One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows – Announcement Trailer | PS4


100 thoughts on “One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows – Announcement Trailer | PS4

  1. King's ulti would be king engine and everyone will get scared by it.. And using this chance he will summon saitama

  2. How do they even make edible stories on such a hero. Wouldn't he basically knock everyone out. I mean what's the fun in watching it?

  3. Lol Weebs are actually having a anime debate in the comment section. On how the power levels, should work in a video game?

  4. i expext an adventure game where you play as normal saitama through his road to become a hero,becoming stronger, and in the end of the game you can actually unlock the one punch mode or something to play again as trained saitama… and some plot twists where you can play as some chrs from the manga series such as genos, bang, etc…

  5. As much as I love the show, this game must have something up it's sleeve or it's gonna be the most useless fighter ever.

  6. Me gusta la idea que Saitama ni se inmuta en el videojuego en sus ataques de los demás jaja xD lo espero con ansias

  7. The game comes with Beast mode activated on install. The game feels easy but know your playing on extreme difficulty. ONE PUNCH!!

  8. Saitama should never be in a video game unless he’s an unlockable character you can use to just breeze through a game after you beat it on the hardest difficulty

  9. Level 1 : Beetle man defeated by Genus after struggling for 40 mins
    Level 2 : Failed , you missed the special sale by Saitama, K.O

  10. Its an idle clicker game and after each click saitama one-punches a monster and there’s a queue of monsters

  11. This looks cool, but im not interested since another arena fighter about a certain scissor-blade wielder is coming out…

  12. People! My suggestion – Hard Souls-like singleplayer (optional co-op) story game with playable character – Genos (gameplay for Saitama will be boring) for Fans & Fun + easy free-to-play multiplayer GaaS easy Beat 'em up/ Hack and slash with character editor for money to development. Your opinions?

  13. Guys its a 3v3 game so even if saitama is playable he would have a boredoom bar so when it gets full he says "oh no i missed the sales" and leaves and the other character from your team appears

  14. I know this is a super long shot but I hope Lily is a fighter or in Fubuki's super move. Can't wait to see Tatsumaki and I hope this game is super awesome

  15. How does Saitama work as a playable character without superman 64'ing him. He should probably just be a finishing movie for genos. But more likely they'll say he's holding back, even so he still wouldn't loose. Curious

  16. I’m glad OPM has become super popular. But pls give ARC the chance to do a proper 2D OPM fighting game. The variety of these characters is insane, Garou would be broken 💪🏻.

  17. Really hope Vaccine Man, Mosquito-Girl, Melzargard, Geryuganshoop, Goribas, Carnage Kabuto, Beast King, Armored Gorilla, Hammerhead and so on are also in the game

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