Nvidia, I’m Sorry. GTX 1660 Ti Review

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  1. 1660. My best guess. 1 = on/positive and 0 = off/negative. Which when you pair them up 16 and 60 and take into account that the off or negative version of 6 its really 9. Then the answer must be this. 1660 = 69. You're welcome

  2. I am literally here because I don't understand it either, I just randomly found it when thinking jeez 2070's are £500, bit steep…

  3. Lol did anyone notice , he’s holding the graphic card like a phone . Inmagine after the video end, he received a call but put the card close to his ears . Lmao im salty ahahahaa

  4. I got a 1660 Gaming card and I have to say, it’s a really worthwhile card. It costs $329 Canadian and easily plays games like DOOM 2016 at 60FPS Max settings. Honestly I couldn’t be happier with its performance

  5. Can someone show me a chart with the specs of the latest nvidia cards… After the 10 series back in 2016-2017 I havent been able to keep track of whats what

  6. got the ROG TI version, this card is a BEAST and its silent. i game at 1080 like most people and it does everything maxed, EASY. (2700x cpu)

  7. i have a nvidia geforce gtx 1060 3gb. im not great with gpus but would this be better than mine? im thinking of getting a 1660 ti but i dont know much about them

  8. It’s Cyberpunk 2077 release date 16th of April. It’s the card they made according to inside data about how demanding the game will be.
    I personally think that the new tech needs some time and it will reflect in how games behave.

  9. It couldn't be 20 series, because it's only cor RayTracing models. '1160', seriously? In my opinion, the name was correct. 16 make it feels the series between a 10 and 20. If Ray Tracing sells failed, they could go to 1670, 1680, models without RTX. I don't see any problems with that.

  10. Hi. I'm very new to this, and couldn't quite catch what the difference between "reference" model and the ROG STRIX OC is. Which one would be in, say a laptop?

  11. I currently have Geforce GTX 970 and was thinking of updating to this Video card, but not sure if It worth it, found some forums telling me that it's not worth it and a new series should be dropping soon or something. But I'm not sure if they are going to be cheaper then 1660 TI (because well I'm looking for a good budget GPU).

  12. >Goes online to see if switching to a 1660ti would be a worthwhile investment
    >This dude talks about how dumb the name is for a good third or more of the video

    Thank you for the insight, Linus.

    But also really, thank you for the input, great work, A+.

  13. I'd be very happy on knowing that Nvidia was teed off by Linus due to him recommending viewers to wait for the cheaper graphics cards. I'm certainly teed off by Nvidia on knowing that they catalysed the obsolescence of the upgradeable laptop GPU standard, which if I remember correctly, is called MXM.

  14. this is good cause i was gonna build my gaming pc and i was searching for a good graphics card.

  15. please min ven jeg har ingen forældre syrien borgerkrig jeg kan ike engelsk er retarderet please min ven jed hader ikke andre mennesker

  16. "My son's in Grade 1 now and one of the problems they do in their class is Pattern Recognition."
    Being a Deep Learning practitioner, I nearly shit my pants at first.

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