Nvidia RTX 2060 vs GTX 1070 – Benchmarks & Comparison

The Nvidia RTX 2060 and older GTX 1070 are
both decent gaming graphics cards, but which should you pick, and is it worth upgrading?
In this video we’ll check out a bunch of games at 4K, 1440p, and 1080p to help you
see the performance difference between them. Let’s quickly take a look at how the RTX
2060 and GTX 1070 actually differ in terms of specs, note that things like clock speed
and power will vary between specific cards, these are just the reference specs for each
model. Both have the same amount of CUDA cores and around the same boost clocks, although
the base clock of the 1070 is higher. The 1070 has more memory, but it’s slower. For the testing I’m using the Gigabyte RTX
2060 Windforce OC and the Galax GTX 1070 EX, so both have a small factory overclock, expect
slightly different results with different models. The system that I’m testing with has an
Intel i7-8700K CPU in an MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard running at stock speeds,
along with 16GB of T-Force Night Hawk CL16 memory from Team Group running at DDR4-3200
in dual channel. Check the links in the description for details on all of the components as well
as for up to date pricing. The same Windows version and Nvidia drivers were used for the
testing, so let’s get into the results. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was tested with
the built in benchmark using high settings. In all of the upcoming graphs I’ve got the
GTX 1070 results shown by the green bars, and the RTX 2060 shown by the blue bars, with
the 4K, 1440p and 1080p resolutions listed on the left. At 1080p the 2060 is scoring
12% higher average FPS compared to the 1070 in this game, but as the resolution increases
so does the percentage. At 1440p the 2060 is now getting 19% higher average FPS, and
then at 4K it’s performing 26% better, with the 1% low only just behind the 1070’s average. Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode
rather than multiplayer, as it’s easier to consistently reproduce the test run, and
it seems to be more graphically intensive. With the resolution set to 1080p at high settings
the RTX 2060 was getting 16% higher average FPS when compared against the GTX 1070. At
1440p this rises to just above a 19% improvement, and then finally at 4K there was a slightly
higher 22% improvement, with even the 1% low above the average frame rate of the 1070. Far Cry 5 was tested using the built in benchmark
with high settings. There was a fairly large improvement to the 1% lows with the 2060,
higher compared to the average FPS differences anyway. At 1080p the 2060 was getting 14%
higher average FPS, but a much higher 42% improvement to the 1% low, so fewer dips to
performance. With the resolution set to 1440p the 2060 was now getting 15% higher average
FPS, but again a much larger improvement to the 1% low, around 41% higher on the 2060.
Finally at 4K there was a similar improvement to averages, 16% with the 2060 and then a
lower, but still respectable 24% improvement to 1% the low. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was also tested
using the built in benchmark, and there were some fairly big gains in this test with the
RTX 2060. At 1080p the 2060 was getting 20% higher average FPS, 24% higher average FPS
at 1440p, and then 26% higher at 4K, however the frame rates we’re seeing at 4K don’t
seem that great from either card at high settings, I wouldn’t classify either of these as 4K
cards. Rainbow Six Siege was tested using the built
in benchmark at high settings. I’ve found this game to favour Nvidia’s RTX graphics
cards in all of my previous testing, and at all three resolutions I’ve tested this game
saw the biggest improvement with the RTX 2060. At 1080p there was a 23% improvement to average
FPS, a 28% improvement at 1440p, and then a 30% improvement at 4K with nice improvements
to the 1% lows too, a 35% boost at 1080p, 42% at 1440p, and 27% at 4K. Fortnite was tested with the replay feature
using the exact same replay with high settings. There wasn’t too much of an improvement
to 1% low here, just slightly better with the 2060. At both 1080p and 1440p there was
a 9% increase to average FPS with the 2060, and this lowered to a 5% improvement at 4K. CS:GO was tested with the Ulletical FPS benchmark,
and the average frame rates were basically the same regardless of the graphics card in
use. There was a slight improvement to 1% lows at lower resolutions, but realistically
there’s no major difference here. Overwatch was tested in the practice range
as I can easily perform the same test run compared to playing with bots or other players.
At 1080p there was only a 5% improvement to the average frame rate, however interestingly
the 1070 was 26% ahead when it came to 1% low, and it was also 6% ahead in 1% low at
1440p, while the 2060 was only 6% ahead in terms of average FPS, and then again a 6%
difference at 4K too but the 2060 was ahead for 1% low now. PUBG was tested using the replay feature with
the exact same replay at high settings. At 1080p the RTX 2060 was getting 14% higher
average FPS and a larger 17% improvement to 1% low. Stepping up to 1440p sees a larger
improvement with the 2060, now getting 17% higher average FPS and a 19% higher 1% low.
Similar results at 4K, with the 2060 getting 18% higher both in average FPS and 1% low. Watch Dogs 2 is a resource intensive game,
and I can play it alright with a solid 30 FPS, and I didn’t find it too bad even at
4K with very high settings on the 2060, though I would of course use lower settings to improve
the frame rate. Anyway at 1080p the 2060 was 12% higher in terms of average FPS, and then
11% better at both 1440p and 4K. In terms of overall improvement, over all
10 of the games tested with a 1080p resolution on average the RTX 2060 is performing 12.7%
better than the GTX 1070 in terms of average FPS. Out of all of these games only CS:GO
didn’t really see any changes, while the rest mostly saw fair improvements. At 1440p on average over the same games the
RTX 2060 was now scoring 15% higher average frame rates when compared with the GTX 1070,
but we can see the results really vary between games. Again CS:GO was the only title that
saw no improvement with the 2060, while for the most part the other games are further
ahead than at 1080p. At 4K the RTX 2060 was now on average 16%
better than the GTX 1070 in these games. The average frame rate difference improves further
as we step up in resolution as we start becoming less CPU bound and really start to see what
these graphics cards are capable of. The 20 series does of course also have the
option of playing games with ray tracing on, and here’s how the only game that currently
implements RTX, Battlefield 5, performs with and without it enabled on the RTX 2060. Not
very great with high settings in use, even at 1080p, and I’d argue that it both looks
and performs better with RTX off on ultra. With RTX on the 2060 you’d need to run at
medium or low settings which to me seems a bit pointless. I haven’t tested overclocking here, as results
aren’t guaranteed and will vary between hardware based on what overclocks you can
get, realistically it generally only makes a couple of FPS difference, but I’ll cover
overclocking in the full review of the 2060, so get subscribed for that. Now for the final difference, the price. I
suggest checking updated prices using the links in the description, as prices will change
over time. The Gigabyte RTX 2060 I’ve used here goes for around $370 USD, and there are
1070s for around the same price, but in general they seem to cost a bit more as supply starts
to run out, so you might have to turn to the second hand market like I did and find a deal
there. Based on the performance difference there’s
no real reason to upgrade from the 1070 to the 2060, it would make more sense to look
at something in a tier above both of them like the GTX 1080 or RTX 2070 for example,
unless you’re happy with the 15% improvement the 2060 offers. So which graphics card would you pick? The
older but definitely still capable GTX 1070, or newer RTX 2060? When it comes down to it
both are very capable of providing a good gaming experience at 1080p and 1440p with
high settings. It really comes down to what sort of games you want to play, what resolutions
you want to play at, and what frame rates you want to target. If I was buying new today
I’d probably go for the RTX 2060 as it seems to be about the same price as many new GTX
1070s, but has the advantage of improved performance in games. Buying the 2060 with RTX in mind
at this time probably isn’t a good idea, it seems a bit weak to really give a good
experience, at least going by the single RTX game we have at the moment. Let me know which card you’d pick down in
the comments, the 2060 or 1070, and don’t forget to subscribe for more comparisons and
tech videos like this one.

100 thoughts on “Nvidia RTX 2060 vs GTX 1070 – Benchmarks & Comparison

  1. The 2060 IS a sweet card…no doubt about it. And it's much cheaper than a 1070 in my neck of the woods…so, yeah…pretty easy decision. 🙂

  2. I already own a GTX 1070 clocked at 2060 mhz core/8700 mhz memory with +10-15 fps increase (vs. stock clocks) in almost every modern title,so my point is there is no sense in ''upgrade'' a rock solid 1070 with RTX 2060,especially if you gaming at 1440p+ resolution. Probably next year i will upgrade graphics card.
    By the way,i paid just 200 USD for it!

  3. I was about to buy the RTX 2060, but saw a deal on offerup i couldn't resist. an EVGA GTX 1070 FTW for 150. i sure jumped on it. Don't regret a thing, upgraded from a RX 480 4GB (which i've yet to sell). great video, shows i didn't really miss too much. as I mostly game on 1080p right now at a locked 75FPS.

  4. I commented this before but did you check your render resolution for Rainbow Six? The numbers for the 1070 seem a bit weird it might be that your settings are at 50% render scaling.

  5. I have a 1070 that has been OC to just over 2100mhz for over a year now and is still running great. I can play in 4k (4096×2160 not 3840×2160) at 60 fps with a Skyrim that has over 400 mods that are mostly 4k textures. I can also play in 4k 60fps GTAV with ENB, NVR, Reshade, Redux and more. I have no videos to prove fps but I have plenty of screenshots: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198396001358/screenshots/

  6. Fml. I'd like to buy a card where I can max out most games at 144hz/1080p, doesn't seem like I'll be able to without buying a stupid overpriced GPU. RIP

  7. Would a 2060 work with a i5-8600 and with 16gb ram? Should i then play for performance with medium settings or play on high or ultra in some games? I am new to computers but my current build has a 380x and a six-core 8000 something. Think its really outdated by now.

  8. 2060 10% more FPS than a 1070. But a good priced 1070 non ti is around 250 used at least here in California, so $100 more for a small increment.

  9. Still using my MSI 960 and..still playing everything at 1080p….new games like soul calibur , dragon ball fighters, other games sfV, BF3,4,1, and 5, project cars2, all Dirt games, F12018 runs really well at high settings …so…I’m good but it is about time to upgrade.

  10. I thought the 1% low was the average framerate because i didn’t see the the average fps becuase it was too dark,i got a bit annoyed

  11. i have a 1060 3 gb and i’m looking to upgrade, my budget is about 500 dollars and i don’t want a used mining card from ebay so don’t tell me to get a used card

  12. just sli another 1070 to your current one and save yourself the need to buy a new one… rtx series arent that much better compared with pascal series… yeah they better but those prices are to high. waitin for new 7nm gen before killing my 1070 that still rocks at 1080p ultra 60fps vsync on… and thats more than enogh for the games that im playin right now… not worth to buy new gpu for playing new games if you dont have the free time to do it…

  13. Anyone's gigabyte 2060 running really hot? I have 3 intakes and am still getting like 75 c + with the card fans running 75% + Any suggestions?

  14. I really appreciate that your test bench set-up is extremely practical. A lot of channels will have I-9s & 32+ GB RAM. I understand wanting to push the cards to their limits by removing potential bottlenecks but id rather see benchmarks more practical to my own set up, tangible figures.

  15. Would a 2060 be a good combination with the ryzen 5 1600 or ryzen 7 1700, I'm doing games like OverWatch, Warframe, Hitman, Hitman 2, Doom and soon to come out Doom eternal and old games like Mass Effect 1 2 and 3 at 1080p

  16. Can somebody help me? I can't decide between Razer Blade 15 gtx 1070 max q vs Lenovo Legion y740 with gtx 2060. The lenovo Costs 100 dollars more in my country. Is it worth those 100usd extra?

  17. Correct me if I'm wrong:
    – both cards similar price
    – 2060 will gain more and more advantage in performance with time, when devs learn how to optimise games for 2xxx series
    – 2060 enables ray tracing, which is probably future of gaming for next couple of years

    Upgrading from 1070 to 2060 maybe doesn't make much sense atm *which can change in a year or two), but in situation like mine, upgrading from 770, I will definetely go for 2060

  18. Why are these results so different from those done with the laptops? (Sorry, im kinda new when it comes to this stuff)

  19. You could get a 1070 for about 180-$215 which i think is a way better deal than getting the 2060 or you could get a 1080 for around $350-380 so basically the same price as 2060 for better performance

  20. The 2060 really smokes the 1070. An 80 -100 fps difference in some games is a huge difference.

  21. THis is weird as I have a reference 1070 with no oc and it averages around 70fps on assassins creed odyssey.

  22. You know what? If my 1060 MAX Q Legion y520 dies, I'm getting a RTX 2060 laptop!

  23. Just OC the 1070 and wait at least until it's not able to hold 60fps at your preferred aspect ratio and settings… I got no reason to upgrade from a 1070 in my 1440p rig… Or my other rigs Rx 580 which only does 1080p

  24. nice test
    litreally no point in buying the 1070 new now
    just get the 2060 , if ur really tight on bugdet and want 1070 performance then 1660ti is the best option

  25. When RTX 2060 vs 1660Ti? Should I buy a high-end 1660Ti or a low budget 2060? They are at the same price, this are MSI 1660Ti GamingX and Gigabyte 2060 WindForce OC. Which one do you think is better by the specs?

  26. i live in canada and i mostly use amazon.ca and the rtx 2060 is actually cheaper than any other 1070.
    should i get rtx 2060?

  27. I have a question, I could buy a gtx 1070 for 700 or buy an rtx 2060 for 500$ ? Do I buy the 2060 for sure ?

  28. just wanted to see what gpu to upgrade from my 1050 to 🙂 sick of bottlenecking my cpu lol great vid

  29. For someone encoding with NVenc, the 2060 has a new encoder chip which handles H265 b-frame and produce better image quality/smaller file size (for same bit rate).

  30. Im tempted to buy a 2060 to upgrade from my 1070, in a few weeks. I am on the fence tho, what do you think? Ive got a ryzen 5 2600 cpu and 16gb ram, ryzen 5 2600 okay for a 2060?

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