NVIDIA GTX 1660 Review – The Best GTX 960 Replacement Yet?

so a few weeks ago we were all
introduced to Nvidia’s first non rtx GPU for 2019 gtx 1660 TI i said that
right this time by the way now even though this thing can’t run AI or
ray-tracing operations it still offers some great
value for gamers who don’t see a point in paying a premium for the features
that aren’t just being used yet so that brings us to today’s review which was
almost late because of ups damn and I hate UPS I just I just I just really do
but anyways it’s finally here this my friends is the gtx 1660 non TI that is
and it’s starting price is at $220 which is pretty affordable if you think about
it considering the gtx 1060 was launched at around $200 and the older gtx 960 was
launched at $200 since its release day it’s also interesting to note that
Nvidia’s GTX 1060 and cards around this price point are the most popular right
now on steams Hardware serwe so this is a very important launch so why don’t we
get into the review but first a quick message from our sponsor the new Animax
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down below now before I get to the benchmarks let’s actually get into what
the gtx 1660 is but at the same time if you just want to skip directly into
performance I’ll actually leave timestamps down in the comments also if
you want to check out our GTX 1660 TI review and learn a little bit more
about the architecture you can actually check that up right over here like I
said in the GTX 1660 and 1660 TI video these new gtx cards use the 1290 meter tu1 1:6
core which incorporates all of the turin architectures improvements except the RT
and tensor units that means RTX has been crossed out the spec sheet but
performance in standard games gets a big post and media did this because AI and
ray-tracing operations to be backed up by a huge amount of
rendering power and that’s something these lower price options just don’t
have so if you want rtx you’ll need to spend a little bit more money and buy an
RTX 2060 or a higher-end GPU the GTX 1660 specs are pretty interesting too
it uses a cut-down version of the gtx 1660 ti score with a little over 1400 cuda
cores and slightly higher clock speeds while the TDP remains at 120 watts
the real difference here is with memory the 1660 still has six gigabytes and 192
bit wide interface but it uses gddr5 modules operating at 8 gigahertz instead
of 12 gigahertz of GDD are 6 well that could cause memory bandwidth bottlenecks
in some games I wouldn’t be surprised if a bit of
overclocking brings a stock GTX 1660 close to a GTX 1660 Ti unfortunately due
to some other shipping issues I wasn’t able to get a stock GTX 1660 in time
for this video but EVGA ended up sending their XE ultra version personally I have
mixed feelings about this card in terms of design but it’s a lot better than the
triple slot version that I looked at in our GTX 1660 and 1660 TI video even though
the length is about 10.5 inches or 268 millimeters it’ll fit into more small
form factor cases – other than that turning the card over shows that EVGA
has used a shorter PCB and then attached a massive cooler the overhang is
protected by a small backplate but the design also means the power connector
gets popped into an interesting location the rear i/o area is pretty
straightforward with single outputs for DVI HDMI and DisplayPort it’s nice to
see DVI here since a lot of gamers looking for more affordable cards might
not have a newer monitor and the last thing anyone wants to buy is another
adapter the XC ultra version has also been pre overclocked by EVGA and its
core runs about 60 mega is higher than the stock version that likely won’t
result in all that much performance especially since the memory sticks to a
gigahertz the price is what might rip a few people up since this card will hit
$250 but EVGA will be offering a limited $10 rebate at large
bringing it to 240 one thing I did notice during testing
was that the boos clock constantly sat at nineteen sixty-five megahertz
that’s almost 100 megahertz higher than what a reference back 1660 TI
hit so let’s cut this short right here and get right on to the benchmarks as we
run through these charts you’ll basically see the same thing repeated
over and over again the gtx 1660 outperforms the gtx ten succeed by a
pretty big margin at both resolutions sometimes by over 25% but does that mean
that he should be replacing the 1060 if you have one absolutely not
but if you have a gtx 960 or an earlier GPU this will be a huge step up at a
price that’s really close to what you paid a few years ago another thing
that’s important to mention again is the EVGA card I’m using over here is pre
overclocked but not by a huge amount I’m going to say that the increased clock
speeds add between two or three percent at most to the scores versus a stock
1660 now when you compared to the 1660 TI performance is really variable at
times they’re pretty close with this new card in some other times it even comes
close to the gtx 1070 performance levels but frame rates really aren’t consistent
across and retail in a few games the non TI models falls way too behind but that
actually happens a lot more often at 1440p so the gap is likely due to the
1660s lower memory clock speeds you can actually see that situation pretty
clearly in hell-blade rainbow 6 and witcher at 1080p then again at 1440p
games like far cry 5 battlefield and even overwatch can be added to that list
too particularly with the lower 1% of frame times against AMD cards the GTX
1660 is roughly equal to performance of an Rx 590 but that card almost consumes
a ton more power and even costs a bit more right now I would be surprised if
AMD further lowers prices on the RX 580 and rx 590 quickly moving on to power
consumption this pre overclocked EVGA gtx 1660 XC ultra actually consumes
a bit less than the gtx 1060 superclocked and that just goes to show
you how much Nvidia’s new architecture and the 1290 meter manufacturing process
are able to improve performance per watt so I guess it’s time to wrap things up
and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with Nvidia’s new GTX series
even though almost every one of the rtx cards felt overpriced the gtx 1660 ti and
now the gtx 1660 really do feel like good values for their price points I
wouldn’t run out to replace a 10 series card with them but if you’re coming from
an older generation GPU they could be an awesome choice however I can say that
the 1660 is perfect I mean if you look at the XE Ultra from EVGA in this case
it’s a $30 premium over these stock GPU and that almost gets closer to what you
would pay for a reference SPECT gtx 1660 ti also the gddr5 memory modules may
cause some bottlenecks in some situations but from an overall
perspective I think this is a pretty solid choice for the price so that
pretty much wraps us up guys so let me know what you guys think about the gtx
1660 I mean if you’re rocking a gtx 960 or perhaps a 760 would this be an
upgrade in the pipeline for you guys let me know in the comments down below an e
bar with harbor connects thank you so much for watching make sure to check out
some relevant content over here subscribe to our boot sequence Channel
I’m signing off and I’ll see you guys in the next one

100 thoughts on “NVIDIA GTX 1660 Review – The Best GTX 960 Replacement Yet?

  1. FIRST! Pulled an all nighter on this one after UPS played hide & seek giving us just 9 hours for this video. But here are timestamps!

    Specs & more: 2:20
    EVGA GTX 1660 XC Ultra: 2:59
    Benchmarks: 4:28
    Power Consumption: 6:07
    Wrap up: 6:25


  2. I really like this, the problem is, coming from a 960, I plan on grabbing a 1070 since used eBay has them for $250 and below, even as low as $200!

  3. I just replaced my GTX 960 with a 1660 Ti 2 days ago, and I'm very impressed. Benchmarks showed roughly a 3x increase in my system's performance. I think there's far better value in the 1660 than the 2060 for sure.

  4. I'm sick of the MSRP prices… "It was launched at…" so what? So waht if it's launched at 10$ MSRP and the prices … like REAL prices are 1500$!!! Get real for fuck sake… I'm sick of oh we got this for free…. great product….

  5. Now we need a worthy GTX 1050Ti replacement. If it just touches the 1060's performance at a lower TDP where a power connector isn't needed, it would be perfect for SFF and prebuilt rigs.

  6. Goes to buy a 1660

    "Meh, I'll get the Ti, its not much more"

    Sees the 2060

    "Not much more, I'll just grab the 2060 instead."

    And so goes the Nvidia loophole until somehow you've just bought a 2080ti with not a dime leftover for rent.

  7. Do you think I could get 144 FPS on pretty low settings in overwatch, or 120 FPS with this gpu? I have an i5 6400 and 950 which gets me 69 avg with lag spikes in heavy fights

  8. I have a 960, and am looking to upgrade, but I chose to buy a 2700x a few months ago (I decided to upgrade CPU before GPU). Is this card ideal? Or should I look for something higher like a 1660ti or a 2060?

  9. I don’t think a 15% improvement over GTX 1060 is something to go wild about. I do appreciate the GTX 1660 MSRP is lower than what GTX 1060 launched for, but even then this is hardly a monumental leap forward for the under $250 market segment.

  10. Just waiting for those 580 price drops 🙂 If it doesnt happen in a couple of weeks im going with this one for my new budget build.

  11. And that's it, not much of an improvement from the 10 series 3 years later. Clever from Nvidia, old 10 series stock will not drop too far from current retail prices=Profit to keep share holders happy.

  12. I won't be buying a GTX 660 or 660ti. They don't have enough memory. Both only have 6GB of RAM. Most new games stutter with a small memory buffer. The future video cards that I buy will have at least 12GB of memory. I won't be buying anyone's stuttering mess.

  13. So many 1080p cards around the $200 range it would be nice to get more affordable higher resolution cards that don't cost $500+

  14. Hell yeah, I'd upgrade to this from my current 960 4gb. By the time I can afford to, the 1960 will probably be out.

  15. great content guys! i just have to say…your production quality is the absolute best! one of you is obviously a Stanley Kubrick disciple with your incredibly rich on point lighting schemes during filming. an absolute treat to the eyes and on top of that, your coverage of product release and reviews is always unbiased and fair. I sound like a HardwareCanucks shill here but I got to give credit where its due. Keep up the excellent work guys!

  16. Great video! i have an unrelated question: what is that watch you are wearing and have you done a review in it? 😀 keep up the great work!

  17. I’ll hang on to my 1070 ti for a while. It still seems better than this card. Don’t play as many games like I used to. Nice card for the price though.

  18. I purchased a 1660 ti this morning! And yes I’m replacing a 960 with it. It’s like this video was tailor made for me.
    I’m hoping they have roughly the same power draw.

  19. I purchased a 1660 ti this morning! And yes I’m replacing a 960 with it. It’s like this video was tailor made for me.
    I’m hoping they have roughly the same power draw.

  20. Uhmm I have GTX 1050 ti if I'm going to sell it here in our country it will cost around 110$. Should I sell it and grab this GTX1660 (240$) will there be a huge leap? As of now I can run high setting games on my pc 60fps. Btw I have a 60Hz monitor. I'm also playing FPS games and I will upgrade to 144Hz monitor next year.

  21. My open box $99 gtx660ti bought a couple of years ago at Micro Center is still performing great at 1080p. Might be time to finally upgrade to the GTX 1660 when they start showing up at Micro Center's Open Box GPU bins in a month or two.

  22. Hey Hardware Camucks! Really good review! I am a gamer that gets 250$ in around 3 months and currently have a strix 480 8gb. My question is, is it worth to upgrade from a strix rx480 to evga xc ultra 1660? Thank you

  23. I've been shopping for a new GPU for a few weeks and when I saw this I bought it right away. So I'm glad that your review gives me a little confirmation that I made a decent choice as far as your consideration. I am in fact upgrading from a GTX 960, so I expect a decent boost to my performance.

    I play Black Desert Online, Mechwarrior Online, Fortnite, SWTOR, and now The Division 2. I'm really looking forward to the improved performance with Division 2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this graphics card!

  24. its worth for me to upgrade from my 3gb 1060 to the 1660 for 144fps gaming on destiny2 and apex legends cause with the 3gb model im a bit struggling

  25. Why to compare 1660 price to 1060? what about RTX 2060 then? stop bitching always for Nvidia side, seriously it gets annoying to watch yt hardware reviewers.

  26. Still waiting to upgrade from Asus 960 2gb card. And also Amd A10-6800k. Can't wait much longer for decent prices

  27. I have a RTX2080TI and GTX960M and use both for machine learning.
    Even the 960M is faster than a CPU for most AI tasks.
    You can even use AMD GPUs for AI if you compile Tensorflow for OpenCL use.

  28. Wait, wait, wait. First the awesome backpack stuff video which I enjoy, then recently the Logitech G MX518 Legendary review which I was looking for online with good coverage because I submitted my G400s years ago and got replaced with a G402, and now you're telling me to upgrade my GTX 960? I currently have an Asus GTX 960 4gb OC Strix and you tell me it's a good upgrade?!?!?!

    Why you tempt me boi 😢😂😂😂

  29. forgive the ignorance. at around 2 minutes you say RTX is removed. Than that AI and "Raid Tracing" (I think)… What are they and why would or do i need them? This year I'm focusing on the Division 2 and the new Elder Scrolls Online expansion. So would I need any of these options or just rock the 1660 and don't worry about it? Thanks – Loki

  30. my 1060 is still kicking fine after two years; would not surprise me for it to serve admirably for 2 more years as well….

  31. Still using SLI GTX 960 overclocked after four years not upgrading anytime soon 🙁 Suits my need in all games that I play apex legend has 100-144 FPS all the time no lag.

  32. Hey guys
    I have this graphics card and when i play
    Fortnite as i jump out of the bus i get 40 30 fps
    Is it my monitor or something
    My brother told me he putted in the right place
    But i get low fps high setting
    Someone help me pls?
    Thx u😀😀😀

  33. im looking for a new graphicscard like a vega 54 or 2060/1660/ti .. right now im sitting here with a gtx 960

  34. I still have my gtx 960 that I brought 3 to 4 years ago at a price of around USD 165. I don't have any plan to upgrade it to gtx 1660 or 1660 ti because the price is almost double compare to the gtx 960.

  35. Just ordered a 1660Ti as a replacement for a 960 …. the main reason choosing it before the rtx 2060 (beside not gaming as much as i once did) was the lower tdp. Hope it is in fact as quiet and frugal as my old trusty 960 … price seemed ok for 270€ (germany)

  36. I currently own a gtx 660, so you BET i'm gonna be super happy adding an entire entire 1000 more.. Somethings to my build!

  37. Replacing this with my r9 290. I hope I get the same performance with my 8320 until I upgrade fully at the end of the year!

  38. Check out this EVGA dual fan 1660. It is smaller and has a full metal back. Same price point too. EVGA 1660 06G-P4-1067-KR

  39. Would this card be a good choice to run CAD software? i.e. AutoDesk Fusion 360?
    When you go to their site to try to find out, OMG, everyone is all over the place with this card that card, good, bad.. no real THIS IS THE ONE info.

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