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  1. Is it even Halloween if I don't force myself to watch the scariest thing of all time??? At least I can do it with the Game Grumps!

  2. Guess what? Someone just found out that as soon as you get the flashlight, the game attaches Lisa to the player's back. She's literally always following you. Mwwahahahaaa!

  3. It has been a tradition for me to watch this every Halloween! I remember the first few times I could only make it to the 15 minute mark, but the past 3 years I have watched it all the way through! I hope one day they will replay this, but for now, I conclude my fifth annual viewing of this episode! Happy Halloween, and until the next one! >:D

  4. even after completing this, and even years after, just watching this makes me clench my fucking jaw shut because I don't wanna bite my tongue when I scream in fear. sucks that it got cancelled

  5. I really want a situation to arise where I can quote the “that baby is not a baby!” line because I think about it at least twice a week

  6. And now we've found out through hacks that the actual monster model was right behind the player at pretty much all times. Like the sounds actually emanated from a physical model behind you. That's dedication to the craft.

  7. Did anyone else catch that Room 1408 reference with "We've only just begun"
    This game gives me 100% Room 1408 vibes from the very beginning.

  8. PT doesn't actually stand for psychological torture like some may believe it actually stands for playable teaser just thought I'd mention it

  9. Hideo Kojima + Guillermo del Toro with influence from Junji Ito. What an amazing game this could have been. Fuck Konami.

  10. If you look up 204863 on a certain website you might get a little bit of a surprise or you might not because it doesn't exist

  11. This teaser is better than most horror games nowadays.
    I hope Hideo decides to start another horror game in the future.

  12. I just had the most evil idea
    This game but just dan in a dark room in VR snd every time something scary happens a cold wet brush passes his neck

  13. 23:00 The waiting at a Deli counter in hell comment kinda makes me want Tim Burton and Guillermo to collaborate. Imagine something of Beetlejuice and the crazy monsters from Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy.

  14. Dan you should have stay quiet and not bring up that stupid Justin Bieber Baby reference, for that, you will definitely be haunted till your 60!

  15. This was another episode of Game Grumps where my father was in the room with me while this episode played. Every time the guys screamed, he would come over to my computer and ask, "What happened? Rewind it!"

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