NEW Editing Setup! – ViewSonic 38″ UltraWide 4k HDR Curved Monitor Review VP3881

– Today, we’re talking
about something special. It’s this screen right here. It’s a 38 inch ultra wide
screen from ViewSonic that’s built for creators. (upbeat music) I think it’s super important
to hae a good editing setup for content creators. Now for some of you, that
might just be your laptop, but for a lot of us, we
want to have somewhere at our home, at our
office, where we can go to to create the content
after we’re out shooting. So having a desk like this,
somewhere that you can go, and you can just be
creative and just work, is something that’s super important, and for me, it’s something that
I think is super important. I’ve been spending a lot of time getting my whole desk
office setup to this point because it’s taken a lot of
time to kind of figure out all the components, figure
out what works well, figure out how I want to do all of this so that I can be more
creative, and I can focus more on the content that I’m creating, rather than getting
bogged down by the process and the colors and things like that. So that’s why I wanted to talk to you guys about this ViewSonice
ultra wide 38 inch screen. (upbeat music) The ViewSonic VP3881 is the best choice when it comes to
professional grade monitors. It’s a 38 inch IPS
monitor with a resolution of 3840 by 1600. That’s packed with six million pixels and an immersive extra
large curved screen. It has the ability to
decode HDR10 signals, which gives you brighter
colors and richer contrast. You can connect any of your devices using HDMI, display port, or USB-C. Not only is it super functional, but it has a very modern
look and is perfect for my clean, minimalist editing setup. But not only is it ultra
wide, it’s also curved, which is amazing for editing. This is my first curved screen
that I’ve ever worked with, and before this, I used to
use two screens side by side. Two really large screens,
I had 4K monitors, however, you do have that
division in the middle between the two screens,
and that’s something, to me, that really bothered me over time. Having more real estate to do editing and to create content is important because you’re just moving
things around on your desktop. It’s a space for you to just
kind of pull things around and move and see the content
that you’re creating, especially when you’re in
something like Final Cut, you want to be able to
move around your space, you want to be able to see
all your footage over here, see the content, see
the clarity, the shots, whatever it is that you’re creating, and then have an entire view
of your timeline down below. And you can see with a 38
inch curved ultra wide screen, you have all of your
timeline down at the bottom, and that’s massive, you can see everything that you need to see and you’re not pushed into a little window trying
to move stuff around. When I’m on the road
traveling, I edit on my laptop, and it gets really
annoying because you have to close windows down, you
have to move stuff around so you can see timeline and
go back to your viewers, and it’s just a more tedious
process to create the content because you’re constantly
shifting around your windows. Whereas when you have a
big space to work from, you can have everything
open on your screen at once and be thinking more about the story or more about the content itself, rather than the workspace
you’re working in. So when I was using two screens, my issue was that not only
did I have connection issues, I would plug in my laptop
and once in a while, one of the screens wouldn’t
work or there would be some weird connection issue
and I’d have to figure out where the issue was in the whole system, whereas having one screen, you plug it in, you’re good to go. Less hassle, less to deal with, and there’s no seam in the middle. And the seam in the middle, even though you can see both screens, there’s something in your
brain that just tells you that there’s something
wrong when you’re looking at a seam all the time
because you’re working on either side of that split. I wanted to get a monitor
that would be seamless, obviously just a single
wide screen monitor, that I could do all my work on, make my whole workflow
easier, so now I’m using the ViewSonic 38 inch wide screen, and it’s amazing because the
screen is not only curved and big and ultra wide
and all that good stuff, but this was actually
designed for creators. It’s designed for you and
me, it’s designed for people who create content where you need to see the true colors of what
it is that you’re getting. Color is super important, and this monitor is set up to be calibration ready. I know that’s one of the
things that you just have to do as a colorist if you’re
working with color grading and just working with a lot
of raw footage or log footage, you need to be able to
color grade your footage. So this is calibration ready which means that you can calibrate
it to get the colors as accurate as possible. And also with that, this monitor has a lot of built in controls that
allow you to change the color and work with your colors
so you can tweak it to get the best look out of it as you’re editing. And so you can get your
monitor looking exactly how you need it to when you’re
color grading your footage. Another thing that’s really
nice about this monitor is that all your controls are
right on the right hand side of the monitor so if you ever need to make a quick adjustment for, say, your colors or your
brightness or any of that, then you can just reach
around to the right and all of your controls
are easily accessible, it’s easy to switch between your menus and something that I
use often is I’ll switch between RGB mode when
I’m editing photography, and then I’ll switch to
REC709 when I’m editing video, and just having that
control on the side makes it super easy to switch between them. And also just adjusting my brightness depending on what time of day it is and how I’m viewing the screen, if there’s lots of light in the room or if there’s no light in the room. It’s important to have
those kind of controls easily accessible right there
on the side of the monitor. Personally, it’s one of
the best looking monitors that I have seen in terms
of contrast, colors, all that good stuff. Just right out of the box
when I put this monitor on my desk, I plugged it in,
I was just trying it out, I was watching some 4K footage, and I was completely blown away. Rachel called me from the other room, and she was just like, “What
are you doing in there?” ’cause obviously I
turned the music up loud, I was watching these
videos, and I was like, you gotta check this out
and it just sucks you in because the resolution is so good, and it’s just such a clear screen. It’s something that I think
ViewSonic has done very well. They’ve created an awesome
monitor for creators, so guys, I highly suggest checking it out. I’ll put a link down
below in the description, like I said. If you have any questions
at all about this monitor, if you want to know
how certain things work or if you want to know how things look, put it down in the
comments below, and guys, I’ll get back to you because I do think that this is a solid selection if you’re looking for a
new monitor this year. Now I know some of you
out there are like well, this is a sponsored video,
so he’s just got paid to say these things, and that’s not true. ViewSonic reached out to me,
they asked me to do a review of this monitor, they sent
me one to tryout and guys, honestly, I do think that
this is an amazing monitor. I spent the last three days tearing apart my entire desk, redoing the undercarriage and everything that I had
underneath so that I could get rid of the two old monitors,
put this monitor on here and basically reconfigure
it so it made my setup that much easier. This monitor has USB-C, it’s got HDMI, it’s got display ports so
depending on what connection that you have or what
you want to work with, it’s got all the options
in the back of the monitor. I’m using the USB-C right
now just directly out of my MacBook Pro, so
I’ve got my MacBook Pro all setup in a rack system over here with my hard drives and all that, and the only thing that I’m bringing over to my desk now is my one
USB-C and my power cable for this monitor. So it makes it super
simple whereas I can keep all my stuff in the rack that I’ve built for my laptop and everything over there, ran a couple cables over to my desk here, and I have a very nice workspace
without a lot of clutter. And guys, I know some
of you are interested about just the workspace as whole, and I’m gonna do a video
basically that walks you through every piece, not just the monitor, but I definitely wanted to do
this video about the monitor because I’ve had a lot of
questions of what monitor I’m using and what I use
to create my content, and this, hands down,
is my favorite monitor that I’ve worked with so far,
and they’re not paying me to say this, this is something that I actually truly believe. Now I’ll put a link in the
description to this monitor so you guys can check it
out, and as a creator, a monitor is a super important
part of your workflow, so I highly suggest if you’re looking at changing your setup,
upgrading your setup, this would be the one
that I would say go get because of how easy it is to work with, how clear the screen is
and just it looks amazing.

38 thoughts on “NEW Editing Setup! – ViewSonic 38″ UltraWide 4k HDR Curved Monitor Review VP3881

  1. Hey Jeven, nice monitor! Viewsonic has always produced excellent monitors that provide excellent color rendition, sharpness, and good lighting. Definitely, something to look at, but for me, I would be losing viewing space, I have 2 -27" 4K Viewsonic now; actual viewing area would be reduced. I'll be thinking about this one, thank you!

  2. Wow! Wow! A must have bro! I'll start saving now! Would you consider liking my drone movement page bro? Inspired Flyers Drone Community?

  3. I've been waiting so long for a good cheap ultra wide monitor that I gave up… I bought a 50" 4k TV for €400 and now I've not only got wide, but high too. I'm sure the colours are off, but it gives me massive real estate for cutting videos and can open a huge wide mixer in Logic as well… 🇨🇦☮️💪🏽🤠👍🏽☮️🇨🇦

  4. Looks like u are using FCPX do you plug your monitor directly into a laptop or desktop? If a laptop do you mirror the setting or how do you reset your laptop to show on the monitor in the correct aspect ratio Thanks

  5. It only has 1600 vertical resolution. Is that enough? Right now I run two 3840×2160 monitors side-by-side because I like to have vertical resolution for editing video. And that monitor can't display a quad HD "4K" image at full resolution.

  6. Wow what a great piece of kit this thing looks like it can make coffee as well thanks for showing this never get to see the advances in technologies otherwise stay safe enjoy yourselves nd have fun playing with the set

  7. Jeven, were your original 2 monitors 4K? If so do you miss the 2160 side of 4K? Also, how well does this monitor work with editing photos in Lightroom?

  8. They all say that curved monitors are not ideal for video or photo editing, mentioning that straight lines cannot be depicted ideally, especially horizontally. Please give us some feedback, because for sure there are a lot of people like me, interested in purchasing a new monitor soon. Thank you in advance.

  9. hahahhhah If I get two of these bad boys am still going to see the seam on the middle.(LOL) but that will be the sexiest seam EVER!!!

    just subscribed by the way.. ( am still debating whether to go for this or a BENQ one)? its going to take me a few days to decide….


  10. The viewsonic monitors dont get enough love! I have the ViewSonic VP3268-4k (the 32inch 4k one) and it is an EXCELLENT MONITOR. I was baffled by the fact that it looks sooo good in the spec department and its a very sleek, handsome monitor that has been virtually ignored by all of the various you tube tech reviewers. It's as if the monitor doesnt exist but I can assure you that it does and I have not regretted it one bit since purchasing it!

  11. I have heard that the curvature of the screen causes great distortion to things you are trying to create. whether it is photos or graphic design or video. Is this true?

  12. I love your review man. After a month researching only just stumbled upon this. How does this compare with the LG38?

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