PC GAMER 3 écrans (explication et exemples) – MATOGAMER 3

Hi , welcome to the third “gamer video” I will explicate
what is the triple monitor gaming the 3 screens together let us life in a condition that approach us to the reality of the game
or the simulator it’s an excellent simulation by exploiting
the human field of view it let us seeing the peripheral of the game it’s an extended resolution let’s see this sequence that explain more her is a standard resolution clip (playing full
screen) with triple screen gaming are standard
image stage on the center screen and now you have an additional two side screen
both display the game word so this side screens are just extend some
additional information
allow us to see more this advantage is given to us by the technology
of AMD and NVIDIA AMD calls it EYEFINITY and NVIDIA calls it
SURROUND now the question is ..
How do I look at three screens at once ? look at this an individual human eye has an approximate
field of view of 90° from the nose when you combine both of your eyes together
you get a field of view of around 170° when you add two additional side monitors
your peripheral vision is being now used
(in the game or the simulator) and let you look to your target and destination
better and faster this is some examples .. of course , not all of the games are compatible
with the technology of surround and eyefinity but most of them can work convenably this thing is not new it exists
since a long time but it takes to have
two graphic cards or more to let you
have this resolution but now
with the technology of AMD and NVIDIA and with
only one graphic card you can easily
get this resolution personally I will add another graphic card
or maybe two with addition of two other monitors
to improve my simulator , because I met in
real life many persons, they encourage me and give me some advice to develop my SIM-SETUP
and make it real thanks for watching
follow me on you tube see you , bye

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