NVIDIA SLOWS down Graphics Cards with Drivers?! RE: to Testing Games

– Is Nvidia slowing down the performance of their graphics
cards with driver updates? I was recently notified of another YouTuber’s video
called Testing Games, who tested out a variety
of different games side by side as well with
different driver sets, 399.24 versus 416.16 in particular. And they found that there
was a massive difference. When they updated the driver to 416.16, and it was a massive difference
in a negative type of way, meaning they lost performance
on their GTX 1060. So, today we’ve got a GTX 1060 right here on the test
bench, a 6 gigabyte model, and we’re gonna try and
replicate the results of the testing gains replicator, in at least a few of the titles, and see what we can find. And if there is some
funny buggers going on, then we’ll definitely report
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professional-looking website that looks the part and plays the part for only a fraction of the cost of what the other guys can do. Welcome back to Tech Yeah City. From time to time companies
like Nvidia, Intel, and even AMD have done questionable things in the past that have raised concerns. And in regards to Nvidia
directly, over the recent years, they have had the 3.5 gigabyte
V-Ramp fiasco in the GTX 970, I reported on that. They also had telemetry baked
into the G Force experience which I didn’t agree with personally. These were thing that I didn’t like, and I’ve raised them to my viewers. Of course, if there was
a big issue like this within video Nvidia performance. There’s a few things that come to mind, and the first thing is, this is actually highly illegal. They would not only get
a class action lawsuit, the government would be on their back with a thing called plan
of feigned obsolescence, which again, is illegal. So basically for Nvidia
there is a lot at stake if they get caught,
essentially nerfing the cards via drivers. But anyway, let’s gets
onto the video itself from Testing Games. He or she, they either do
some very consistent testing. Side by side, I must admit, the work they do looks pretty impressive. However, in this case,
we decided to install on the exact same setup, with the exact same version of Windows, and I do put an emphasis on that, the exact same version of Windows ’cause it’s gonna lead into something. When we installed the same
driver set that we’re using. We found absolutely no difference. At first we started off with
Assassins Creed Origins, where Testing Games had
the inbuilt bench mark, they showed the settings. We used ultra preset settings, and we found we had 52 FPS versus 52 FPS. So this is on the same instance. We then went back on DDU, that’s
display drive uninstaller. Completely ridded the 399.24 driver, and then we installed the 416.16 driver and there was no difference. We then moved on to the Witcher 3. We noticed virtually no difference, however there is a inbuilt
bench mark in this game. So we had to sort of
replicate an apples to apples comparison here. And again, there was no
disownable difference. Nothing worth noting on. Then we tried to do
Kingdom Come Deliverance and there was, again no difference
in this particular game. And then last we decided
to move onto project Cars 2 and do the same test, And yet again, we notice no difference going from these drivers. Now some people will say,
“Okay, but the drivers in videos going back and
they fix the mistakes and then rerelease them to the public.” That might be great,
they might be doing that. I have no idea. But the drivers that we used here have been on our NAS since
they’ve been released. So we’re using the original
drivers that were released day 1 from a Nvidia and so they
have been stored on our NAS and they haven’t been
tampered with at all, unless a Nvidia’s infiltrated my house and somehow put the new drivers on. And then manage to go back
and modify the dates on them, and do some other crazy stuff. And some how made performance different. But point in case here, when we’re going over
Testing Games results, they’re showing some massive differences. In fact, they’re in
the likes of around 10% in some of the titles
that they are showing in Assassins Creed Origin, for example, they’ve got a big boost in
FPS with the 399.24 driver versus the 416.16. And I was sitting here
scratching my head like, Well there has to be an
explanation for this. So I started digging a little deeper, and on Reddit there was a user LockinJP, and he put it down to an actual specter and meltdown patch that came
in with a Windows update. And he tested before and after. And he noticed quite a
big difference in games when he applied this update
versus manually disabling it. So we decide to manually
to disable this patch, and then retest the game. And Assassins Creed Origin
then did get a boost from 52FPS on our end, up to 56. So this may be the smoking gun that testing games was trying to refer to, but the problem here is that
in the title of the video they put in Nvidia slowest performance, with a driver update in Nvidia. And this is the problem, I think Nvidia has
nothing to do with this. They have no control
over Intell and Windows implementing updates of spectrum meltdown. And this looks like it is the exact reason for these performance slowdowns. It just happen to be
maybe he tested the games in the 399.24 before
the Windows 1809 update, or before he got the spectrum meltdown update patch applied. And then he went back and
tested those games again, and he noticed a huge
difference just off the top of his memory. And he is like, “Damn, I’ve
got this one. This is it. Nvidia, you’re gonna be exposed.” And he didn’t go back to
double check his results, and then especially test
them on the same scenario. And that’s the problem. When you do bench marks, a lot of the time you have to test things
as they are at the moment. I can’t go back and
pull up old bench marks from two years ago on a GTX 1060, and now compare them to
an RTX 2070, for example. That would be stupid, cause over time a lot
of things have changed. Not just in the likes of Windows
and Intell micro updates, but also drivers themselves. Games actually do improve
with driver updates. Take for instance like a game like Skum. When I was testing this
with a GTX 1070 TI, when I was comparing that
against the LTX 2080, I initially had the 2017 driver installed. But when I installed the 2018 driver that was the latest update driver, we noticed the boost over 10% in frames. So driver updates, generally
over time help performance especially when it comes to certain games. Some games it can make an
even bigger difference. But in this case, Nvidia
hasn’t done any wrong doing. And as much as people would like to jump on the band wagon with their pitch forks, and have it out for Nvidia. And I know they’ve done some stuff, very questionable in the past. This time around they’re not at fault, I’ve never found any
direct evidence that Nvidia have been nerfing their
cars with driver updates. And again, it’s an illegal practice if one were to do this kind of thing, that would simply stop
support all together. And that seems very weird
the moment where apparently a massive glot of ten
series cars that were made and never got sold because the demand for crypto currency mining faded away. And so with that, they now have to sell
these ten series cars. They would be nerfing the cars
if they want to sell them. It doesn’t make any sense at all. And on the flip side,
I’ve heard rumor of Nvidia deliberately capping
the RTX 2000 series cars so they can sell the ten series cars, and when stocks low on
them, they can then up the performance of the
RTX 2000 series cars. I mean ultimately who knows, you would have to get a
driver for the RTX 2000 series car which is before the day one driver. Which I can’t do. However, ultimately
back to the case on hand when it comes to doing
videos and driver updates, and nerfing performance. If there is any funny buggers going on, I’ll always let you guys
know as soon as I can. This time around, Nvidia
has done nothing wrong. And I’d like to also send an open message to Testing Games. To please change his title around, and go back and reinstall
Windows and check the results on those two drivers he has. With a same day install with
all the patches applied, and then do another before and after. That would be a really
good follow up video. Cause I just don’t think
his results are right. And also Steve from __?___
has said in the past, It’s a reason why when we do these test. When you grab your cars and use CPU’s, we always test at the same time. So there are no possibilities or at least the possibility sort of variances of like Windows specter meltdown updates happening are put to a minimum. Also if you want a link for
a program that can disable and enable meltdown
specter patches easily, then I’ll put the link
in the description below. I do recommend doing the
Redge Edit method though that way you defiantly
know that it is enabled and disabled, and you can
test these things yourself. See if you notice any differences. Anyway guys, I hope you enjoyed today’s video. If you did, be sure to
hit that like button, and also big thanks to
today’s video sponsor, Squarespace. Just sponsoring this one out. And I’ll catch you in
another tech video very soon. Peace out for now. Bye. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “NVIDIA SLOWS down Graphics Cards with Drivers?! RE: to Testing Games

  1. Nothing Nvidia does surprises me, they are dirty bastards who think we are stupid .. i would never give them a dime of my money..

  2. I really like these videos, where you check what others did

    even if it is channels with 10k subs or 10m subs, it's good to see replications from other people. not necessarily that the original creator was actively trying to mislead people, but they may have missed something. that is the whole point of duplicating results!

    I remember Linus Tech Tips did a similar video for nVidia, and found that drivers won't affect performance (might improve). I'm glad I can verify them using your videos

  3. Nvidia is just as bad as EA and itll change because they'll keep making money from us. AMD is better but dont have the money to be as good

  4. Really appreciated your videos. I bought a 1080ti while holding my nose because of what Nvidia's business practices have been. But, we have to be fair, no matter what our biases are. I really appreciate you (in a timely manner) looking into this possibility and getting to the truth. It's work and dedication like this (along with a great tech-savvy commenter-base) that makes Tech YES City one of the true pillars of the PC-testing community. Also, I love your takes on value and practicality; you really help people with limited budgets get performance and lasting value. Keep up the great work!

  5. honestly, to me the opposite happened, my gtx 1080ti gaming X from msi gave me more fps, in AC Odyssey i got a +3-5 more fps on average. i am still rocking an i7 6700k (4,7 ghz). even spectre and meltdown patches didnt impact my performance in games. i dont know what those people are about. maybe people should disable some bad stuff happening in windows, maybe disabling focus assist on windows 10, get some background stuff running fixed. you dont need an anti virus programs or a firewall while gaming. even on modern computers a bad antivirus program can hurt performance! DO THAT, get the proper reason for your lower fps, and then blame others, this isnt nvidias fault.

  6. Can you test 980 ti why it used to be as fast as gtx 1070 when it first came out but now is only as fast as gtx 1060?

  7. Windows 10 is trash most mid range GPU,s run better on windows 7 . Better FPS and optimization well for me anyway also I had the same problem with new nvidia drivers just install the old one and your good..

  8. Not trying to make enemies but.. i installed version 385.(i forgot the numbers at the end) i got 94fps on Cinebench.. but when i'm using 416 i got 80fps.. correct me if maybe there is something wrong with that :/

  9. I have found this to happen with my evga 1060 6gb SC
    & I've had to down clock my 6600k to 4.5 from 4.7 due to this,

    was deffo better this time last year

  10. I caught an Nvidia rep sneaking into my house last night, trying to replace my drivers. Not impressed with Nvidia..

  11. Maybe a late question but what is better for games, windows 8.1 or windows 10? i have fx6300+960gtx 2GB+ 8gb RAM. Right now im using a old driver version like 390 because actual version give me artifacts in dota.. thanks

  12. I hate to say it, but the thumbnail and shortened video title just screams clickbait and drama mongering.

    I know that's not your style, but look at how the video looks in a sub feed and tell it it doesn't sound like there's a very different conclusion (and god knows how few people actually view/read content these days)

  13. Gtx 1060 6gb g1 gaming. Win 7 64 ( no spectre or meltdown nupdates). AC Ogrignis 1080p high preset benchmark 70fps avg with 399.24. and 68 with newest 416.94. In odysseys 57fps with 399.24 and 56fps with 416.94. on very high preset. Consider that 399.24 is not AC Odysseys optimized.

  14. You mean to say that with the windows 10 patch, the FPS in both the drivers remain the same
    on the other hand you say that when we test the games on win 10 (without the patch) there is a significant boost in the fps using 399.24 driver instead of 416.16
    So the fact remian the same that the new driver is downgrading our GPU's performance and more if we do the update(of WIN 10)… SO I think testing games didnothing wrong, Nvidia ARE robbing us

  15. lets not lie to ourselves here… okay! First off, driver updates in general mock up things and new bugs, including killing gpus (from nvidia's past history is my source, look it up) so no, new drivers aren't always best, secondly, nvidia is know (and I wouldn't trust them) to have done some shady things, idk how you defend them, its still in their history and gimping things is not new in a business practice no matter how unethical/inhumane it might be (depending on the business) that's capitalism 4u (and breaking law is a thing in a business too, face it! Look at history ppl)

  16. Thanks @TechYESCity for the spectre update disabling tool in the vid description. Saves me going in and out of the registery every time I want to play a game that is pushing my system.

  17. Battlefield 1's performance has been declining drastically with every driver update. On day 1, launch day of the game when driver optimizations for the game were minimal, I would get roughly 85 fps on average (90-110) on some maps. The lowest it would ever go when there was tons of stuff happening in game was 65-70 fps. Now, the game is unplayable. It runs about 40 fps average even on lowest settings, and can dip down to 20-25 fps at times with a bunch of stuff happening. I've tried thoroughly uninstalling and reinstalling my graphics driver, which didn't help.

  18. I had a problem with monster hunter world on my GTX 970. After downloading the drivers I needed to play BF5 beta, monster hunter world dropped from 50-60 FPS to 20-30 FPS. After reinstalling the old drivers it ran perfectly fine again.
    I don't think it was on purpose because that would have been just ridiculous, but since Apple I don't trust anyone anymore…

  19. and diz is why i'm still gunna stay on Windows 7 just because of tha Spectre and Meltdown issues with Windows 8 and 10

  20. HEEELP
    I need help, please
    I have a Nvidia 1050 Ti (Laptop)
    I play Rainbow Six Siege, before the update i had 50-60 FPS (on high settings)
    Now i have 10-15 FPS on the lowest settings
    When i try to install my last Driver/Sofware (via Device Manager) it says latest version already installed

  21. I have an important question: I think my drivers from my geforce gtx 1050 v417.22 don’t function ok, because normally I get way over 60 FPS in any game and now I get under 30 FPS

  22. I can confirm something is fishy. I have a gtx 960 + i5 3570k and i just fired up firestrike with the newest driver and got a 6346 with only 7577 graphic score. The thing is. i have images on my hd from an old benchmark withthe same gtx 960 but with an old Core2quad Q6600 wich is miles behind my i5. BUT it scored higher. 6628 Score with a 8690 Graphic score (tho the cpu score was way lower still overall higher) thats over 1000 graphic score more on an older system with an older driver compared to the new driver. its quite insane to be honest

  23. Say whatever you want, Nvidia 1080ti runs for about 20% faster under Windows 7 with 399.xx drivers over Windows 10 with shitty 4xx.xx series. They fucked up 1080 ti so badly that now you have 2070 rtx performing as good as 1080 ti which is just fucking bullshit.

  24. Today I download a driver for my gtx950m for my laptop asus gl552vx and I drop from 60fps to 30 even when I dont use vsync I check my disks drivers everything except try to install previous driver for graphic card and I cant get more fps somebody have the same problems? Thx for answers 🙂

  25. This is actually what I experience. If I don't update my drivers after a month, my games start crashing, bugging out, and when they do load, I barely get any FPS. Update the drivers and it's all fixed, but revert back and the issues happen again when they were working.

  26. It only acts at once when the drivers get updated by it self .. it doesn't depends upon you and if you try to go back you can but it doesn't makes a change in performance anymore you will see the same result no matter how much you try ,,, I have also noticed huge framerate drops in many games

  27. 417.35 crashing very often in Overwatch. gtx1060. I got 2 monitors and 1 144hz monitor. Wich driver is the best? I heard 416.34 should be the best. I dint use gsync or freesync. Wich have the best and stable multimonitoringpowermanagement ?

  28. nvidia ruining new drivers i m planning 2 roll back 2 old driver bcoz new drivers gives blue screen of death while using adobe products

  29. Read the thread from the same guy on reddit. He recommends 399.24 drivers for Pascal users at this point, so I uninstalled 416.94 and installed 399.24 for a test. Just finished testing Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and in-game benchmark shows +12 average fps improvement (from 40 to 52). I wasn't expecting that at all! Improvement is especially noticeable in the last scene where there were nasty frame drops down to 30fps. Now I'm getting 40+ with old drivers.
    GTX 1060 3GB, Win10.

  30. NVidia is sucking! Sucking likely because the creatives there have stopped caring about anyone other than their bank accounts. The new cards are massively overpriced with the same 25 to 30% performance gains as always but a tripling in MSRP and the last 3 or 4 driver releases stink worse than an old man's outhouse and with just as many bugs – they haven't fixed their streaming issues in over two years and in fact it's gotten worse.

    Then recently the CEO comes out like a HUGE SNOB and proclaims AMD to be shit.

    I dunno about you all but myself, I'll not be purchasing another NVidia product for a good long time and until they come to their senses. AMD has a MUCH better price performance ratio anyway… Oh, and streaming works like it should!

  31. 3:36 lol u can see fps on left side is above 90 and on the right is 70.
    Dafaq u talking about dude no difference?
    It feels like u using a normal 1050 2gb on the right side.

  32. Well NGREEDIA is sure not improving performance with their drivers for their older GPUs, but somehow the newer GPUs perform far better with the same drivers.

  33. Well i do use 399,windows 10 give me better fps compared to 7, so this patch its in 2019 fixed, but real problem its nvidia offering 0 % better performance with new drivers…

  34. Ofc it makes sense of nerfing 10 series cards when 20 series are so expensive that no one would buy them. Making 10 series slower would make 20 series necesary, ugly marketing strategy but effective. Then again if you say that 10 series are still in inventory because of crypto-curency slowdown and there is no point in selling them nerfed, wouldn't that be also mean that there is no 20 series demand for crypto-curency farming? Who knows how many 20 series they've built and how not selling as much as 10 series would affect their stock? My point on this video is that the research you've conducted is inconclusive and should come from different people testing on this issue. Thing is many aren't even doing this. Why should they? Many are sponsored by Nvidia partners that cannot cope with negative reviews. Nvidia doesn't want bad publicity. I own a 1080 ti, i haven't updated to the latest driver even tho, normally one should do this for most hardware. Some games don't even launch with older versions of drivers, like Fallout 4 for instance. Some games that have been updated may have inbuild scripts that link to the drivers. This is very annoying for some people. They might not have the cash to buy a 20series. They might own a 10 series high end card that works fined and should work for the next 2 years. But they will soon realise as new titles come out, games will be slower on their 10 series or not run at all on older versions of drivers. For example a 1080ti, such a powerful card. Would be strange if 2019-20 titles would lag on such a card, wouldn't it?

  35. I came here to check if my Geforce GT710 is getting capped by Nvidia to make me buy a better graphics card

  36. Its possible that the new drivers may be conflicting within Intel processors affected by "Spectre/Meltdown" breach? (i didnt saw the video and'd be SO helpful if the computer specs used in the test were always there… like, profissional description!)

  37. what do you talk in 10 mins? "maybe windows made updates that may slow you computer etc.." bro old direvers and news are online you can download and test it on same windows version etc.

    make some scientific tests and put here, effort pls not talk garbage.

  38. "we notice no difference"
    3:30 left side in 90's and high 80's and right side in 70's

    Also spectre and meltdown are HARDWARE related for the intel microarchitecture, Windows has NOTHING to do with it. Perhaps Nvidia has ties with Windows?

  39. I've just checked that video(or another one but with a similar title) by the same youtuber, things are changed in that video, every test tends to show almost identical results between two versions now. It once made me believe that my card was negatively affected for a while. Now I decide to upgrade my driver back to the latest version.

  40. I'm late but I found it. I simply cannot play Ghost Recon Wildlands with latest drivers 399.24 is the latest driver that works for me.
    AMD FX-6300 @ 3.9Ghz Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 4Gb
    Windows 7 Home Premium (Service Package 1) latest service update
    Solve this Problem.

  41. I just check a comparison of my old GTX670 4GB it actually has the SAME FPS as a 1050 ti that's kinda crazy I feel like nvidia actually really supports their older hardware really well its NOT one of their downfalls

  42. My old firestrike score was 10399 on my gtx 980…. three or four driver revisions later, I get 9995 in firestrike. Makes me feel unhappy. Same overclock, same settings across the board

  43. When I know my games are working perfectly with current drivers and Nvidia keep saying me to update to a new version the drivers and I feel it could have negative impact in some games.

  44. Fack, this happened to me, upgraded drivers from 399 to 431 on my GTX1070 and FPS dropped from 67 to 24 FPS!!!!! WTF Nvidia??????????

  45. Good old gold 352.84 for my gtx970, I dont use g-sync monitors, only clean install without gameready experience shit, so there is no real reason for update!

  46. Most of the people in the comments didn't even watch the video. Just commented that NVIDIA is slowing down their GPUs. The YES man just said there was no difference between the two drivers in his test.

  47. Microsoft is way more likely a culprit than Nvidia… I agree. I don't trust Windows 10 enough to spit on it, never letting it around my PC.

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