New ATI Rage XL 8MB PCI Video Card Still Sold Today !!

I was in need of a PCI video card for a
Windows 98 computer I wanted to set up. Looking on eBay and of course sorting
low to high price I came across new bulk PCI cards still being sold today that
are cheaper than used cards from the era. It is the 8 megabyte ATI
Rage XL which still has downloadable drivers listed on AMD’s website todoy,
in this generic ass box. Now the downside is that it was a low-end card even back
when it was first released on August 1st 1998. It is essentially a die shrunk Rage
Pro that was optimized to be very low-cost solution where only basic
graphics were needed. It came with a capable 2d acceleration but limited 3d
support. Supports DirectX 6 and supposedly OpenGL 1.1 from my research.
They are mostly being sold directly from China but I found one U.S. importer with
stock for the price of $15. I’ll be using it for a Dell Pentium 4 computer that
only has PCI slots since the AGP connection technically is on the board
but never soldered in. I’m not expecting miracles but if I can get decent 640 by
480 3d performance I’ll be pleased. Once I get the computer fixed up I’ll be
showing how it performs. Thanks so much for watching, I’ll see you next time

One thought on “New ATI Rage XL 8MB PCI Video Card Still Sold Today !!

  1. Did you ever get this working on your p4 system? Would be interested to see it running some windows 98 era games.

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