Observation – Launch Trailer | PS4

HQ, this is Dr. Emma Fisher onboard observation. I still don’t know what happened
or how I ended up here. There is no sign of the other crew. It’s just myself and Sam. Sam’s systems are coming back online gradually as we restore power to what’s left of the station. But that’s the thing… …something has changed in Sam. I am different now.

100 thoughts on “Observation – Launch Trailer | PS4

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  2. Loved Adr1ft and since then I've been waiting for another similar game. Hope this one delivers, and whichever the planet down there (Saturn?) I hope we can get a view of it just like we got of Earth on Adr1ft.

  3. It looks like something between the Endurace from Interestellar and the International Space Station

  4. Go on epic games store and get a discount. I bought this game for $12 through them. Let’s play gameplay on my channel with part1

  5. Anyone intrigued can watch the start being played on Eurogamer's channel. Looks really atmospheric(no pun intended).

  6. Finish da game, absolutely amazing. Anyone know any games that allow player play as AI like this? Please recommend

  7. This game is just beautiful, like if you’re looking back at this just buy it and experience its increadible atmosphere and story

  8. "It's me and SAM" that reminds me of "It's me (myself) and I" which kinda sounds like "Me, AI" here 😀 i just make things up, 'cause i know how it all ended, meh

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