overclock your graphics card with RivaTuner tutorial

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77 thoughts on “overclock your graphics card with RivaTuner tutorial

  1. u forgot to teach ppl to tweak the fan man… they could fried their card especially ATI owner…

    i m a vista user too, every time after i OC my card fan too it detune it self back down to defaults level especially the fan hav u ever get that??? do u know how to solve it??? that could kill my card if i playing hard out in a hot day.

  2. actually the second part was a question, since i hav problem getting the fan fix at certain speed, n problem i don't know how to solve i think i will pass about the video

  3. that's because RivaTuner is only for nVidia cards. One of the reasons I got an nVidia card – it's so easy to overclock.

  4. ok i got an xp not vist im useing a dell the card in it is a intell(r) express chipset famaly will it still work

  5. depending of how good are u at it and how much u overclock it makes a big difference…i oc an 8500gt from 449 mhz to 700 mhz stable and i got 5 fps more in crysis warhead

  6. when i've changed the core-clock's, they just switch back to normal settings when i click ''ok''. do you know whats wrong? plz help

  7. This guy is fuckin amazing lol hah kinda hard to understand sometimes but way sick and chill guy lol and good video too and nicely detailed. Thanks man great video really dumb if anyone has dumb ass comments on this video.

    I used a 9400GT 1g and I almost over clocked it all the way until it crashed but I stopped and put it back to normal every now and then just a little over.

  8. thnx 4 the video dude. bt i need help :(… i play games on my laptop. its hp dv9000, win 7, with nvidia 8600,32 bit. i dnt have a fan for the card.but everytime i make any changes in order to overclock and then apply it, it duznt seem to affect at all. infact it changes bk to the original. i even tried saving it, but they've been saved in the original (default). plz can u help?

  9. @mitzibishi mitz i got a game and its called call of duty modern warfare2 and i can play it but it lags i have intel pentinum 4 3.06GHz processor and nivdia geforce 9500gt gigabyte HELP i wont overclock first cus im waiting for ur answer if i do it now my com will go hell!!

  10. wtf? it says my graphics card isn't supported! probably because it's a nividia chip thats in my mother board…i dont have an actual "card"

  11. @pacmanpirini omg what fucking language is he using i hear some english but then wtf!!!! he sounds so retarded!!!!

  12. Ahhh this is what i whas searching! 😉

    Realy realy thanks you, And the people that cry about how you speak, they are just noobs

    Haters make you famous 😉

  13. @mitzibishi it hangs and when i restart it shows all black
    i open my cpu and my video card i saw the capacitor is destroyed

  14. @mitzibishi nahh thanks alot i fix it now
    i replace my video card capacitor
    and i will remember that dont full overclock your video card XD
    thanks alot 😀

  15. @josecortez97 you idiot, you probably are getting alot of double negatives. Use one AV software only. 2 does not provide double the security yet they cancel each other out.

  16. I overclock my 9500 and the temperature remains at 48. But it crashes and a window appear that says "the driver failed and windows recovered it" (or something like that) you know why? thks

  17. u got a 8400 GS good for u!
    i got a 7100 GS wich is bad and its 128 mb only! and urs is 512 mb! but my dad will buy me soon an ATI Radeon hd 5770 and its 1 GB up to 2.8 GB!

  18. Regarding integrated graphics (i.e. 8800M GTS ) people are trying to UNDER CLOCK THEM because they freeze on Win 7 and 8 (hugh issue)!! so still need to see those settings, but to turn them DOWN.

  19. System Info
    – Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    – Intel Pentium D Dual-core 2.8Ghz
    – NVIDIA GeForce GT 610
    And it tells me that I have no supported drivers detected with this display adapter. Is there any reason why? The NVIDIA drivers are installed properly.

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