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Play Chess Against Computer Free Online Chess Against Computer

22 thoughts on “Play Chess Against Computer | Free Online Chess Games

  1. I want to play chess against computer online free, so I search it on the net and I found it on your video. It's cool! Thanks for share…

  2. Hi there Dude, I just saw your vid and enjoyed the action! I have a dota 2 Gaming Channel you would enjoy as well. If you would take the time to go and see I would appreciate it! Thanks!

  3. there were some chess sites which could be downloaded in a PC…….and play later without using internet……therey were offered by Microsoft windows too……

  4. dude ure seriously mad that is cody .cody is easy to beat.he is for beginners.why dont u play with claire.anyone can beat cody in sparkchess

  5. There are three level of the game namely CODY, CLAIRE, and BORIS which is CODY is the easiest one, CLAIRE is middle so you must to focus the game little more, and the last is BORIS which is the hardest part of the game. More info and secret at the official site here…

  6. The chess game have 3 difficulty level to select, this is good for you if you want to practice on betting in different difficulty level you want. Winning chess game will depend on your experience, more experience is more possible to win the chess board game. Enjoy!

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