Nexstand or Roost? Laptop Stand Review side-by-side Comparison

Today on Slowpoke Travel buck and I are
going to compare a couple of portable laptop stands I have the roost stand and
I have the next bang we’ve had it for over a year and we’re going to tell you
how we like them and prepare the tracks a bit and give you some food for thought
if you’re in the market provide something similar you’re ready
what can see what you’ve been see Hey besides the ergonomic advantage of using
a laptop stand you also have your computer up off of the table or whatever
surface you’re working on so to get air circulating around your computer your
fans are going to work more efficiently and it’s going to help to keep your
computer cooler you know before I had this laptop stand I used to put my
computer on a baking rack you know give it a little bit of lift off the table
because I do a lot of video editing so if you’re using any kind of software
intensive software that uses a lot of juice out of your computer and overheat
your computer boom having an honest and I would love to keep it cool not this
cool pretty cool this one the roost $75 the next stand
more like prices change it’s about five dollars more than what I paid last year
but we’ll have some affiliate links down below you can click on those to check
out details about it they are affiliate links but we are not being paid by
either one of these portable stand makers so we don’t get anything for
endorsing either which one these are just the opinions that we’ve formed
after using them for heater terms of packaging there’s very similar couple of
differences the roost again overall the roost is better quality that’s what
you’re paying more money for and it’s thicker plus it’s got the
little handy-dandy in order to keep it closed sort of like you find on mini
backpacks you know you can secure it a little more the next stand this is more
I don’t know if you can see it very well but it’s more like a thin sock like a
trouser sock you have to stretch it a bit to make it the next stand fit but
it’s very similar so again splitting hairs at this point
they’re pretty similar except for again the sturdiness of the bag so let’s get
into actually how they function we’re going to talk about size the size men
size matters so you can see they’re very similar the roost takes up a little less
room in terms of height so again if you’re trying to be a minimalist Packer
I use the roost and we’re carrying one bag crammed and stuff in there every
little ounce counts but again they’re pretty comfortable so to open up the
roots you’re gonna put your thumbs behind what I call the grasshopper wings
and then once you get that opened up just a little bit you can spread it out
there you have it it’s set up it’s sturdy
now let’s compare that on the next stand you have the grasshopper wings and you
know it does open a little easier but you can tell there is a bit of a
difference now for buck this is where this is the game changer this is why he
prefers the next stand you can see it’s taller these are both on their highest
settings the next stand is higher which means if you’re a taller person your
computer your laptop is going to set up a little higher and I always have mine
on the highest setting but this will go all the way down it has multiple
settings and this goes all the way down but this one goes a little bit lower see
if you put them side-by-side like this here you can see that the next stand
goes a little bit lower it’ll depend on the size of your chair and the size of
your torso and the size of the table but this here you have a greater range of
settings and has a taller person sitting in a chair I want
computer to be higher the highest setting or at least have the option
whereas if you put these clothes next to one another is that that the highest
setting you can see it’s pretty significant where your computer’s going
to stick let’s go ahead and put the laptops in because although this the
construction when you don’t have a laptop in it’s a little more wobbly
again and once you put the laptop in either one they’re pretty sturdy they
both have rubberized stops in the front which keep it once you put it in there
from moving around the other difference is if you look at the roost roost will
accommodate laptops that are up to 3/4 of an inch thick the next stand they
have this removable piece that allows this to be allowed for a thicker laptop
again if you’re trying to travel chances are you can tell that this is not the
one I usually use because putting this back in I’m going see this this fits in
here very easily boom boom boom just clips in that’s all
there is to it now as easily as that goes in there you
know that’s sort of a drawback too because it can come out easily too and
you don’t want to lose this because if you lose one of these then your then
your stand is gonna be uneven but again if you are traveling chances are the
laptop fits in there’s a rubberized piece right here in both cases that’ll
keep it from sliding around they’ve also gotten these rubberized wheels right
here to keep it from moving easily on the tabletop yours is I think better
constructive that’s what you’re paying for you’re paying for a little more
sound engineering maybe cuz this I don’t know which of these came first you know
I think I’ve read that this is kind of a knockoff of this you know which is maybe
why it’s cheaper that’s what I read as well it’s it’s got a little more giving
it it’s a little more rickety but once you put a computer in here it’s very
stable I think this year you know it doesn’t have the
the same amount of give I think the construction here is better but you know
you’re you’re paying twice as much quality and it’ll last me 15 years and
this one maybe will last me five I have to buy three in 15 years
that’s all theoretical though because after a year they’re both in the same
condition is when we bought them and they’re both working great but if but if
you had to pick one right now today which one would you choose where you
would choose this one again because it has more versatility I can be clumsy I
don’t lose these pieces I don’t want to either and you can look at me and tell
that she’s always going to quality I know why you’re laughing at that now now
the main benefit of these is ergonomic s– you know that way you’re not just
you know having your head bent over the whole time looking at your screen that’s
the main reason for having one of these if you’re gonna work on your computer
all day you know you don’t want your head bend down like this here so if you
get one of these stands for your computer for it to be effective you’re
going to have to get some of these peripherals visual because we chose
differently for our peripherals as well not going to go into lots of details but
is a hunt-and-peck typist his keyboard is a little wider it’s more traditional
keys flow heavier as well this works he loves this another great thing about
what he purchased his keyboard and his mouse use only one court on his computer
you have one little USB you stick in the side and it runs both his mouth which is
streamlined as well he likes that lightweight and then he
has a more regular size keyboard yeah and it’s great for traveling like this
here but also it has a little charger cord so when it’s getting low on power I
can charge it with my computer they don’t use batteries and I haven’t had to
charge us maybe charge these things three times in the
year that I’ve had this and that’s comparable to myself my setup is a
little different I want in a really lightweight keyboard again had this for
over a year you think oh my god that’s not gonna last this by a company called
I clever so when I looked at peripherals I had a different set of needs I don’t
hunt and pick I’m entitled looking at the keyboard this has also an advantage
but there’s just a little bit of a V which you think that’s not going to make
a difference it makes a world of difference when you does it makes a
world of difference because I’m a hunting tech guy that little bit of that
a little bit of a kerb makes this horrible for me I can’t see it makes it
extra great for me but it’s also lighter weight this also uses my Bluetooth
connection on my laptop so if I wanted to use wireless earbuds and this I’d
have to have an adapter that’s one downside depending on how you do it
generally if I’m at the computer listening to something at the same time
I just put in my wire earbuds and I have no problem this one is Wireless but it
has a place you can plug it in if it goes out you just get the wire out you
plug it in and you keep going so that’s nice about both of them my mouse uses a
USB so I’m using two different parts of my computer and sometimes as we know
peripherals you need you know you need although you want to use them they were
valuable but I have a dongle we can talk about that
but the other thing is I didn’t want a streamline Mouse I tried it for a little
while it hurt my wrist it just wasn’t my thing so I have a regular Mouse I just
wanted to say a couple of things about the peripherals because you’re gonna
need to decide what’s most important for you as well don’t twist around my
peripherals no I’m just saying I’m mommy jealous I mean I like I like this size
years compared to mine but that V just kills it for me so I could be happy with
either laptop stand but having used the roost I would choose again the better
quality no extra moving parts that I could lose and the variability in the
range of motion works just fine for me but what about the price are you a
Richie Rich what’s up with that what about the price difference dog quality
sometimes cause for me the next game is no brainer because I like it to be right
in front of my face I like it a little bit higher you know I don’t want to be
looking down I want that extra range the tables to make a difference the chairs
gonna make a difference and this range is gonna make a difference and it cost
less what’s the finger hope you don’t lose
those pieces oh but don’t lose those pieces that’s another thing when I pack
this in my in my bag you know you definitely want to use your travel stack
let’s wait for the church bells the lovely church bells on merch bells now
because of these removable tabs you always want to pack your next stand in
its little travel sack you know you kinda have to stretch it a little bit to
get it over the Fed and I always put the fat in in first cuz I want to secure my
tabs now the next stand is a little bit
taller than the roost but it still fits easily in my pack at least and we have
the same pack but with my keyboard and mouse I just pack it in the box at
Canyon boom boom boom and then my next and goes
right in here so you can though it’s a little taller than the roost I mean it’s
still pretty compact and look at this here look how big me do that is look how
small this bag is if I can do it you can do but why wait what a bit give us your
comments below what’s worked for you what hasn’t worked for you
adios from Candy Girl and Buck behind the camera today I’m sad bye thank you I
know you’re used to being in front of the camera what

7 thoughts on “Nexstand or Roost? Laptop Stand Review side-by-side Comparison

  1. I enjoyed this. I’m looking in the buy a laptop or a computer and it needs to be an Apple. I like a laptop we’re the keyboard is detachable and has a mouse. Not sure if Apple sells this. I like what your showing here. Thanks.

  2. We did a lot of research before buying our foldable laptop stands for travel, and we felt the Nexstand and the Roost were the top two choices. If you think that there is a better option out there, let us know!

  3. I don't think I can fit my PC on those things… Might lose some pieces! (or my whole computer once it breaks the stand) 😀

  4. Hey Buck and CG. I have spent my digital life on a desktop but was just reading this week an article on how to use a laptop as a desktop with gadgets such as yours. I also have been looking at little gadgets that allow the user to make their cars steering wheel into a desk for a laptop. I wonder if your stands could be converted to fit onto a steering wheel. I hope you guys do more review videos.

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