OLED Display and Internet Status on Transcend WiFi with Motherboard

I spend most my time near the Internet
but But sometimes I go on vacations and
sometimes they’re far enough away from anything where there is no wired internet and I have
to use cell phones and cell phones have some really terrible
internet which is flaky goes up and goes down and instead of pulling out my hair
try and figure out okay when can I load my page, I decided to
do something different to solve this I decided to use the same
transcend wifi SD card that I use in a previous video along with my motherboard If you are curious about that you click here
right now. I also have the same eight by eight LED display and now an OLED matrix this one is
controlled by I2C as well and can be controlled from the internal Linux environment so I’m
going to plug it in and you can see it booted at least the the AVR very quickly these I don’t have
debugging turned on right now what that means is that the
initialization the card was okay and now the card is functioning have added many more little utility
program to this now and they’re all available in the source
code the bottom. As you can see like before, it booted and it displayed
something there and there’s one little difference. The OLED display is now able to do
and wake up and you’ll see it says hello and
everything’s fine and once it associates to an AP it’s going to tell me which AP it associates to hopeful it’ll be “AndroidAP” and it’ll give me an
address right there. Now that has an IP address It can go contact the Internet and you
can tell that by the smiley face there. This means that the Internet, at the
moment is up let’s just see what happens when somebody starts downloading a
pretty large file… Now I’m loading several different web
pages simultaneously so this will cause a disruption to the Internet services
far things are concerned. You can see that the pinging has slowed down and now it’s going to go to red because
it’s more than four seconds ping time from this little card to Google.com so this is now my internet-o-mometer or monitor or I don’t even know… some sort of… this
means when it’s frowny that I can’t get to the Internet very easily so uuhh, I guess it’s a little contrived, but
now I have a purpose for the wifi SD card and on its own little motherboard. thanks!

8 thoughts on “OLED Display and Internet Status on Transcend WiFi with Motherboard

  1. It's very easy to run an FTP server on the cards. That's actually how I do my development. I code, compile, push (via ftp) and try (via telnet)

  2. Dude can you somehow make the ESP8266 pick up the Outernet files?
    Here is some info about Outernet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPxdah4zAOg

  3. Hey, I was wondering if I could be able to use the SD Card interface to interact with the Linux environment, or would that require hardware modification? I am okay with that too.

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