PNY GeForce GTS 250 Video Card

Alright, the GTS 250s are finally here.
And check out this one. I got one from PNY from
their accelerate line. And these things are pretty much
more or less, just about PNY 9800 GTX+’s. They haven’t really done much,
but it is a 55NM GPU. And it has a new name,
so that’s kinda cool. Prices have also dropped a little bit,
which is nice to hear. And you get a new card.
Fancy, it looks cool. You’ll notice that this has a blue
PCB, just like the last PNY 9800 GTX+, yet this is the GTS 250.
And that brings a couple new things to the market. You got a
new capability of running triple SLI, which is very, very nice.
You got HDMI support with HDCP. And a, pretty much an audio loop cable,
so you can do some hi-def lossless audio through your graphics card. As usual,
you have two dual-link DVIs. Those are DVI-Is, so they’re
both digital and analog. And they do dual link. They’ll do
2560 x 1600 maximum resolution including dual monitor support, and
you get this nifty little breakaway cable. And what you do with this puppy is
you pretty much plug this into the card, and this gives you components
to go to your TV. So, if you want to do some 1080i
out to your TV, you can use these. Or, even better, check this out.
You got an HDMI to DVI dongle, or adapter, depending on how you
want to say it. And that’s even better. That will let you
get sound and video out to your TV. Just gotta make sure you use this.
And most people don’t know what this is. But this is an audio loop cable. And what
this does is this goes into your S/PDIF on your motherboard,
and this goes into a tiny, little slot that I’ll show you in a moment.
And what that does is it transfers the audio from your motherboard, or your
sound card through the S/PDIF to this. And once you have this, you go
audio out of there and then audio into here. And then you have audio over your HDMI
which is incredible. One cable to your TV. Now, just so that you
know what else is included in the box, you have this 8-pin to 6-pin connector,
which you may or may not need. You also have a two molex to 6-pin PCI
Express connector, which you may or may not need,
depending on how old your power supply. And, in case you have an older monitor,
you have a dual-link DVI to VGA 15-pin D-Sub connector
as well, included in the box. Now, let’s talk about frequencies,
because this is a 55NM, and one of the things they did do
is increase the frequencies. Now, you’re gonna notice
it’s got that same cooler single fan. It blows out hot air through
there but it also blows it out into the case. So negative case pressure is going
to work well on these cards. Let’s talk about those specs. Core Clock
738 MHz, which is a little bit faster than 9800 GTX+.
Your shaders are significantly faster, at 1836 MHz. There is 128 of those in total,
just like in the 9800 GTX+. Your memory, which is 512 MB of GDDR3,
is clocked at 2200 MHz effectively, which is 1100 MHz base.
It is double pumped because it’s DDR3. You get 512 MB of frame buffer,
as you can see right there. It says it right there on the box.
And memory interface is 256-bits wide. So, very, very nice system.
It does support SLI in two and three way. It supports CUDA, it supports PhysX,
DirectX 10, Shader Model 4.0, the PureVideo HD with HDCP,
so you can stream out those Blu-rays. And, as I mentioned earlier,
that is where you plug in that little audio loop cable so that you get
7.1 channel lossless audio, through your HDMI cable,
which is extremely, extremely cool. If you want to hook up your graphics
card to play some games on your really, really large HDTV, which is
very, very, very cool. And that is pretty much it, my friends. This is the GTS 250, there are places with
a 9800 GTX+, and it is a PCI Express 2.0
video card. You can stick it in a PCI Express 2.0 X16,
or you can fit it in an X16 long, but X8 electronically, as long as it’s
PCI Express 2.0. Or, you can also fit it in the
traditional PCI Express x16 slot. So, this card is good for everybody.
And, NVIDIA has dropped the prices. They are ready to sell.
This is an awesome, awesome, awesome, mid to high-end card, depending
on how big your monitor is. Really, really, really good stuff.
If you have any questions on it, Email me. And I’ll see you guys next time.
For more information on the PNY GTS 250 Graphics Card,
type in: P56-0250 into the search engine
of any of these major retailers. For Computer TV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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100 thoughts on “PNY GeForce GTS 250 Video Card

  1. well, no you would spend more money on gas doing way to many trips. A Uhual would most likely do it in 2 or 3 trips.

    your answer to why is in the fact that that 4850 and 4870 move a lot more information like 110gbs for 4850 and 4870 can do some 130gbs. your GTS 250 is only able to move 70gbs on the best model you can find. plus the price point of the 4850 just great, and when over clocked can really be blazing.

  2. just bough this, but cant seem to be able to use it, anybody know of a cheap power supply that could support that thing?

  3. @kawaiifreak860 From what Nvidia cards you are naming, you are barely in the 21st century, Go out and buy at least a $100 gfx card thats at least 1 or 2 years old before talking shit about a card that was made almost a decade ago

  4. i think imma get one of these until i can afford a 5850 then i'll use the GTS 250 as physX

    i might get the palit one to save space though lol

  5. @Usul573 well… if he doesn't even know where to find the: ?
    then he might be a lil whooptiedoo XD

  6. I have a gts 250 that has 2*6 pin connectors and my power supply only has two 6 pin connectors (Corsair 620W).
    I want to add one more gts 250 for SLI but i don't know if my power supply could do that.
    I've tried to start up my system with only 1 connector plugged in my gts 250 and it worked, but would it work if i had another gts 250?
    Would connecting one less connector affect the performance??
    Plz help.

  7. @Usul573 +1 for keeping the gaming consoles the way they are now…
    without that you can't say your pc of $800 has better graphics than an xbox ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. @Usul573 ive bought a
    gts 250
    4gb ram
    750gb hdd
    corsair 550vx (not the modular one)
    p5q se
    and a simple case for 700 euro =)

    btw ive got the worst air cooling ever

  9. @Usul573 yup that really is a pain in the A.
    well laptops aren't really a good gaming option… unless you buy a laptop of 1000-2000 euro. Ati is doing really good nowadays just like Amd ^^. the new nvidia gtx series sucks a little bit in my opinion, i7 pwns but is a lot more expensive than a nice amd. then again the motherboards for s1336 looks awesome. so the best solution like you already mentioned is a crossfire mobo (5770 x 2) with the i5 – 750

  10. @Usul573 after you've watched this video it is getting a LOT easier than before ;).
    albert building a pc (Y)

  11. @TheEpicDoodlez haha thanks, i built my pc already a long while ago. i ended up changing a few major things in those, like instead of getting the gts 250, i got the hd 5850…yup huge leap lol

  12. i just got this today.. it wasnt pny tho.. we got the galaxy one cause it was on sale.. but its a great card

  13. The only thing i dont like about this card is the wires. Thick as fuck, I had to move my hard drive somewhere else just so i could make space for it. But i dont know if it is different between the 512mb and the 1 gig cause i got da 1 gig

  14. hi just a quetion i have a emachines laptop and i am not sure if all graphic cards can fit all pc / laptop do you think it coudl fit my emachines laptop if not could some one tell me the best graphic card for my emachiens laptop

  15. @jigafer1993
    loud? lol
    a cheap 120mm case fan is loud for a pc fan I guess, but the gts250 isn't loud to me.

  16. @iamapilotarjun You might want to get a sparkle gts 250 low profile just to be safe. My advice is research your computer on what size of a card it can hold, then move on from there and find the best card you can fit into it. Good luck with the search =)

  17. AM having a 550w PSU from Huntkey..
    It has dual +12v rail..
    So how much amp do i have in my PSu and will it be enough to power this card on full load…
    Pls help me out guys…

  18. This card is not that great, my laptop has the 1gb version of this card its good but like every card its needs a good processor behind it.

  19. could u guys do a video on a EVGA GeForce GTS 250 Video Card – 1024MB DDR3? i was looking for the akimbo 9800gt card, but found it nearly impossible to find. so this is the next best thing. thank u.

    love the vids btw, very informative.

  20. Does anyone have any advice on what graphics card I should get? I have a Intel Pentium E5400 @ 2.7 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, and a GeForce 8500gt (Windows xp), and my psu is either 300-500 watts… Gotta double check though…

  21. @getnhigh247 Mmm nah maybe you should upgrade yourself from that 8800 ultra to a 9800GTX+ or GTS 250, then see the difference. Cause your not worth my time fighting with. bye

  22. @getnhigh247 Sure you do if you do, dude lol no you just own your shitty old 8800 ultras. Fool you dont know know shit, just stfu already lol.

  23. @getnhigh247 Its funny cause I just found one for 75 dollars on san diego craigslist, nah man GTS 250 1GB is exactly the fucking same a a 9800GTX+ your stupid, dude your just mad that its better than your bitch ass ultras.

  24. how does this compare to the 5670? the 5670 that i was lookin at is the same price as the gts 250 that i'm looking at just now. so if its better than the 5670 then what would it compare to? btw i think im leaning towards a 5670 because of opencl(i need it for dolphin emulator) but i also want better performance in pc games, especially in crysis. Please help me out here! i know i might be able to spend $100 maybe a little more, but if not im falling back on the 5670.

  25. @Usul573 yeah, i'm not sure that i'm gonna get this card anymore. if i can get a job soon and still go to driver's ed, i think i'm gonna wait to get a better card and actually build a pc. wish me luck on finding my 1st job.

  26. @Usul573 i've applied to a couple of places, but i know how to get a job easy. there are literally a thousand places i can get a job right now and the easiest no brainer, last resort, gotta get a job now is Sea World. I can walk there. But i wanna explore my options first. cuz Sea World will hire anyone, anytime, at almost any age and immediately. McDonald's will too especially cuz of Sea World being in this area. but i'm gonna look for something a little closer to my preference.

  27. I fail so bad i tried shoving this into a slimline hp. I realized the computer was too small till after i bought it..Oh well i can always get a new motherboard and put it in a bare bone. ๐Ÿ™‚ but still, pain in my rump.

  28. Hey is this card bigger than the 9500GT? I currently have a 9500 Geforce Galaxy with one gig of video memory.

    I want to update to a one gig version of of this card, but I'm afraid it won't fit in my tower. Can anyone help me out? If my tower can fit the 9500 GT, can it fit this card?

  29. @GatewayDXSeries Hey man thanks for the reply. I don't know what kinda case I have, but i bought the card and it fit in my case!

    Again, thanks for the reply.

  30. Hi im gonna buy this card in 3 days from now (monday) so answer fast please, can my "Ace Battle 4 ATX 500W" run this card? I dont know how much ampere i have. thanks in advance man

  31. @getnhigh247 I don't think a single 8800 Ultra beats a 9800 GTX… perhaps at the higher resolutions past 1920×1200 but below that I believe 9800 GTX is superior.

  32. im currently running MSI Geforce GTS 250 512MB GDDR3 256-Bit, sooner ASUS Geforce GTS 250 1GB GDDR3 256-Bit in SLI with my older GTS 250 from MSI ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. @Egobrainiac Half of nvidia cards do not work. Go with AMD. However, if you compare nvidia and AMD, AMD doesn't stand a chance.

  34. This VGA is awesome, purchased it from 2009 Now stil working well.
    Starcraft2 ,Diablo3 (beta) ,Skyrim,COD, Shogun2 in High setting.
    Amazing !!!!

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