PC para rodar SOLIDWORKS: Desktops ou Workstations?

Hello, how are you doing? In this playlist, we will explore in details a topic that is really frequent in all engineering departments What computer should you buy to run your SOLIDWORKS? What hardware configuration you need to have? What are the features you will need to consider? A regular desktop is ok or you need a a high end workstation? Well, to get started, I believe that you, like me, when seeing a regular desktop and a workstation from outside it seems they are the same, there are no major differences between them However, my friend, you can be sure that if you analyse them in details you’re going to realize that they are complete different structures. and with usage targets also completely different. I will get into details about these differences in this playlist so you know exactly what to buy. But before the details, I can summarize a lot of things here for you: Workstations will provide much more power to you when working with CAD/CAE solutions. That’s because its processing capacity and performance are much higher than desktops. However, in the other hand, workstations are more expensive than desktops. It is clear that regular desktops will not deliver the same level of performance as workstations But is some specific cases, desktops can provide a good cost benefit to your company. This is real if you don’t need any specific advanced features available only in workstations. Or if the products you develop in SOLIDWORKS are not too complex or too big. Well, you should be asking now: what are the main differences between a desktop and a workstation? The answer to this question is really long! Because there are several differences. I will explain now the major differences that you should know. For example, Error Correcting Code Memory. This is the first one. It corrects memory errors before they affect the system, making applications like SOLIDWORKS more stable. RAID setups to increase the reliability and or speed when reading and saving data to your disk. Talking about disks, we also wil ltalk about the Solid State disks that increase a lot the performance of opening and saving your SOLIDWORKS files. We also have the advanced graphics capabilities with the professional graphic cards. that dramatically increase the performance of your SOLIDWORKS. In the end of the day, my friend, there are many more differences… a lot of pros and cons between desktops and workstations when using SOLIDWORKS And we will try to cover them all in this playlist so you can understand them. To get started, here is an important tip. As a baseline to any decision about hardware, you should know that in the SOLIDWORKS website you will find the minimum hardware requirements to run SOLIDWORKS and its products. However, in this playlist, we will provide more details that are not in this website, ok? Another important thing before you jump to the next video, In the end of every video in this playlist we will give you a link to download a special technical document so you can learn even more about the specific topic being discussed. So, watch the WHOLE video, learn more about the best hardware configuration to run your SOLIDWORKS Learn more about the differences between workstations and desktops Download the technical document and apply the techniques in your company Look, I have created specially for you an infographic that highlights the differences between a desktop and a workstation Click on this link that is also available in the below video description Fill out the form and enjoy it! Good learning!

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