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Welcome to Gamer Glossary, where we break
down the phrases and memes seen throughout the gaming industry. Todays episode: PogChamp. PogChamp is one of the most common emotes
in all of Twitch chat, but where did it come from, and what does it actually mean? PogChamp is actually the face of YouTuber
Ryan Gutierrez, also known as Gootecks famous for playing street fighter games and looking
like he was sent back from the future to kill John Connor. The image actually comes from outtakes of
an episode of “Excellent Adventures”, his youtube series with fellow gamer Mike
Ross, and is his reaction to the cameraman bumping into the tripod. The term itself was born a year later, when
Gootecks and Mike Ross posted a video of them playing Pogs, a 90’s game where you try
to flip over cardboard discs, with the winner getting a new high-end joystick. The video ends with Gootecks winning, and
becoming the Pog Champion. In 2012, Twitch combined that Pog Champion
story and the image of a surprised Gootecks into one emote: PogChamp. To this day, PogChamp is one of the most popular
emotes on Twitch, and is almost always used as an expression of excitement and surprise
when something amazing or important has happened. That’s all for this episode, so thank you
for watching Gamer Glossary! Another entry is on the way!

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