How to connect a PlayStation to a VGA monitor
while both PS3 and PS4 have HDMI output only? eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon and similar outlets
sell these types of converters. Choose carefully, it has to be HDMI input to VGA output, and
not vice versa! Previously, similar converters used external power, but recent improvements
allow it to be powered directly from the HDMI port. No external power needed. The rest is
simple. Just connect HDMI side to the PlayStation, and the VGA – to the VGA port of the monitor.
Also don’t forget to select the correct resolution – 720p in this case. The adapter has standard
audio out jack to connect your active speakers or an amplifier. Now you can use your PlayStation
with an old monitor. You may have problems with playing 1080p Bluray, as the device may
not be HDCP compliant. So just use a lower resolution for Netflix and Bluray, like 720p,
and they should work just fine. HDCP protection has been removed from most PlayStation games,
so this should not affect gaming.

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