Pitch: Alta Sets Her Sights on Being a Pro Gamer

You’re probably thinking, “Oh she’s so good. She got trophies for her dance.” It’s not because I was good. I had good attendance. That’s why I got it. (giggles) This is my gaming stuff. I have my XBOX there. My Nintendo switch. (foreign language) Alta. I usually don’t talk in Russian though. I don’t know why. I’d rather be playing video games. That’s why. I help manage the NY Excel Team which is the New York Overwatch League team. You’re selling sponsorship and you’re hosting events. You’re selling merchandise. Printing content. We want to build citywide fandom. I’m Alta Aleksandrova and I want to be a pro gamer when I grow up. I like to compete and I like the challenge of pro gaming. I want to be paid for the thing I love to do. So, first I’m going to get a coach to help me with my accuracy and second, be a better leader. Last, I need to get hired. So, What do you think? I would consider instead of putting one of the objectives as getting hired, become discovered. And how you do that is streaming. How difficult is it to become a pro player? You have to be very dedicated to what you do A lot of our players specialize in a type of hero and they master that by playing hours and hours of it. But another part of their day is obviously entertaining the fans. Have you been to any gaming events? I don’t think so. No. Here’s a challenge I think would be exciting. Coming up with an esports event that we want to host. I’m a really creative person so I think I could do this. Having the title pro gamer makes it much more aspirational now for people like Alta. It’s a pretty aggressive schedule. Practice, high school training classes, english classes, content generation. Maybe one or two coaching sessions. Obviously ,there’s no shortcut to doing this. You can’t expect to be discovered without putting in that hard work. My team will be called Wild Toe. So, this is my logo. It’s a wild toe. These are headphones, beret, the sweatshirt, the mousepad, and then our exclusive socks. Looks great for the Wild Toe brand. And I think it matches my personality. So can you walk through the event structure? It’s shaped as my logo is. This is the merch dispenser. This is the electronic food dispenser. How many people can it seat? Um I’ll have to count. One ,two, three, four. Have you thought about people who want to come not only want to watch the game, but play the game at the venue as well? So, setting up computers around the venue so they can go play. Oh, maybe the VIP’s could play on the computers. There you go. I think you thought through a lot of different aspects of running an event. Hopefully, it gets you a chance to see that there’s more than just becoming a pro player in esports. I could be a programmer or the person who creates the video games and so I think I’d go to college. [Mom} You want to have something besides just gaming in your life. I don’t know. I just feel like I have a connection with video games. Think about streaming. You’re a born entertainer and I think you would be able to attract an audience pretty quickly. I want to do that now. I don’t know who will take me. But, I want to be hired.

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  1. To become a pro it takes dedication to one or two games at a time before you move on, not only that but you have to keep your calm when you lose or when you are going up against a boss

  2. Professional gaming is just like learning the piano, it's hard, you need time, and you need dedication. I'm terrible at bullet hell games because I never spent time honing those type of skills in gaming, I am much better at first persons however, since it's something I've been playing since I was 8.
    eSports it a great place to start for an aspiring pro gamer, and also needing a PC. I mean console is catching up to PC, but PC can be more "skilled" base. You don't necessarily have to stream in order to go pro, but that's an option.

  3. To be a pro gamer is really easy it just you have to find that spark that gives you motivation to push your skills into new heights. 🙂

  4. how to become a pro player 1. get a good gaming laptop 2. no life 1 videos game and stream it when ur finally good then start over with another game most people think you gotta play popular games to get notice well…thatz true

  5. people saying esports is hard well if it was me id play games that id enjoy that way i wouldnt feel like im forcing myself to to be the best on any and every game i dont like overwatch or league but i Loved paragon and if it was still around and if they wouldve add ranked i think i couldve over time since im on consule be able to get noticed

  6. I want to go pro. I play Rocket League. I am the highest rank in Rocket League. But damn, I've got to double my hours before I'm even close to going pro.

  7. I maybe have the potential to go pro, I am 14 and play Rainbow Six Siege. I am Diamond and have really good communication. Only problem is Xbox…

  8. I’m a pro gamer i won a few tournaments I think her chances are very littel the competition out here is insane a lot of good players if u want to be the best u gotta grind hard I’m talking 7-15 hours a day

  9. I think she should commit to streaming. Being a pro gamer is hard and you're pressured to practice obsessively because results are what matters. With streaming, you have to be an entertainer, which she already seems to have a talent for.

  10. People think just anybody can be a pro gamer they forget you actually have to be “good” at the game. I’m not saying it can’t happen for her but she has a lot of work to do

  11. Being a pro gamer requires a lot of time and effort and u still have school to do so it will require a lot of free time and plus u still have to stream

  12. I would really wanna be a pro player too but can't do that yet so yeah still waiting and i also feel like we would be friends if we knew each other because we have a similar personality

    I want to be a pro gamer too.
    I'll first try YouTube and then later on I'll stream and do live stuff on mixer and twitch and also YouTube mostly.

  14. You shouldn't have "twitch streamer" or "Youtuber" be your first plan you should be pursuing a reliable career and if you want in your free time you can start recording or streaming and if your channel grows to a point where you can get a living than you can use it as a main source of income but until then think of it as a hobby like a sport not as a career opportunity Youtube may go bankrupt and shut down or you may not get enough subscribers

  15. The dude gave some good advice.

    Becoming a professional in the gaming Industry does not necessarily mean you have to be a competitive player.

    Entertainer route is also viable.

  16. you should find a new popular game or join fortnite tournament and stream it see if you can add up your popularity? my xbox is: Clutch EL13 if u want more tips.

  17. I think so but there is some things that use the “video game” aspect. It just looks like a manager for a gamer. If we saw the skill then I believe that we could see that she could be successful.

  18. I'd say I'm whatever below pro and above pretty good is I'm good at alot of games mostly when I go what I call silent mode where no speaking no paying attention to the backround just concentrating on the game, also if she doesnt know this much about gaming and streaming I think its gonna be very hard for her to become a pro gamer she litterly said here's my gaming setup and showed an xbox controller and a Nintendo switch also I'm a console player and everyone says there cant be pro console player believe me there are many of them I've played against small clans on playstation and they are amazing

  19. WHY IS GAMING SOMETHING YOU CAN MAKE MONEY FOR sports are healthy stores are needed for people to buy things you need BUT GAMING DOSNT HELP IN ANY WAY all you do is sit on your ass all day, it’s a waste of your life when you could be saving a dying world

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