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Hello! Nowadays there are lots of people who start playing online without knowing the proper gaming etiquette. And because of that they do some stupid things that really make life harder for everybody in the community. So, hopefully, after watching this video, those people will learn a few things and stop doing that stupid stuff. The most basic principle that you need to understand is that gaming is not meant for fun. It’s a very serious subject and you need to approach it that way. If you already understand that you can learn the rules. The first rule is: be rude! The majority of the gaming community is composed by little kids who want to everybody think that they are grown-ups. And they try to achieve that by insulting everybody and swearing all the time. Since you want to be a part of the community, you have to do the same. Don’t even think about saying “Hi” or “Hello” in the beginning of a game, or, what’s even worse, “good game” or “gg”, in the end. That’s just stupid. If you won, it was a good game for you, sure, but not for your opponent, so you don’t need to tell him that, don’t be mean, man. If you lost, than it wasn’t a good game for you, so you’re just being a hypocrite. And hypocrisy is bad, kids! A related rule is to always return an insult. Imagine that you directed all your rage at somebody, called him the most offensive stuff in the world, and he just ignored you. How would you feel, huh? So, please, when someone insults you in a video game, insult him back with all the hate you got. A stupid behavior that many novices display is trying to work in a team. Now, teamwork was invented by weak people who couldn’t do anything by themselves. Unfortunately, many games force you to form parties with other people in order to complete certain tasks. So, here’s what you do. Imagine you’re in a dungeon, and your group is discussing the tactics – another weak people invention! – before killing a boss. Don’t wait for those losers! Attack right away like the man you are. For a more detailed explanation watch the Leeroy Jenkins video, he’s a great example for us all. Those were the core rules of online gaming. There are a couple of others, minor ones, but they are also important so I’ll briefly talk about them. Use cheats: if you’re a good player, people will say you use them anyway, so you have nothing to lose. Call everyone who plays worse than you a noob: it will motivate them to play better! Always use Caps Lock: your opinion is more important than everybody else’s. I hope this guide will help you succeed in the gaming world. Now like this video, share it with everyone you know, subscribe to this channel, and play like a man you damn noob!

6 thoughts on “Online Gaming 101

  1. You forgot one rule. If you play any COD, you must have a really squeaky voice and be really shit at the game, yet be extremely arrogant and call yourself "the best 360 noscoper". 😀

  2. As someone who has worked in the games industry on and off for over twenty years, I am laughing my head off.  Seriously, I'm sitting here with headphones on watching this video and chuckling like a madman and everyone else in the room is staring at me like I've lost my mind.  Once again to totally nailed it!  [GIVES VIRTUAL HIGH-FIVE]

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