Overclock your GPU the easy way | GTX 1050ti

So in a year, where graphics card
launches have been somewhat disappointing to say the least and kind
of unnoteworthy you might be thinking to yourself that you should hold off until
they actually try and make an abundantly better graphics card but that means
sticking to the card you already have and some of the games are getting more
demanding can you push the juice even further on the card you already have
well today I’m gonna show you how hold ad Micah isn’t that risky can’t you
damage your graphics card by overclocking it I mean potentially you
could but typically it’ll never get to that in fact graphics cards are probably
one of the harder to kill components in your PC and with the proper software you
can do so easily and with little to no risk
well then Micah what did they have overclocked it already if it was capable
well I mean kind of silicon’s a weird thing and anyone else who’s familiar
with silicon would know that will tell you that it’s kind of unpredictable
sometimes you know they make chips that didn’t perform a whole lot better then
they you know send it off in a package it’s complicated but yes you can usually
draw a little more power out of the cars I’m gonna teach you how to see how much
you can actually get out of your card because the chances are it’s a whole lot
more than you think so it’s time to take you to computer Lee okay so the first thing that you’re
gonna want to do is download MSI Afterburner
and then the second thing you’re going to want to do is download msi kombustor
now afterburner is what’s actually going to be overclocking your GPU and you
don’t have to worry too much because it won’t really allow you to do anything
that’s gonna harm your GPU it’s gonna be all within fairly safe parameters but it
will have a box for the core voltage they’ll be locked down and then you’ll
have to go into the settings and remove that restriction because the voltage is
where you start playing in tricky territory now they’re not going to allow
you to do anything too crazy but it will shorten the life if you are putting a
lot more energy through it and that’s kind of a natural thing so you shouldn’t
worry about it too much I mean if you plan on keeping your graphics card for
ten years I mean you probably don’t want to be pushing this anyway but anyway
let’s get into the functionality of this thing so over on the top you’ll see the
core voltage and you can adjust that to your choosing now adjusting the core
voltage will give you a little more power to your resources are limited 100
temperature limit how hot you will allow this card to get before it starts
throttling the core clock in megahertz and the memory clock in megahertz and
then of course you can change the fan speed from automatic to manual then you
will actually be able to keep it at a constant pace I personally like to leave
it at automatic so that it can adjust to whatever it needs to to keep it under a
good load but that’s up to you so right now these are the base settings it’s at
a hundred percent power limit the temperature is set to eighty-three
degrees maximum the core core clock here is at plus zero now +0 means that it is
not pushing it any further than the factory limits you can actually
downgrade your card from here which I would be more for testing things rather
than you actually wanting to have a crappier card and then you can slide
these to how you choose you can even boost your
memory clock of full gigahertz and the same with your core clock but I
recommend tweaking the memory clock a little bit more so than the core clock
if the core clock is too high it tends to get very unstable I found my sweet
spot to be around 200 or so anything higher than that then after a little
while the games tend to crash so around 200 or 175 for the core clock I found on
my car to be stable now it’s gonna vary from your card to another due to the
quality of the silicon and the binning and all that fun stuff so you’re gonna
have to find out which one is going to work better for you now to do that to
find out where the sweet spot for the settings for your graphics card that’s
where combustor comes in because that is a joke a benchmarking application that
you can run and test all that’s going on on the card before you actually jump
into a game and know where its staple if it starts stuttering or freezing then
you know you need to lower some settings but if it runs for a little while and
it’s nice and smooth and you know you’re probably good to go at that setting now
I boosted the memory clock a full gigahertz and that I found shows a lot
more results than trying to go for a higher core clock in comparison I’m able
to boost this and still have extremely stable gameplay and see a lot better
performance and then once you found what it is that is good you can save it under
one of these profiles you can even name them if you want but so I have this on
number one alright now I showed you the parameters you’re gonna have to figure
out which settings work best on your GPU but these are the settings that work
good on mine and I am running with a 1050 Ti which is a very very common and
affordable card that a lot of you can get now how well does this run well
let’s run into some gaming and see how well it performs with it off vs. with it
on so four days benchmark I’m using rocket League and we’re gonna go in the
settings and look at the video settings and I’ve got every
at 1080p at the absolute max settings and even for a 1050 t hi this game runs
great look at that we’re getting close to a hundred frames a second sometimes
more but on average is probably around 100 frames a second or so which is very
respectable I chose rocket League because it’s a
very stable game it relies more on the graphics card than the CPU so we know
that that is what is being tested and it is still a visually nice-looking game
and most graphics cards can’t run it easily so it’ll give us a nice accurate
look at how well the benchmark is again it before and keep in mind this is also
without the overclocking this is just straight up the 1050 Ti no overclocking
here so look at that even hit 125 frames a second that’s that’s pretty good now
let’s see what it will do once we overclock it okay I restarted the game we are still
at 1080p with max settings no settings in the game has changed the only thing I
changed was the overclocking in afterburner so already the standard
frame rate is around at least 120 frames a second even 125 frames a second and
look at 142 158 frames a second that is a massive boost from what we were just
seeing without the overclocking it is dipping up and down a bit but it seems
if I were to pick an average probably about 125 frames a second not bad at all
definitely a notable increase alright guys we’re gonna take things up level
we’re gonna go and kick things up to 1440p yes that’s right we’re gonna play
1440p on a 1050 TI which is not usually something you do but rocket league is
pretty forgiving with that we’re gonna leave everything on max settings and see
how well we do okay so even at 1440p at max settings it’s still doing pretty
well even on a 1050 Ti it seems like we’re averaging somewhere in the mid 70s
to low 70s or so it will go up even to the 80s but it fluctuates because it
goes back down to the 60s as well so somewhere in the mid 70s seems to be
where it likes to hang out the most okay now to test the overclocking to see how
Euler does once it’s over clocked at 1440p now again with all of them keep
everything at max settings nothing’s changing except that we have it
overclocked now alright already a change so now the lows seem to be in the mid
70s and the average seems to be somewhere
around the mid 80s or so Oh even 93 three frames a second that’s very good
98 whoo all right so definitely an increase there oh we even hit 103 frames
a second with an overclocked 1050 Ti at 1440 not bad definitely an increase that’s it a simple way to get a little
extra juice out of your card while you wait for something a little better or
wait for an upgrade or maybe you can’t afford an upgrade and you just want to
get a little bit more out of way yeah it already well now you know how

37 thoughts on “Overclock your GPU the easy way | GTX 1050ti

  1. I have a old potatoe with an i3-4130 and 16gb 1866mhz ddr3 and i got a stable +133 core clock and +500 memory clock with my evga gtx1050ti sc 4gb(single fan and no external power). running heaven it was running @ 2100 mhz graphics and 4004 mhz memory and at 56 celcius. my heaven benches were stock- max 132.9, avg 59.5, min 22.6, score 1500. over clocked- max 150.2, avg 69.0, min 23.6, score 1737. all 1080p high settings.

  2. I have my EVGA gtx 1050 ti sc with this config:

    +496 clock memory (4000 MHZ)
    +130 core clock
    +23 core voltage

    Do u think that core voltaje is ok?, because i use the render test from GPU Z and dont crash .

  3. Thanks, I have an open system that produced no noise and the gpu sat at around 35 Degrees = LAZY. Now I can hear the fans and the temp is up. FPS must be up but I cant be assed to Benchmark

    A 1080 would be better, send me one and I will subscribe 😉

  4. My computer is a gtx 1050ti, i7 7700hq, 16 Ram and sometimes my games like battlefied 1, sometimes overwatch and other games like diablo 3 (i play everything on 60fps) down the fps for 40 fps and it goes again 60 fps. Do overclock fix this?

  5. Hey impressive video i could say.One queation.I currently have an Gtx1050ti boost (1748) 4gb 8gb ram ddr3 668mhz:( and intel core i5 6400.I thinking of buying intel core i5 9400 8gbddr4 hyperx 3200mhz and good motherboard.Can i overclock my card now or i have to buy these items???If i can how much?

  6. Why the hell isn´t it possible anymore to change shader clock? Just because you could scip the next card, because clocking shader and memory made it as good as its successor? F******g nVidia!

  7. 1Ghz memory and 200Mhz core, gonna try that :3 was using stable 550Mhz memory and 160Mhz core.

    My GPU is Inno3D NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

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