Nvidia 1050 Ti vs 1060 Max-Q – Laptop Graphics Comparison Benchmarks

Should you buy a laptop with Nvidia’s 1050
Ti graphics, or a 1060 with Max-Q? We’re going to benchmark two laptops in a number
of games to see the performance differences between them to help you decide if it’s
worth paying more money for the 1060. I’ve previously compared the 1050 Ti against
the regular 1060 before the Max-Q version was released, and now that we’ve got the
Max-Q version of the 1060 which comes in just under the regular 1060 I wanted to see how
it fills the gap. The two laptops that I’m testing here are
very close to being the same in terms of specs. Both have an Intel 7700HQ quad core CPU with
16GB of DDR4 memory and use an SSD for the primary hard drive, which is running Windows
10 with all available updates applied. No manual overclocking was performed for any
of these tests, and G-Sync was disabled. The main difference between the two laptops
is of course that one is running an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, while the other laptop
has an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 with Max-q design. The specs between these two graphics
cards are a bit different, although the 1060 with Max-Q has more cuda cores, it’s got
lower base and boost clock speeds compared to the 1050 Ti to help it run cooler and quieter,
which is the main point of the Max-Q graphics cards. With that in mind let’s take a look at our
benchmarks and find out how each of these cards perform! We’ll cover both real world
gaming benchmarks first, then the results of some benchmarking tools. All games were
tested with a 1080p using all available setting presets. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was tested
with the latest 1.0 version using the replay feature. The first thing I noticed was that
there’s quite a big difference between the two in this game, with the 1% lows of the
1060 with max-q above the averages of the 1050 Ti, and overall the 1060 with max-q is
performing 62% better than the 1050 Ti. Rise of the Tomb Raider was tested using the
built in benchmark with Direct X 12 and things change quite a bit, although there’s a nice
performance boost it’s nowhere near as big as we saw in PUBG, at around 21% of an improvement. Watchdogs 2 is a fairly resource intensive
game, and we can see the difference between the two is even less here, with the 1050 Ti
actually performing better at the lower setting levels, possibly due to the higher clock speed
and there being less work for it to do. Due to this the overall performance of the 1060
with Max-q is 2% worse than the 1050 Ti, as we’re only getting better performance at
very high and ultra. In the Witcher 3 there’s a much more positive
increase in performance from the 1060 with max-q, I wouldn’t mind playing at ultra
on it whereas the experience was much more choppy on the 1050 Ti, and on average the
max-q 1060 is performing 43% better. Ghost Recon is another resource intensive
game, and not something I’d want to play on on the 1050 Ti myself, but the max-q 1060
is giving a nice performance boost and performing around 34% better in this title. Shadow of War using the built in benchmark
showed a fair improvement of 24% with the max-q 1060, allowing us to almost average
60 FPS at high settings, while the 1050 Ti needs medium settings to achieve a similar
result. I’ve found Battlefield 1 to run quite well
on most hardware, and it’s definitely showing quite a large difference here, with the max-q
1060 performing 77% better at ultra settings in particular, or otherwise 53% better over
all setting levels. Doom is another game that usually performs
pretty well regardless of graphics power, and usually the frame rate doesn’t change
too much between the different setting levels. Even the 1050 Ti is almost able to average
60 FPS at ultra settings, so realistically either card is going to give an acceptable
experience, with the max-q 1060 performing around 24% better here. Finally Ashes of the Singularity is another
resource intensive game, and running the built in benchmark in Direct X 11 we’re seeing
a 15% boost with the max-q 1060 compared to the 1050 Ti. Before we get into the benchmarking tools
I’ll just quickly note that so far the performance improvement over the games tested is a 30%
increase for the max-q 1060 over the 1050 Ti, pretty decent. It really seems to depend
on the game, and as expected in general we’re seeing a larger difference at the higher setting
levels as the better card is actually able to get put to work. Now onto the benchmarking tools, while a useful
indicator note that these results are less practical compared to the real world gaming
tests previously shown, as synthetic tests seem to scale better compared to real games
with better hardware. In the Heaven benchmark the difference between
the two graphics cards is fairly similar at all setting levels, whereas in Valley benchmark
the differences between the two are much closer together regardless of setting level used.
I’ve also tested the latest Superposition benchmark from Unigine, and these are the
results at the different 1080p levels. Finally I’ve tested Fire Strike and Time
Spy benchmarks from 3DMark, which showed a similar increase. On average from these benchmark
tools the max-q 1060 is performing just over 31% better than the 1050 Ti, so not actually
that much of a difference compared to the real world gaming results which was interesting,
usually the difference is much bigger. As expected the max-q 1060 came out ahead
of the 1050 Ti in almost all tests, performing over 30% percent better on average when compared
to the 1050 Ti, a pretty noticeable difference, a much bigger jump compared to say the 1050
and 1050 Ti, or 1060 max-q and regular 1060. If you’ve already got a laptop with the
1050 Ti is it worth upgrading to the 1060 with max-q? Although the performance difference
is a fair amount, I’d generally say no unless you really need it, as in most cases this
would involve buying a new laptop, a fairly expensive process. If you’re looking at
buying a new laptop and trying to decide between either of these, then it depends more on the
games you’re wanting to play with them. Personally I play most of the games tested
earlier, so I’d lean towards the max-q 1060 for the better experience at higher settings,
but if you’re playing less demanding games like Overwatch the 1050 Ti is still a great
option for 1080p gaming. I’d be looking at the max-q 1060 if I wanted
a cooler and quieter option, and also planned on playing modern AAA games at 1080p with
high settings, or just as an option that will increase the lifespan of your laptop it may
be worth saving the extra money to get. Otherwise you can save money with the generally cheaper
1050 Ti, which may be perfectly fine depending on what games you’ll actually be playing. The 1060 with Max-Q should use less power
and produce less noise, however as both of the laptops I’ve tested are completely different
in terms of overall form factor as they’re from different companies it wouldn’t really
be a fair comparison, ideally I’d need two laptops of the same brand and model to do
that justice. Regardless, I’m sure people will want to
know what I got anyway, so keeping in mind that these results are basically useless as
both laptops were from completely different companies with different cooling designs,
these are the results. We can see that the max-q 1060 actually ran a little cooler than
the 1050 Ti which was quite interesting considering the 30% performance increase. In terms of
sounds under full load the 1050 Ti laptop was 51 decibels while the Max-Q 1060 was slightly
quieter at 49 decibels, so it is doing what it’s meant to. I hope that these benchmarks have shown you
the real world differences in performance between the Nvidia 1050 Ti and 1060 with max-q
laptop graphics cards, and helped you choose between them. Let me know down in the comments
which graphics card you’ll be getting in your next laptop and why, and leave a like
on the video if you found the information useful. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget
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100 thoughts on “Nvidia 1050 Ti vs 1060 Max-Q – Laptop Graphics Comparison Benchmarks

  1. I hate how "Max-Q" definition is literally the point of higher stress during a rocket launch, but a 1060 Max-Q is just a 1060 under lower stress.

  2. I got a Dell with a 1050ti at $750, while the version with the 1060 maxq wat at $1199, I dont think that 30% improvement is worth $449.

  3. Can you please help me as I am confused in choosing between 1060 and 1060 maxq.
    Will the maxq laptop with the same specs as you showed in the video run BF1 1080p ultra at 60+ average fps ? Or 50+average fps?
    And I am specifically buying a laptop for this game. So is there significant difference between high and ultra settings @1080p 15.6" screen for BF1?
    Also should I buy a laptop for the same game with 60Hz refresh rate or 120Hz or 144Hz for playing at high settings?
    Btw nice video.

  4. If you play a 720p you can get 60fps at ultra with the 1050ti, not much of a difference graphically. Especially on a small screen.

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  6. Currently I'm torn between Asus GL503 and HP Omen 15. GL503 is better than the HP in every regards except the GPU. HP has 1060 white Asus has 1050ti. In other aspects Asus is the winner. It has better Build quality
    More ram – 16 Gb compared to HP's 8GB
    better processor – i7(8th gen) vs HPs i5(7th gen)
    More SSD space – 256GB vs 128GB on HP

    Both are priced exactly similar in my country at around 1600 USD. I'm looking to play competitive games like CS:GO , Siege, Overwatch, Battlefield and some recent single player games at acceptable frame rates (I'm a console gamee so 30 fps is the standard for me,at least in single player games.) Someone please advise.

  7. Sir. I want to know if can change my laptop's processor. my laptop now just have 1.60 ghz (intel Pentium N3710 😧

  8. Watching this on a Dell G7 15 with a 1060 Max-Q and a Core i7 8750h, and it is amazing. Was always a desktop guy, but with the 10 series the performance gap has narrowed so much, I decided to try a laptop again so I can spend less time cooped up in my office and more time downstairs with my gf. Sold my Ryzen 1700 GTX1070 system to buy this laptop and I am not disappointed in the least bit!

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  13. i have the strix asus GL502Vm with a 1060 and i have at least 10% more fps in all the games u included especially pubg i can run it at 90 fps on very high with screen scale on 120

  14. have to spend around 1788 us dollars in India to get a decent gaming laptop with gtx 1060 and i7
    so frustrating 😤

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  18. Jarrod this comparison of yours has very different findings compared to one from 1050ti vs 1060 comparison on metabox notebooks where the difference was only ~15%. I understand these are two different models of laptop with different specs but still the difference is too huge not to notice, do you have any insight on why it happened?

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  20. How did yo get 100 fps on BF1 on ultra for the 1060 max q? Most of the benchmarks I saw had an fps of 55-70. Did you choose the ultra preset or did you change some things such as anti-ailising?

  21. Intel i7-7700HQ up to 3.80 GHz
    4GB DDR4 2400MHz x2
    1TB 5400
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4G
    Windows 10
    Intel i5-7300HQ up to 3.50 GHz
    4GB DDR4 2400MHz x2
    1TB 5400
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 MaxQ GDDR5 3G
    Windows 10

    which one?

  22. 4:52 it's worth upgrading to an external graphic card or at least a 1070 gpu laptop. 1050ti it's enough for casual gaming.

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  25. Have you OC them XD? The 1060 can't surely be getting 100 fps in BF1 on Ultra??? What would change if the processor was swapped out for an i7 8750H?

    and did you really measure 70 degrees Celsius?? Isn't that boiling your hand while you game?

  26. My laptop only has a 1050 2gb but it allows me to play all the game i would play on a console which is good enough for me (MSI gl62m 7rd)

  27. Have you made a video comparing the 1060 Max Q against the 1050? And the 1060 vs 1050?

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  30. Desktop 1050ti OC (maximum[and the best one 1050ti]) x 1060 maxq? Which one is the better/strongest?
    (Sorry my english)

  31. I plan to buy a new laptop for the long term, that is, to run games for the next few years. Is the 1050Ti a good choice or will it be better to invest more money and buy a 1060 max-q?

  32. This video was made in February and since then dell has released the g7 which has a 1060 max-q so if you want to do this test again there you go it will be more even results.

  33. I think your 1050 ti is broken mine gets 60fps locked in witcher 3 medium and high mixed…you should have turned off vsync i guess

  34. I had an 1060 and lemme tell you, that graphics is awesome in all ways, but the noise… damn, It killed me even when playing with headset. So 1060 max-Q should be just the right choice.

  35. You also compared 1050ti with regular 1060(laptops) and 1060 maxq with 1060 and there was only 15% and 7% difference respectively. So how is the difference between 1050Ti and 1060 Max-Q large here? Which laptop did you chose for 1050Ti? It must have some problem.

  36. i dont know which to choose. i need it for a CAD, Lumion and Sketchup Programm.. Can anybody help me? i can but a nitro 5 with 1050ti for 999€ or 1060 for 1300€(less Ram and memory , but i can take it from my old laptop)

  37. i had a dell inspiron 7567 (it got busted) and then i bought 7577, i switched the main SSD card on which the windows is installed, to get all that previous installed stuff…. does this affect the performance in any way (cuz my laptop 7577 seems very slow when not charging)?

  38. Thanks for taking the time to do this video, I had been planning on getting a 1050Ti laptop for my work, but after seeing the difference I will most probably go for a max Q 1060 hoping that will give me both better battery life for my work stuff which is on site but with better gaming too and also increasing the life span of the laptop and its resale value compared to the same model with a 1050ti when I end up replacing that one

  39. Aaaand this is the reason why I wanted to go for my Legion Y520 with the Max-Q 1060. If I would've went with the 1050ti, I would've been unhappy. I'm one of those people who likes to play their games at Very High/Ultra settings, and I waited FOREVER for the y520 with the 1060 Max-Q. But it was soooooo worth it!

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    (the other option being a Lenovo Legion Y530 with 1050 Ti, which only costs about €160 less than the G5… though honestly either one of these GPU is a significant upgrade from a GT 750M)

  43. Ok so between 6gb 1060 max Q with an i5 7300h vs 4gb 1050ti with i5 8300h which should i choose for gaming?? I will not hold you responsible just need an honest feedback
    Thank you

  44. You know, I ran Shadow Of the Tomb Raider demo on my Legion y520, and with a few settings at high, but leaving the main graphics at Ultra, I still got around a consistent 40-30 fps, I never dropped below.

  45. YOOOOOOO… You're THE BEST man!
    More data than ANYONE will EVER need means EVERYONE can count on coming here to find that that ONE detail necessary!
    THANKS bro!!!

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