Projared is a Gamer [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#57

MEME REVIEW BABY Welcome everyone to meme review Yeah, im a gamer. (strugles) cheat on my wife. (poor Marzia) I’m sure everybody has already heard And I know, it devastated me It shshhhhh shook me to my core ProJared cheated on his wife?! (GASP?) What The Frick dude I used to love his Nintendo review WhAT? The man that looks exactly like the guy from lost Cheated on his wi, WHAT unbelievelble! So the wife uuuuh, apparently spared no she didnt held back… (Gives up because of the failure, twice) Saying (quote on screen (blurred is fricking)) Felix: “I have proof, I have evidence and hes gonna DIE” Even going after the person he cheated with Jesus Christ okay (okay?) And everything just happened at once then. pictures of. you know what i dont wanna get into the details That’s for PEW NEWS (the most News News show) ♪ Pewnews intro starts ♪ I think what’s important here, is the memes okay? (okidoki) I don’t really care about anything else right now I just wanna go Haha Thank god i’m not the one in the controversy today (3 weeks cmon we can make it) Haha look at that guy, he messed up you know when you messed up when Dsp out of all people drags you on twitter (Can someone tell me who dsp is in the comments cause im cluelless?) Projarad: Yes, I shouldn’t have cheated and i’m okay with that And that’s why my final rating for this (pews giggle) Is a broken marriage/10 ooohoohohohohoho ( oh hey santa) So if you’ll excuse me I need to delete some pictures of myself playing naked uuuuhwwwwwwww Felix: you didn’t delete the.. ProJarad: unless you wanna see em? Felix: Noooooooooo DELETE THEM DELETE THEM PROJARAD PLEASE Felix repeating:That’s why I rate this broken marriage/10 God damn it Projared, He was leaving this hint all along! Why did we not listen to him? WE SHOULD HAVE LISTENED His most viewed video, How to make slender not scary ^^ What?! Even ProJared’s on mods joined in In the Slaughtering that has been Projared (He says the memes,) (So i kinda dont know what to do) (I guess just fill space) (mmm well ill just wait till Felix says something) Felix: Oh its Gamer time (back to business) I think what’s funny about this is how JohnTron You know the guy that was kicked out of their collective group For uhh saying things, i don’t know exactly what he said But BAD THINGS he said BAD THINGS (felix is saying the meme again) (So there is more empty space huh) Felix: I guess he got the last laugh ProJared loosing hundreds.. Hundred thousand subscribers in just one day Just after hitting a million subs (Felix: reading the meme again) (SO MUCH EMPTY SPACE) I used to watch his videos back in the day Maybe like 4 or 3 years ago or something They are not bad videos I don’t really care (suuure Felix) I just want the ( ̶M̶o̶n̶e̶y̶) Memes Look he looks just like him! HAhahaha I like the fact that.. Whatever.. Go to any picture Loading dialog.exe On his instagram It’s all clowns. It’s just clowns Yall got Clowned on You unlocked clown outfit Woaahie Now it’s worth mentioning We haven’t fully heard Jared’s side of his story And a lot of things are bothering me about this whole thing There is a lot of puzzle pieces that dont make sence to me I don’t think both parties are completely blameless here But thats for Poppy Gloria to decide In her video, thats probably coming up tommorow ♪ Pew News intro ♪ Moving on ProJared gets a broken marriage/10 Next MEME

100 thoughts on “Projared is a Gamer [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#57

  1. >Pewdiepie 100 M subs
    >Pewdiepie married his girl
    >ProJared apologizing and regaining his subs
    >Me getting a gun metal PS3 MGS4 L.E. console with gun metal colored DS3
    Yup…This is a lucky week for me 🙂

  2. I find hilarious how people have just been brainwashed in the opposite direction and attacking every Projared video now. You have people saying Pewds slandered him when he actually says to not condemn the guy without hearing his side of the argument. People are really retarded.

  3. He’s just reviewing the memes, why blame him. He even said that he cannot get to the conclusion when ”we haven't fully heard projared side of the story” and both parties are not completely blameless here.

  4. Hey Pewds. I know you're on your honeymoon now, but when you come back, it would help if you spread awareness that he proved his innocence. There are still many people who don't know of the updated situation, and it would help if you used your influence to spread the word. 👊

  5. 3:07
    From the very beginning, Felix knew something was fishy as the entire accusations were one sided from the start…

  6. Love how people are jumping ship and siding with Jared when 3 months ago they were clamouring for his head to be put on a stake. Internet cancel culture is sickening.

  7. I'm glad that when this controversy started I just whatched the memes and waited for ProJared to tell his side of the story to form an opinion
    Edit: I laugh now when I see all the smartasses that come here and demand an apology from Pewds

  8. Pewds, you do not need to apologize for this, you always were on the careful side of this.
    But would you please be willing to delete this video for the sake of ProJared who has been falsely accused (of some) of these acts. OR make a video on the new memes, with the defamation and all.
    Edit: And before anyone says I'm jumping ship, I also waited for the full story on this to form my actual opinion.

  9. Esh imagine seeing this in jareds perspective and getting harassed by the biggest YouTuber,it's hard to take in not gonna lie

  10. Hey pewds,if there's ONE thing that you can do as the most subscribed youtuber, please do an update video of the projared situation. Let the hate mob(and the people who bandwagoned on the projared hate) know, what they have done to the poor man.

  11. Hey, what do you think about talking a bit of this situation from what we recently heard from Projared himself ? So it's not a one sided story forever

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