Online Games (Interview)

YJ:Hai Mr Eng ! Eng:Harlo ! YJ:What do u understand about online games? Eng:Understand about online game a.. Online game is about a game which we can play with our friends YJ:Ok!!!!!! So, are u a gamer??? Eng:Erm Now? No .. YJ:Then, had u played online games before? Eng:Ya, I used to play online game before YJ:So, what type of game did you play? Eng:Erm I had played Maple and aaaa. Maple before YJ:Maple story Eng:Ya, Maple story YJ:Ok, why are you not interest in playing Maple Story before? Eng:Because I found that it is too expensive a You know.. a.. I buy a lot of

Air-cash YJ:This mean that it will spend,spend too much money to buy A-cash on the game

YJ: Ok.Then why do u think that people get addicted to online game Eng:Online game a I think propably is the level.. You know a. In game got the level .. YJ:Oh They want to like get the level higher than the opponent Eng:Others la

YJ:Than others la YJ:Ok.So,what are the advantages and disadvantages of playing online game? Eng:The advantages of playing online game can build our teamwork YJ:Can build the teamwork between each other
Eng:Each other

YJ:Then???Any other advantages?? Eng:Friendship

YJ:Friendship and teamwork between each other

YJ:How about the disadvantages of playing online game? Eng:Disadvantages of playing online game , er. Playing online game is waste of time Eng:I found that is wasting time. We can use the time to do other things instead of playing games YJ:Ok, that’s all thank you Mr Eng. KM:Hai, may I ask u some questions about online games? PL:Yes KM:First of all, are u a gamer? PL:No KM:Then, have u played any online game before? PL:Ya KM:May I know what online game did u play previously? PL:Erm Clash of Clans KM:Then, why did u quit? PL:Because I found out it was kind of boring KM:May I know why are you not interested in playing online games? PL:Because I prefer reading more than playing games KM:What are the differences? PL:You will get addicted when u play online game while reading u can improve your knowledge KM:Then, why do u think people get addicted to online games? PL:Because they. they. prefer playing online game and maybe they spend more times on computer KM:Then,the last question. What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing online games? PL:The advantage is, you can relax while playing the game but soon u will get addicted if u play too much KM:That’s all for the questions. Thanks for your cooperation. PL:Thank you ! Ronald : Hi, thanks for accepting this interview ! WK : Yup, sure ! Ronald : So this interview is about online games, so what do you understand about online games? KW : Online games is something for us to release our stress ? Ronald : Okay, are you a gamer? WK : Yup Ronald : What games do you play ? WK : What games do I play ? I play Dota 2 ! Ronald : Okay, er .. How long have you been playing Dota 2? WK : About a year ? Ronald : Have you spent much money on online games ? WK : Erm, no, i think spending moeny on online games is a bit wasting .. Ronald : Are you addicted to playing online games? WK : Sometimes when my friend invites me (to play), i dont think thats call addictied .. Ronald : So, why do you think people get addicted to online games ? WK : Because they have nothing to do or bored .. Ronald : Does playing online games affect your mood and behaviour ? WK : Sometimes when you have bad team mates.. They will seriously .. You know …

Ronald : Feed ? Pinoys !
WK : yeah feeders ! Ronald : Okay, so my last question is, what do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of playing online games ? WK : Advantages is you’ll be able to release your stress and its fun hanging out with friends, online through the games.. Disadvantages .. will be.. sometimes it will be time wasting.. Ronald : ya, i agree with that ..
Okay, thats all, thank you ! Sonea, hi, can you introduce yourself before we start? Anusha : Hi I’m Anusha and I’m 18 years old.. Sonea : Okay, Anusha, What do you understand about online games ? Anusha : Online games are games that you are surfing the net and play games online for free or some people even purchase it to play online .. Sonea : okay.. Are you a gamer ? Anusha : No.. I’m not .. Sonea : Do you prefer playing online games or outdoor games ? Anusha: I prefer outdoor games !
Sonea : Why ? Anusha: Cuz, it’s so much better and you get to mingle around with people, you get to see real-life people intsead of animated people ! Sonea : Right.. So .. Why do you think people get addicted to online games ? Anusha : Because its free and they get to spend their time at home, they’re lazy bumps, Anusha: Acutually I’m one of them .. Sonea : So, have you played online games before ? Anusha : Yah, I have, actually i used to play the girls dress up games, its so exciting.. Sonea : Okay, so why are you not intrested in playing online games anymore ? Anusha : Because it gets bored, the same old game, they dont upgrade anymore.. Sonea : My last question for you is, what are the advantages and disadvantages of playing online games ? Anusha : The advantages of playing online games is, you can get to pass your time, and the disadvantages is, you will get even more lazier, you will get fatter and fatter and fatter ! Sonea : Thank you Anusha, thanks for your time !
Anusha : Youre welcome !

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