PNY NVIDIA Quardo NVS 450 Multiview Video Card

Alright, you’re looking at PNY Quadro, NVS 450.
Now this is an all-out workstation card. It’s not going to be too good for any type of
high performance 3D stuff, but it’s going to be really good for multiple
displays, if you are in a commercial or corporate environment. If you’re using a bunch
of external displays, or you need a really really large desktop, this
is going to be right up your alley, ’cause it’s going to do all of that. And, check
this out. Four-Way display port, that’s how you connect. So
if you have display port monitors, this is right up your alley. It will do 2560
by 1600 on each of these , at 60 hertz each. Or if you want it’ll do 2048 by 1536 at 75 hertz.
Now this is a card that actually has dual GPUs. You can’t see it from the back or from
the front, but there’s 2 GPUs in here, and there’s also dual RAM DAX on here as well,
so you have 350 megahertz RAM DAX, you have dual GPUs at 450 megahertz. You have
256 megabytes of GDDR3 per GPU, it’s important to know that too and they’re
separate. Each GPU can only access 256 megabytes, they’re not shared memory. They’re independent.
And then you also get that memory is loaded on a 64 bit memory bus, so that 128, you know,
bit, if you do both of them. 64 plus 64 for both. You’ll also notice that it is completely silent.
It’s all passive cool, there is no type of, fans on here, and none of that stuff. Also if
you want to use DVI connections you can of course, also get display ports to DVI connectors. That’s
an industry standard that you can actually just buy. Now besides that, you’re going to get
pure video HD technology on here, you’re going to get CUDA, if you so desire to use
CUDA, even though this is not really the best thing for CUDA. You could use it on here, but by
far, the best thing that you’re getting, is the NVIDIA NVU software. Now, NVU, is the
NVIDIA professional multi display software. Lets you extend your task bar, it lets your set up
monitors above and below each other, it can unify one big picture. You can run, you
know, 2560 by 1600 on 4 smaller monitors. You can do a bunch of stuff. So, if you’re setting
up displays for stores, for work stations, for video editors. I mean
I’m talking about stuff that people that run nuclear power plants that need to have displays
for warnings. This is the kind of technology that will literally run forever and it’s meant to be
100 percent reliable. This actually comes with a 3 year warranty. So
Imagine. 3 year warranty is right on here. It’s probably
even written on the box somewhere, Professional Series, definitely 3 year warranty.
A free technical support, pretty much it’s just meant to be completely
stable and run as good as possible. I mean it’s ridiculous. These are meant to run
for definitely for a long time. Now also, onboard is OpenGL 2.0 and DirectX 10.
So you can use it for DirectX if you wanted to, but this is more like OpenGL stuff. It’s not
exactly I’d say, a card for rendering 3D stuff. This is for
multiple monitor support. If you need to have a lot of displays that are
really big and going to take up a lot of horsepower, just to power and drive those
displays. This is exactly what you want to use. And it’s only, about 6.5 inches long, so it’ll fit
in about any workstation you can possibly want. Besides that, it’s pretty much it. You’ve seen it
all, if you’re setting up a nasty workstation with big monitors, or for something that’s a
little more industrial than that, this is right up your alley. It’s the PNY Quadro, NVS 450,
multi monitor workstation card. It’s beautiful, it’s priced well for what it does,
and it has… It’s the first, workstation card with 4 way display port. If
you have any questions on it email me, see you guys next time. For more information on the PNY Quadro NVS
450 workstation card, type in P56-450 into the search engine of any of these major
retailers. For Computer TV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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40 thoughts on “PNY NVIDIA Quardo NVS 450 Multiview Video Card

  1. It would only be running displays. What would you use? SGi, Cray? for the sake of a instrument display! But hey, nVidia is used for oil drilling and medical imaging. So why would it be unsuitable for information display's at nuclear power plants or research labs?

  2. Nice to see Tiger doing reviews on other hardware. I remember the nVidia Tesla review. What will they review next?

  3. 2? What about using 3 on a 3-SLI motherboard? If it worked, that would give you 12 displays!

    That would be impressive to show a guest in your home the first time they come over, haha.

    The big question is…. can you unlock all the multipliers? If so, is it compatible with the overclocking orb, which can be used to automatically unlock all your multipliers for you.

  4. I do graphic design. Can I use this for (2) 20"1680×1050 and (2)24"1920×1080. With photoshop, on one monitor, illustrator on one, and 4 external hardrives open on the other two…..Please answer…please….I want speed…I only have 3 ram memory and a 350 watt powersupply….only one pci-e slot but 4 pci slots….tell me what I need oh wise one…..with money no object…tell ideal…with econmy in mind tell next best.

  5. Well, I installed mine yesterday and it was a bugger to figure out when I only had three monitors and no idea what I was doing. All works good now. (You have to enable the monitors) Illustrator acted a little wonky at first but seems ok now. I cant get illustrator to upgrade, so that may have something to do with it. I hope this card can handle. Illustrator , photoshop and externals. I'll let you know

  6. Well, I'm sending the card back to Dell. And the dvi to displayport adapters too. Photoshop and Illustrator was at a crawl. I couldnt load Photoshop after Illustrator cause lines would be going thru it. Let me just tell you. This worked with 4 monitors but not with photoshop. I see another nvidia card Quadro FX 47 x2 that runs 4 monitors and with a lot more umph.

  7. If it's not that great for 3D modeling &rendering why the hell should I spend 350$ for this card. With 50 – 100$ I can get 2 GPUs &even if my mobo doesn't have 2 pci slots I can spend another 100 to get a new mobo &still save 100-150$. Plus I can have the added option of SLI/Crossfire if I wanna play a game now and then and if not, disable it and enjoy 4 monitors. I got 2 monitors on my 250GTs and I''ve linked my 8400GTS to my TV with a spare slot left with less than 150$…

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