One of the best graphic card – price vs rating: PNY GeForce GTX550 Ti

Hi everyone this is Corght. In this video I will show you all the details and features you need to know about the PNY GeForce GTX 550 Ti So with this graphic card, you get a high level of performance for the price you pay. In fact it’s one of the best on the performance versus price ratio. on the past mark dot com website it’s
in the top 10 You have a link in the description so when you don’t consider the price this card is uh… ranked at the 69th position out of around six hundred thousand
video cards on passmark dot com and the number one is the GTX 680 and… in ornovember 2012, but this will change of course it takes to levels in your pc case and
it has one DVI VGA and HDMI ports. so considering that this card is in the top 100, Passmark classifies it in the high end video card category on the name “550 Ti”, Ti means titanium but it’s only a name. doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a trademark So this card uses the GF116 GPU, it was released the march 15 2011 and it uses 116W by the way GPUreview dot com there
is a link below you can find every information on all the video cards 1 GB GDDR5 memory, DirectX 11, CUDA, PhysX, SLI it’s 3D ready the core clock is 900 Mhz, the memory clock is 2050 Mhz the reason I bought the GTX 550, it’s because uh… my previous card died it’s a GeForce 8800GT Alpha Dog and as you can see i made a lot of modifications on it, and it’s a two thousand and seven model but it worked well for a few years like that and eventually it just died You can see a video on the construction of this card…here so thanks for watching and don’t forget to
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5 thoughts on “One of the best graphic card – price vs rating: PNY GeForce GTX550 Ti

  1. This is a great card for the price but is very low on the overall ratings in performance. Probably run LoL really good…

  2. Of course go for it, especially if you are on a tight budget. I can play all the games in max or almost without any lag or problems. However if you are a hardcore gamer (not casual) and paying more than $200 for a card is normal for you, than go for something more powerful.

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