PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S!

– It’s been a little
over four months since the PS4 Pro came out and even longer for the Xbox One S and PS4 Slim,
so I think it’s about time we have a little update on what’s changed and what we have to look
forward to coming soon. First, let’s take a
look at the Xbox One S. Now, when this first launched
it was going for $300, but now you can find it as
low as $240 for a 500 gig bundled with Minecraft
or pay a little extra if you want a different
game or larger hard drive. Now, one of the biggest ongoing strengths of this system is its
focus on being not only a gaming system but also
a multimedia device. Having HDMI in, 4k video
support, and UHD BluRay support, something that neither the
PS4 slim or PS4 Pro have and the largest number of
streaming apps to choose from. When it comes to actual
gaming one of the biggest strengths the Xbox One S
has is actual backwards compatibility with select 360 games, the list of which has gotten pretty large and has a lot of respectable
great titles on it. It also has the more
comfortable controller. Now, one of the interesting
aspects of the Xbox One that’s either a big strength
or weakness depending on your viewpoint is the
idea of play anywhere. Basically, any game
that you own on Xbox One you can also play on
Windows 10 PC or vise versa, and share save files between them. The downside, though, is that this means that there are no longer
any true Xbox One exclusives as those are all going
to be on PC as well. Meanwhile, with the
PS4 there are currently two different models to choose from. The PS4 slim that originally went for 300 but you can now get as low as
260 bundled with Uncharted. And, the PS4 Pro which
still comes by itself, no game bundles just yet, at $400. Now, while the Xbox One
has been focused on being an all-in-one multimedia
device the PS4 has been much more focused on just gaming. It does have some additional
services like PlayStation Vue for watching TV channels or
PlayStation Now which allows you to stream play PS3 games,
though they have announced PS4 games will be coming in the future. But, the real focus is on the
fact that both the PS4 Slim and Pro are more powerful
than the Xbox One S. While it doesn’t have UHD
BluRay support like the Xbox One it does support 4k video and
games on it that are patched specifically for it do
offer native 4k resolutions or at least closer resolutions
that are upscaled using a variety of techniques. The mileage which does vary by game. Now, since my last Xbox
One versus PS4 update there have been some
changes, mostly for PS4 thanks to the recent 4.5 software update. The biggest things being
that you can now use external hard drives with
both PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, something that was originally a strength just for the Xbox One,
and more importantly for the PS4 Pro, boost mode. The update did include
a couple other benefits such as being able to add
your own custom backgrounds and a cleaner UI in some spots, especially the notifications tab. Meanwhile, there hasn’t been
any major software updates for the Xbox One recently,
but there has been a lot of talk for ones that will be coming sometime in April, including
removing the snap feature which will free up system resources and hopefully boost the
performance of the Xbox One making the UI snappier and
an interesting new feature called Co-Pilot Mode
where two players share two separate controllers but act as one. – [Both] Wonder twin powers activate. – The idea being that if
someone has a disability and has problems using the
controller on their own they have a way to get a little help making the Xbox One the more
accessible system for them. Now, of course, ultimately
the reason you’re thinking of getting a gaming
system is well, gaming. And so always, one of the big questions you need to consider is exclusives. Since my last video Microsoft
has had some pretty good games coming out including
Gears of War Four, Halo Wars Two, Forza Horizon
Three, and Dead Rising Four. Though, due to Microsoft’s
play anywhere approach these are all available
to PC players as well. Meanwhile, the PS4 has
been pushing a lot harder for games that are
completely exclusive to it with titles like King of
Fighters 14, Yakuza Zero, Last Guardian, and of
course Horizon Zero Dawn. With a handful of games
that are exclusive to PS4 but also on PC, like
NieR: Automata and Neo. And, if you look at a
full list of exclusives since launch it’s pretty
clear the PS4 currently offers the larger catalog. As of right now PS4 has
been outselling Xbox One at about a two to one
ratio, but there are a lot of interesting things on
the horizon for Xbox One that just might turn the tide. As I mentioned earlier
there is a big update coming in the future that will
add some new features and up the system’s performance
also cleaning up the UI, but we’ll also be getting
news later this year at E3 for their console upgrade, the Scorpio, a system that if early
specs reveals are true will definitely beat out
the PS4 Pro in performance as well as bring VR gaming to Xbox. One really interesting thing
to me that they’ve talked about recently though is Xbox Game Pass, a service similar to
PlayStation Now and EA Access giving players access to
a library of 100 games that rotate in and out. The interesting bits
though are that the service would only be 10 bucks
a month, half the price of what Sony charges for PS Now. The games would be
downloadable, not stream played meaning a smoother experience
and any games currently on Game Pass will also have
a 20% discount if you like the game enough that you want to buy it and own it permanently. There are, of course,
also future exclusives to get excited for, like
Crackdown Three, Sea of Thieves, Cuphead, and I swear
someday Blow will come out on this system. I’ve been talking about
it in every single one of these Xbox One versus PS4 videos. It just needs to come out
sometime soon, eventually, please. On the other hand Sony
doesn’t really have much in the form of upcoming hardware
or major software updates. That’s all happened pretty recently. What we do have though are a
lot of major games coming out. A lot of which do still have
pretty unclear release dates. Though, for sure this year,
we can at least look forward to Persona Five, Uncharted
Lost Legacy, The Crash Insane Trilogy, and maybe Detroit: Become Human. With big future names
like God of War Four, Last of Us Two, and Final
Fantasy Seven Remake coming out someday in the future. As things stand right now
my previous conclusions about these systems remains
pretty much the same. The Xbox One is the
superior multi-media console and has an excellent
small handful of first and third person shooters
while the PS4 is the much more dedicated gaming system
with an excellent library of exclusives that should not be missed. That being said though,
PS4 has pretty much gotten to the point where we’re
just waiting on more games to come out, while Microsoft
has a lot of interesting wildcards on their way
including Xbox Game Pass and of course the Xbox
Scorpio which we’ll learn more about this coming E3. (mellow music)

100 thoughts on “PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S!

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    And can we have reviewer that dose not lean on one side like come on you were basically eating Xbox ass whole and pritty much talked ps4 down ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  2. All I care about is Comfort of controller and the Games both companies provide. So Xbox wins comfort and PS wins Variety.

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    Make free multiplayer

    Omg 4 likes lol jk i got 800 once

  11. Guys, do like me, buy the S , i got mine for 160$ 1 TB, and the X was 500$ so not wort it rn, and wait for PS 5:) then you will have both

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