Pokemon Go (Video Games)

Although you may not realize it, freedom of
movement is actually a fundamental right guaranteed under Article 13 of the Universal Declaration. No, we don’t mean the freedom to dance, or
twerk, or do the jerk until it hurts, we mean the freedom to move inside the borders of
one’s own country without needing to report your movement to your government, or to seek
your government’s approval. This might all sound like common sense, but
in reality, the denial of the freedom of movement is one of the main ways that totalitarian
and repressive regimes oppress people. In Nazi Germany, and in the Soviet Union under
Communism, you had to obtain an internal passport to be able to travel from one city to another. This is also true in many Communist societies
to this day. That’s why the ominous phrase, ‘show me your
papers,’ recalls our worst images of the governments who have turned against the people they have claimed
to serve. So, how does all this apply to Pokemon Go? Well, lately, over-enthusiastic Pokemon Go
players have gotten a bad reputation for moving around in public a little too much in their
quest for rare Pokemon creatures. Some players have wandered onto private property,
some have jumped fences in zoos, some have broken traffic and speeding laws, and many
more have risked walking into traffic or even off of cliffs. So what are your main freedom of movement
rights as someone who is playing a video game in public? Well, they’re pretty much the same as everyone
who’s not playing the game. This is good news, because that means you
have freedom of movement in the classic sense of the human rights term: you can travel anywhere,
at any time, to play the game in your home country. No passport needed. But, freedom also confers responsibility,
or obligation to others, so this means you can’t trespass, including jumping fences at
zoos, or block traffic when you should be on the sidewalk. You should never play the game while driving
or walking in dangerous areas. After all, rescuing people after they’ve fallen
off a cliff or been the victim of an accident is no game. There are first responders who are going to
have to save you, so even if you’re passionate about Pokemon Go, please remember there are
times when you need to stop playing the game and pay attention to the real world. After all, the best way to keep our rights
is to be responsible about using them for the sake of others.

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