26 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky Beyond – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. The way I look at it is. It's like a copy of Mass Effect Andromeda.

    I said It's like, like it's almost the same game.

  2. It’s honestly so cool to see a company fall so hard at their release, take endless criticism, and be viewed as a total failure. But through all that they stood by their product and eventually fulfilled their vision… not through paid DLC and not through a new game, but through their passion for the game they knew they wanted to make and frankly they have all of my respect for doing so.

  3. I guess you could say this game was a lot like how you start out in the sandbox yourself, alone in a harsh world, with a broken ship and almost nothing to help you. It took you some time, but you were able to gather some supplies and materials to fix finally the ship. You launch yourself into the air, hardly knowing what to do, it’s a terrible launch, you run into many asteroids and try to avoid as many fights as you can, but eventually, you get better. You’re more keen on what you need and what you want for your ship and supplies, you find a freighter that you buy to aid you on your journey. You suddenly have a clear image of what you want to do and where you want to go, and as you leave one more planet, launching properly becomes second nature… And you’re off into the great unknown…

  4. So much respect for the Devs. They persevered through the bad launch and made the game one of the most compelling open world games in years

  5. Has anybody seen half the stuff in this trailer? Wish the game was actually like these trailers. Havent seen one npc walking around and every planet is just as dead as its always been.

  6. Pilotable freighters , city's & towns and massive space battles with factions and on board freighter fights would be amazing aswell as an actual hub city with laws and restrictions so it dosent get destroyed

  7. Call it a comeback. Years later still can't finish "expanding the base" due to glitches. Ill hang in though such a huge fan

  8. Sean never abandoned the game neither did he lie'd to us, when he was interviewed he was talking about the game that was never finished, the features that he and his team were working on, because his team was very small, and they got huge amount of attention and interviews he was put to lot's of pressure, how would you feel if 200,000 people asked you 100 questions you would feel the same, they were a small team and they were working on a huge project, and the game exploded in popularity before release, and when he was interviewed he couldn,t just say, you can walk around and fly in spaceship, because his vision had more that just that, and it was all being worked on, he said also that he doesn't want to dissappoint people, and it was all huge pressure for him and his team to work on, you gotta look through his fingers a bit. how would you feel in that situation when so much people are expecting so much from you that you never done.

  9. We basically supported them with money so they can keep working on the game, that's exactly what happened when everyone went nuts pre-ordering the game. Hype all over the internet LOL…

  10. I think no man's sky needed more development when it came out originally. I quote Honest Game Trailers, "No words can describe the hype you felt after watching the E3 demo. Now after threatening to kill the creator by delaying it for a couple of months, It's finally here. And it looks like they could've used a couple more years."

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