1660 version… So if they perform better than the 1650 at 1650 laptop prices I'm pretty sure amd will gain a good share of the budget market

  10. Hey Jarrod, I would like to thank you about these reviews and I had decided what to pick a laptop for college. Just bought Asus GX701 yesterday but sadly the 2070 variant didn't have i9 processor and the least my I7 is on 9th gen which is no difference with the 8th gen mobile however.. anyway, I'll be using this on Maya 3D in three consecutive years for my course.

    And Minecraft.

  11. Q. I am New to PC gaming I want to know what graphics card on amd run Any games I throw at it & list best to worst amd cards

  12. Hey Jarrod, I'm super excited for your Aftershock Vapor 15 pro review! I'm desperate for this, will the thermal grizzly paste make a difference in temps??

  13. My maximum budget can buy me i5 9300h or Ryzen 3750h + 1650 in my country
    I hope 5500m laptops will be priced similar to 1650 ones ….

  14. just in time when i'm about to pull the trigger on gtx 1650 powered asus fx505dt! well i'll wait a bit more i guess, see how this'll play out

  15. I wish they priced it $799-899 for the 15" and $999 for 17" models,that will put a serious dent on helios 300 market which didn't have any sync

  16. I would like to ask if is a reliable site to purchase laptop in Australia? Cause I spot some Helios 300 offers that under 2k AUD there.
    Cause they only offer return and refund if the shipment comes damaged and not say anything about warranty and such so I'm concern if I could send it to be fixed if anything arises. And cause they're E- commerce site, I don't know if any extra tax or fee I should pay

  17. Technology changes so fast. I think I have been spending too much time and effort on deciding which laptop am I going to buy like after 5 months.

  18. Honestly don't care about this that much, what I'm waiting for is new 7nm amd laptop chips. Kind of disappointed in there has been 0 info or leaks on it yet. Makes me think we won't get them until end of next year.

  19. Can't wait for you to review it man (well when it's out!). 🤟 I really love your videos. Just like dave2d, everytime you upload a new video I will not hesitate and watch it instantly. VERY enjoyable to watch at least to me 🙌. Your content is just 🔥🔥💥💥
    💙- From malaysia

  20. I thank AMD for the competition, hope they'll bring more stuff to their mobile department. Imagine Zen 2 mobile + this or even higher end one, in a competitive price, that'd be irresistible.

  21. I'm following a lot of laptop reviews within the budget of 1000 – 1200, so far I'm pretty much laser focused on Acer Predator Helios 300, is it still the best option for that budget range or should i wait?

  22. Kinda strange they havent released a 5700M as well. Would be nice if they could compete in the 2060 / 2070 area of laptops

  23. Great video as always! Regarding MSI and all-AMD models, back in 2013 there was GX70H which had Radeon 8970M combined with an AMD processsor and it was quite notorious for bottlenecking the pretty fantastic GPU (for its time) in a lot of titles. Among other factors, this led me then to buy the GT70 with an Intel i7 and GTX 770M that I'm still using, but planning to change in the near future (your videos have been a tremendous help in this regard).

  24. Hey Jarrod, greetings from India. You are really the best Laptop reviewer.
    Anyway, I just bought the Acer Predator Triton 300 base model(i5 9300h and gtx 1650). Would love to have a video for this laptop from your side. Really looking for it

  25. There is a Vega 56 for mobile which if i get this right by this video is better performing then this new card ??

  26. And here I am still waiting for my Acer predator Helios 500 to get support still I guess Acer and AMD just forgot about it

  27. YESSSSSSSS finally good all AMD gaming laptops, instead of the super obsolete rx 560x.
    Well there was also an acer helios that had a vega 56 with a desktop ryzen 7 2700, but as far as I know it was the only one.

  28. idk, if they laptop just perform like a 1060 laptop is kinda be disappointing, because is like we have performance froma graphic card from 3 years ago in a graphics from 2019 which despite of the prices if the perform is not close to a 1660ti is gonna be kinda pointless laptop compared to nvidia versions, also the fact that is only 4gb version insted of 8gb unlike the desktop one its kinda a disappointment

  29. Hopefully they also come up the spectrum and threaten Nvidia's lunch at the top end too, getting tired of the 200% mobile tax on Nvidia cards.

  30. The only real problem with the m is the 4gb but this is so good. To see cheaper and better laptops with this new card i might get the msi if its under 1000

  31. I said to msi i bought my laptop thanks to you, hope this will help send you more models, thanks for videos and work

  32. I think the only thing I’m worried about in laptop is heat just like in my m17 gets pretty toasty like in the 90+ Celsius which is way to hot so I usually down clock the cpu manually

  33. damn… i was hoping for somthing around or better then a 1660ti with 8GB of vram. guess its still an acer helios 300 for me

  34. If the laptop and PC has exactly same configuration who will give the more fps in max setting and make a video on that if possible ( no one done it till now)??

  35. (I5 9th gen + 3gb 1050 + 1tb hdd) or (i5 9th + 4gb 1650 +1tb hdd + 256gb m.2 SSD) and all other specs are same. The price difference is 200$(dollars).which is value for money. ??

  36. So is this the same performance as a 1660? I'd like a 5600xt that's in between a 1660ti and 2060 super for $249 please.

  37. I plan on buying a gaming laptop by nobember
    I knew I had to wait a bit
    I sooooo expected amd to release a gaming laptop with their graphics cards
    I just hope it's around a grand

  38. i want to see this with a 6 core 12 thread Intel cpu or zen 2 and 1000 or less. would make me very happy. hoping its around 800 usd.

  39. Hey,Can you do me a Huge Favor and tell me a good laptop for fortnite My Budget is 1,100 Please and Really Thank you 🙏🏽

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