Playing weird games on roblox (ft. 5ips and Thecoolguy16183)

Hi guys, hmmYT here. So pretty much, we’re playing weird games on this account I created! Oh yeah, we also have some guests. Ok guys, we ready? Let’s get started. 5ips you ready? Alright first game! There’s a lot of games I favorited, so this vid is prob gonna be long. Ok now here we are, but where is 5ips? God, I am lagging a lot.. Oh 5ips is here now! Yo, i’m I lagging for you? It’s prob because i’m using bandicam. I need a better recording software. Oh I think somebody just joined our discord chat… Oh Snow is here! I was here for like 5 mins and there is already a lot of shrek. Why is there twinkies right there? Yo, what is wrong with this bathroom? There is two mirrors.. and two sinks… Guys come into this bathroom, where even are you guys? 5ips where are you? Oh there you are, come look in this bathroom. Look, there is literally an mlg bathtub. Oh we’re in the living room. Oh wow, this is not very family friendly. Let’s get out before I get demonitized. Why is this obama-nation here? Oh god i’m never making that joke again. 5ips where did you go? Why is this doritos here? Did it come down like a meteor? God there is an awful lot of twinkies in this game. Alright, new game bois. This game I- I found on like a famous youtubers vid. This game is like my childhood. It’s all filled with fun. I’m not tryna reveal anything cause this game is like a birthday present 5ips. Oh god I just got infected… I had jetpack on this game, and whenever I got infected I would just fly to spawn and infect everybody who spawned there. So pretty much if you didn’t already know, this game is zombies + spongebob. Actually, what does spongebob have to even do with zombies? Is there an episode where spongebob just faces off some zombies? Alright, new game? Alright let’s go. Uh for some reason i’m stuck in midair. I think my game just crashed… I think my game just crashed because of “Spongebob Invasion”… Alright new game. Oh I just got that glitch where “same device connected to same game” thingy. Ok! Now we are in the 3rd game. Me and Cool have already actually played this before. Cool remember when I tried to speedrun this but couldn’t cause it was so laggy? Wait for 5ips… Wrong pipe dude! This is the correct pipe! Actually what color is that? How did you not know you were gonna die? They’re goombas! You gotta step on em. Well since the bandicam only allows me to record for 10 mins, the vid is almost over. Well this is the end of this video, hmmYT out!

6 thoughts on “Playing weird games on roblox (ft. 5ips and Thecoolguy16183)

  1. Hi, I used my voice for this vid, but the only problem was that viewers couldn't hear it, so I added captions to give you an idea of what I was saying.

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