Play PAW Patrol ‘Tracker’s Jungle Rescue’ for Free | Games | Nick Jr.

VOICEOVER: It’s time to swing
into action with the newest Paw Patrol pup, Tracker. Wahoo! Yeah, Tracker! VOICEOVER: In Tracker’s
Jungle Resuce, at and in the Nick Jr. app. I’m all ears. VOICEOVER: Swing
through the jungle. Andale, amigo! Woah! VOICEOVER: Explore hidden caves. That way. VOICEOVER: And crack the code
to rescue the golden banana. Yes! Muchas gracias, amigos. VOICEOVER: Play
along in Tracker’s Jungle Rescue game at
and in the Nick Jr. app. You can play Tracker’s
Jungle Rescue in the free Nick Jr. app. [NICK JR THEME MUSIC]

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