PS4 vs Xbox One #colepsze #3

Welcome to the third episode for #which one’s better If you’re here just to find out who won our last episode’s competition you can just fast forward the vide to the the end or… just be patient! In the next few minutes I’ll focus on the comparison you asked for in your comments. And since I read your comments I also know that some of you think that Kasia who won our last episode’s prize doesn’t exist and that it’s all just a scam. Do you really think that I have nothing better to do but scam people for gadgets? But let’s get back to this in the end of this episode. Now, following your requests, I’m standing here, between two game consoles:
PS4 and Xbox One. First of all let’s have a look at the look. Not mine! From the outside PS4 is very narrow and you can easily put it on its side. Xbox is also not too big so you can easily put it on its side. Just like you could put a table upside down. I’m not quite sure whether table manufacturers would advise against putting your table upside down, but Microsoft definitely does not advise placing your Xbox on the side. The reason – it’s optical drive – it’s been design to work in a horizontal position. Other than that, Xbox has this big extra cable connected thing, which you can’t find with PS4, even though it’s smaller. So if we were being slightly sexist here and just judging by the looks, PS4 would be the Prom Queen and Xbox1, this slightly chubby girl which loves donuts and is always excused from physical education classes. So you think I’m shallow now? Well I’m not really judging a book by its cover here, just judging the console by its outer design. And that is actually a pretty important feature especially since it is where you can find all it connectivity ports. With a blind eye you can see that Xbox1 offers far superior number of ports and hence better connectivity. Even though in this particular case bigger is better; the smaller one offers some smart solutions. In PS4 you can easily exchange your hard-drive to a bigger or faster one. And here a word of warning to everyone who would love to put in a ton of money into installing a brand new SSD drive in his or her PS4. When you exchange an HDD to an SDD drive in a console you will not see the same increase in speed as you would see with a PC. In an Xbox1 you can add extra space by connecting an external USB connectable hard-drive. Ok, it’s time for some technical specs. Now is the moment to pay some extra attention. If you’re mainly concerned with the high specs required by games and you’re looking for the best hardware to have those specs buy a PC But what if you don’t have a PC and want to use your console not only for games? On both consoles you’ll easily run all basic applications. Both come equipped with web browsers. You can of course navigate those using game pads, probably as effectively as if you’ve decided to build a house with a spoon and a fork. I would recommend either of those options only if you were a masochist. Exactly one day after our shoot Microsoft released a software update It’s now Windows10 for Xbox and even though the changes are rather insignificant, Internet explorer has been successfully replaced with Microsoft Edge. Crushing news for all Internet Explorer fans out there – so, no one really. Ok, let’s move on to controlling your console. Until recently Microsoft claimed that Xbox1 without a Kinect is like coke without gas, you can’t really sell them separately. Thanks to that all of Microsoft fans could play tennis, climb, jet ski and play a number of other fascinating games. But deep inside most of them probably just wanted to play without loosing their dignity. Players use pads which Sony knows very well about since it doesn’t add a motion sensor to its PS4 console. You can of course buy them separately extra, but that’s up to you. Fortunately, with time Microsoft has also come to its senses and it doesn’t force its customers to buy the more expensive Xbox One with Kinect bundle any more. Pads, finally. The PS4 gamepad is smaller. It also comes with a touchpad, which is reaching it’s potential about as efficiently as are Polish students working crappy jobs in the UK. The backlit panel is very useful since it tells you, which player are you. There is also a speaker and a place to connect your own earphones. That’s OK, since not all of you might be ecstatic with the headset you get with the console. The Xbox pad is bigger and heavier. It also comes with batteries instead of a rechargeable option. It’s of course easy to buy rechargeable battery but it’s 21st and not the 16th century, so I would expect it to be included. The vibrating triggers – they’re awesome. Not very useful though, since you can use them in only about 3 games currently on the market. OK, maybe 4. And this is the place to where you connect your headset. In which you’re going to look like this. Without the pad in your hands I can guarantee you’ll be the point of contact for anyone with an appetite for a BigMac and fries. While, those two randomly met guys are going to play a game of FIFA, I’m going to measure some basic parameters of the 2 consoles. Which one of the 2 consoles heats up faster? Which one is louder? And finally, which uses up more electricity? After 10 minutes of gaming it’s time for our first measurements. The surface of PS4 is heated up to between 30 to 40 something degrees, but at the back the temperature reaches a whooping 60 degrees! So basically if you’re looking for a perfect place to store your cheese at home, the back of the Sony console is definitely not it. In Xbox, this surface is the hottest, and it’s maximum temperature reaches 42.8 degrees! So Xbox definitely releases less heat. Does it mean that it is louder because its fan is working faster? Our measurements show… that in terms of the loudness of both consoles there isn’t really a noticeable difference. And what about energy consumption? A very well known and respected American research organisation conducted professional tests to determine that. How did they measure the energy consumption exactly? It’s quite likely that they’ve just hooked up the consoles to Wattmetres, and if that was the case, then my tests are equally professional. They show that a turned on Xbox One uses about 46 Watt, hereas a turned on PS4 69 Watt. When you’re actually playing the Xbox it the value goes up to 92 Watt and for PS4, up to 92 Watt. If a game has been released for PS4 and Xbox One, it’s probably going to work best on a PC. Nevertheless some people claim that one of the consoles makes the games look better than the other. I connected my consoles to two identical TV screens, the feed of which you can now see on your screen. Try to guess which one is which? Now let me make it harder and throw in a 3rd contender – the PC. Of course what you see has still been obtained using the exact same TV screen. Are you ready? ou have 5 seconds to come up with the correct answer. Now you have the chance to check whether you guessed right. Let’s move on to the more obvious differences – Exclusives. If you know what Exclusives are then you know whether you’re more of an Xbox gamer or a PS4 gamer. If you’ve never had a console because your wife didn’t let you and since you’re divorced you’ve now decided to get one; or for any other reason. You should know that there are games exclusively for Xbox and exclusively for PS4. And it definitely makes sense to check out which ones you like best before buying a console. In any case, from the quadrillion people we’ve asked, including a couple of women, the main factor determining, which console are you going to buy, comes down to which console does your best mate have. Until recently PS4 sold twice as many consoles as Xbox One, but the Microsoft built console has been catching up and at the moment it seems to be a draw. But if you’re really making your decision based on what your mate has, then you’re still most likely to get a PS4. But let’s leave aside for a moment the things your mate has and let’s focus on what you have in your house. If it’s a Windows10 computer you can easily stream your games to it from your Xbox. If it’s a PsVita, you can happily continue on it the game, which was initially started on your PS4. You cannot built the future while forgetting about the past said someone a long time ago and he definitely did not have game consoles in mind. But as a matter of fact that’s what reverse compatibility in game consoles is all about. If you’ve got the Microsoft Xbox One console you can happily use it to play any older Xbox360 games without any problems. And what about Sony? Well they don’t quite offer you reverse compatibility in the same way as Xbox but they have PSNow. You can find there titles, which originally came out for PS3 and you can have a go at them with your PS4. But you need to pay extra Doesn’t matter if you already own a legal copy of a PS3 game and you’ve paid for it. Sounds a bit like you’re paying twice for the same things but I would like to phrase it better, so…. PS4 offers you a variety of options of how you can spend your money. And I could probably just go on comparing those two for a while, but this series is unique in a sense that it’s time for me to pass on the torch to you. So guys, what do you think?
Which one’s better? Just go onto the website a link to which should be just displayed on your screen. You can also find in a link in the video description. So you can literally just click and you’re there, at a website, which should be working much better now than it was before. I know, I’ve taken in your complaints and criticisms and improved things. But in any case, even if there were glitches you were always able to vote. So I’m not going to give in on that! Everything is going to work smoothly from now on. If you’re watching this video on a Wednesday evening, then it’s better if you vote on a Thursday early afternoon, just to be safe! You can vote up until the 25th of November, inclusive, and on the 2nd of December we’ll meet here in the store with the lucky winner… and you’ll get to know, which of the gaming consoles is better! And since we’re talking about competitions, it’s time to announce the winner of the 2nd episode. Meet Bartek! it’s his answer that appealed the most to our jury. Really, not just the answer but the argument behind it. So Bartek is now unwrapping his prize so that you get to see, which one of the two cameras won! And the winner is…. Sony! Why Sony? What did you write to support Sony’s win in your comment? Well in my comment I wrote that I think this would be the camera of choice of Kristofer Szufla. He would choose this camera to video his amazing dance moves. So you’re a fan of Kristofer? Yep, I’m definitely a fan. Probably his best fan ever, at least I think so. Kristofer here is your best fan ever with his gift. You can also get a gift if you vote. Of course it’s not going to be a camera this time but one of the game consoles. We’ll meet here again on the 2nd of December. Will Krakowiak be here with us? We don’t really know. Is it going to be interesting? That’s for sure! See you then!

100 thoughts on “PS4 vs Xbox One #colepsze #3

  1. Niektórzy ludzie są głupi ja powiedziałem swojemu koledze ze ps jest lepszy on się ze mną kłóci ze nie a ja mu powiedziałem ze po prostu kupiłem lepszą konsole i tyle

  2. Chłopie przestań modulowac ten głos jest taki monotonny i wkurzające że nie da się ciebie oglądać. Oglądałem tez nowy gadżet na tvn ale przestałem bo po 10 minutach słuchania tej twojej gadki nie da się dalej oglądać.Zmien ta durna maniere i zacznij normalnie mówić będzie dużo lepiej dla wszystkich

  3. 1:16,
    Tu chodzi o to , że nie oceniasz to co jest na zewnątrz tylko wewnątrz, źle zrozumiałeś
    bo gdyby ktoś zrobił brzydką z wyglądu konsole , a byłaby dobra , to byś jej nie kupił? Bo co , bo jest brzydka?
    Cytuje "Nie oceniam przecież książki po okładce ale konsole po obudowie" koniec cytatu.


  4. ps4 478wacbcngauyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyf

  5. Nie naśladuj Liptona bądź "sobą" będzie ok. Te gaduchy Liptona wk. takie naciągane odkrywanie hameryki. Przekazuj temat zwyczajnie, bez takich tam liptonow.

  6. ja tu tylko jestem aby zobaczyć jak użytkownicy PS wyzywają użytkowników xbox'a i na odwrót….
    sam mam Xbox'a i Laptopa ale ja tam nie porównuję, każdy lubi to co chce…

  7. mam XBOXA i najgorsze w nim to że trzeba dokupować Xbox Live Gold czyli takie gówno które daje ci grać multiplayer

  8. Brak porównania ergonomii padów i długości pracy padów na akumulatorach, czyli ważnych rzeczy. Za to dużo żartów na siłę.

  9. X-box ponieważ ciśnieniemy na nim cały czas po pracy i daje rade twarda sztuka przeszedł pozytywnie wszystkie crash testy 💪łapka w górę like 👍

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