PS4 Safe Mode

In this video you’ll learn about
the Safe Mode menu on PS4 systems. If you have a PS4 system
that isn’t working properly starting it up in Safe Mode and then executing one or more menu options
may help to resolve the issue. First, you’ll see how to
access the Safe Mode menu and then you’ll learn
about each menu option. Use these links to jump to information
about a specific Safe Mode option. First, power off your PS4 by pressing and
holding the power button for about 7 seconds until the system has beeped twice. Release the power button and wait until
the system light shuts completely off. Then press and hold the power button
to turn the PS4 system on… keeping your finger on the button. You should hear one beep when
you first press the button… and another beep about 5 seconds later. Release the power button
after the second beep. When you see a message directing
you to connect a wireless controller and press the PS button follow
these instructions to enter Safe Mode. The first option in the Safe
Mode menu is [Restart System]. This option is used to exit Safe Mode. The second Safe Mode option
is [Change Resolution]. This may help if the PS4 video image isn’t
showing up on the TV outside of Safe Mode. Select it to restart the
PS4 in 480p resolution. If that displays on your TV then you can
go to [Settings] and [Sound and Screen]. From there select [Video Output Settings]
and then choose [Resolution]. That’s where you can manually select the maximum resolution setting
that’s supported by your TV. Skip over the third option
[System Software Update]. If your PS4 cannot start up or
update system software normally then it is recommended that
you jump ahead in this video to learn about options 6 and 7. The fourth Safe Mode option is
called [Restore Default Settings]. This resets all system settings to the state
they were in when the system was brand new. You’ll need to sign-in to the
PlayStation Network afterward so have the correct email and
password for your account on hand. Using this option will not
delete any data from your system. The fifth Safe Mode option
is [Rebuild Database]. It’s recommended that you restore
the file system if your PS4… Contains corrupt files which
cannot be accessed or deleted Stopped working during a system update Freezes in the system menu. Or displays a message after system
startup warning that the HDD is corrupted. If your system is experiencing
any of these issues it’s a good idea to try the
[Rebuild Database] option. Using this option will not delete anything
from the hard disk except for corrupted data. Rebuilding the database
may take an hour or longer depending on the amount of
data stored on your PS4 system. This brings us to options 6 and 7. These should be used after you’ve
tried other Safe Mode options but before sending your
system in for service. Initialization is a last resort
because it will delete all data from the hard disk and reset all system
settings back to their factory defaults. If possible… you should backup your saved games and
installation data before Initialization. Saved game data can be copied
to an external USB device or it can be uploaded to Online Storage
if you’re a PlayStation Plus member. Creating a system backup on an external USB device will allow you to restore installed games after a successful initialization. Once data has been backed up re-enter safe mode and choose option 6 [Initialize PS4 System]. If your PS4 system can start up normally
after initialization you will be prompted to setup your system just like when
you turned it on for the first time. Sign in to your PlayStation Network
account and go to the Library to download game and video content that
you’ve purchased from the PlayStation Store. At this point you can also restore
data that has been backed up to online storage and external USB devices. If Initialization does not resolve
your issue then you should try [Initialize PS4 system
(Reinstall System Software)]. Follow this link for detailed instructions on downloading and installing New Installation System Software. First you’ll need to download a special reinstallation version of the PS4 system software and store it on a USB storage device. Then you’ll use Safe Mode option 7 to install new system software after the PS4 has been initialized. Successful initialization will
be followed by system setup and PlayStation Network sign in
as described previously. If your PS4 does not operate correctly after you’ve tried these Safe Mode options please follow this link to learn how you can make a Service Request for your system.

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