Nya headset från ASUS – ROG Strix Fusion 700 & Wireless

We’re done with the unboxing,
and now it’s time for a quick look. Welcome to Inet.
I’m Johan. Today we’re going to take a look
at ASUS Fusion 700 and Wireless. We already looked at 500, and
you could call that the middle model. Now they released a
new stunner model. We also got a wireless model- -that together with Fusion 300
constitute the Fusion family. This video won’t go very
deep into these models- -but rather talk about the differences. You find the video on Fusion 500
in the description below. Now we’re going to talk
about the differences- -and what these two new
models have to offer. If we start with Wireless we’ll
just check what’s included. We get exchangeable
ear pads for the headphones. This is a sportlike material, and
the original ones are leatherlike. We also get a 2.4 GHz dongle- -with low latency, which we use
for our wireless transferring. The headset is very
similar to Fusion 500. The headphones have the same design.
It’s the same top-piece. It’s all the same. Except for two details which
we can see here and here. We don’t have any RGB. This is to save the battery life
which ASUS says is over 15 hours. Here on the side it’s not
a very polished finish- -but rather a more
toned down, faint finish. But we do have a
touch function in this model. The only physical button
we have is on the bottom- -and that is to pair or
turn off the headset. We also have a Micro USB here for
charging, and they include a cable. Even though we don’t show it, I’m not lying. I promise. Just like Fusion 500 the microphone
is folded into the left headphone. It’s a quite short, but bendable
model with a good sound. This is an analog model. In the other one it’s a digital model. Inside we have the same
drivers as in Fusion 500- -and that is ASUS Essence. This model doesn’t have the same
Sabre Dac and amplifier that we find in- -Fusion 500, and later in Fusion 700 too. It doesn’t have built-in surround- -since it doesn’t have the same bandwidth
or the possibility for electricity supply- -as the ones with cable do. We’ll move on to Fusion 700, which
is the top model in the Fusion series. We’ll start by looking
at the accessories. We have a big bag to have it in,
which is in a suedelike material. We have the same exchangeable ear pads. These are a bit more sportlike. And we have a two meter long
Micro USB cable which is twinned. And it’s with this that we connect
the headset to a computer or a console. When we look at Fusion 700 we can see that
it’s very similar to its sibling Fusion 500. The one we made a video of earlier. These two models are
very similar in many ways. Both have Essence drivers,
amplifiers and DAC from ESS Sabre- -which helps in pumping up the sound,
and also gives us a plug and play solution. Which means that wherever you plug these
in with USB, you get the same sound- -which is completely
independent of the sound card. As you can see both have a very glossy
finish, and they use this touch control. As you can see you get a sticker- -which explains all the
controls before you take it off. So it might be a good idea to
keep it on until you’re used to it. And we can do some more
talking with the RGB on. Let’s remove the sticker first. Now you’ll see how cool these
are when they are turned on. These two lights have Aura Sync and RGB. So you can sync them with
your other Aura Sync products. You can also sync with other headsets. For example if you’re at a
LAN party or something. A fun detail. But maybe not something you’ll actually use. Something that actually is useful though- -is that they also have Bluetooth
in addition to the USB connection. The only physical buttons we
have on this model is this 7.1. It lets you toggle between
stereo and surround. And they have Bluetooth on or off,
and the same for pairing. And we have the microphone over here. It’s digital on this model. And we have the Micro USB for
our connection to the computer. We primarily use USB when we play. It’s through this the built-in
amplifiers come to use and so on. With the built-in Bluetooth- -we can connect to other units while
we’re connected through the USB. That can come in handy if you want
to use them as an ordinary headset. Take off the RGB, put the
mic in, bring them out- -and use them as an ordinary headset,
and listen to music for example. Fusion 700 has a 900 milliampere battery,
which we use when we use the Bluetooth- -and use them wirelessly. It gives us a battery life
of up to 17 hours. What’s exciting is that you also
have a mixer in these headphones. So you can connect them to your phone
and simultaneously use the computer sound. So you can answer calls while
keeping the computer sound on. I tried this at the office
and it worked immediately. Nothing odd at all. What you should keep in mind is that you
might have to adjust the audio sometimes. For example, don’t turn the computer sound
up to max while listening to music- -because that might swamp
the sound from your phone call. This feature also comes in handy
when you’re using a console. As we said it’s USB for consoles- -so you’ll have to be close to the
console if you use this cable. But you can change it,
since it’s Micro USB. Just keep in mind that it’s not wireless
for the audio from video games. What you use the Bluetooth for is
that you can use Discord- -or other chat applications that
aren’t available for consoles- -and still use this headset. For example talk to a friend who
plays on another platform- -while you’re playing on a console. These were the news from the Fusion series. We have Fusion 700, so this should be 500. And we have Wireless. To sum this up, Wireless is
a rather classic headset. It’s a stripped down design that focuses
on good audio for a wireless version. So no extra RGB or anything like that. A fun detail is that you can
also do this with plug and play- -with Playstation,
for you who prefer that. The other two, Fusion 500 and
Fusion 700, are very similar. Here they focus on a
flashy appearance with RGB. Plug and play with built-in Dac and so on. So very good audio and a lot of focus
on the audio for these two models. The big difference is that
Fusion 700 have Bluetooth- -for you who want to chat or talk on
the phone while gaming, for example. These three together with the
more simple model Fusion 300- -is the present Fusion family. Hopefully you’ll find one
that suits you perfectly. I’m Johan at Inet. You’ll find the links to these products
and the other video below. We’ll hopefully see
each other soon. Good bye.

7 thoughts on “Nya headset från ASUS – ROG Strix Fusion 700 & Wireless

  1. Hej jag undra om ni vill ha ett samarbete med mig om jag sätter upp en stor skylt där det står det ni vill så kan ni väll sponsra med lite dator delar så jag ger er reklam runt om i Sverige

  2. Vad kan man säga! Efter har haft gamingen på hyllan i ca 10 år, så har man vaknat igen. Och vad är då första steget? En ny dator! Super stort tack för den snabba leveransen, och super stort tack för proffsig kundtjänst. (Ändrade ordern 3ggr)Ni är bäst!Pingvin stängerna!🥇👍

  3. Can I use the Fusion700 by bluetooth for PC/Headset? I want to use it wirelessly, can I? Or its impossible becouse the PC not support?

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