PS4 vs Xbox One Episode 1: Hardware

For over a decade Sony and Microsoft have
been fighting for console supremacy but nearly two years into the latest console cycle how
do the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 stack up? To kick things off let’s take a look at
the console hardware and here you’ll see a big difference. The PS4 has a smaller footprint
while also being thinner which is no small feat. Take a look at the iFixit teardown and
you’ll see that the PlayStation is built more like a laptop compared to the distinctly
desktop-like Xbox One. Considering the Red Ring of Death overheating issues that plagued
the 360 it’s not a surprise that Microsoft played it a bit safe this generation but there’s
no getting around that the Xbox looks more like a VCR than a game console. Thankfully
you can customize both with a skin from dbrand which I have on my consoles, it’s easy to
get the exact look you want like two tone carbon fiber or my personal favorite the 1981
edition PS4. Look past the, well looks and the consoles are surprisingly similar. Up
front you’ll find a slot loading Bluray drive and power buttons on each and while
they’re perfectly usable I do prefer the bigger touch sensitive buttons on the Xbox
compared to the smaller, less accurate buttons on the PlayStation. You’ll find a pair of
USB 3.0 ports on the front of the PS4 where the Xbox has one USB on the side along with
two more around back. You’ll also find the power connector, HDMI out, Optical Audio,
HDMI in, dedicated Kinect port, IR blaster and an Ethernet jack. Compare this to the
PS4 and we’ve got the same HDMI, Optical Audio, Ethernet and proprietary PlayStation
Camera port but the Xbox is the clear winner for this one. The extra USB 3.0 is nice, the
IR blaster can be helpful for home theater setups and the HDMI in allows the Xbox to
control a cable or satellite box. It also comes with dual band Wi-Fi compared to the
single stream 2.4 gigahertz solution on the PS4. If you live in an area with a lot of
Wi-Fi networks like I do the Xbox One does a much better job of pulling in a consistent
signal where the PS4 has so many wireless issues I had to run an Ethernet cable for
it. It’s not all good news for the Xbox though. While both come with 500 gigabytes
of capacity the PS4 officially supports swapping drives. You can add a larger hard drive or
go the SSD route to cut down on loading times which is awesome but at least the Xbox One
allows installing games on a USB drive which the PS4 doesn’t. Even though the Xbox is
bigger it also needs a large external power supply where the PlayStation is able to make
an internal power supply work making it quite a bit easier to fit into tighter setups. Something
else to consider is that these consoles can put off some serious heat. Take a look at
the Xbox One and it tops out around 41 degrees Celsius under a full gaming load which isn’t
too bad, this is mostly thanks to the top half of the console venting the hot air. Move
over to the PS4 and you’ll see similar temps on top however most of the exhaust happens
in the rear and here we’re reaching nearly 60 degrees. This isn’t dangerous but you’ll
want to make sure the PS4 has access to plenty of cool air, put it in a crowded entertainment
console and you could have issues. Dealing with all of that heat can result in a noisy
console so next I ran Grand Theft Auto 5 on both the Xbox and PlayStation for 10 minutes
and measured how loud they got. While the Xbox One is barely audible the PS4
gets considerably louder, during gaming this isn’t much of an issue but the Xbox scores
a clear win here. Next I measured power consumption for each console at idle, while watching YouTube
and playing GTA 5. Here the Xbox makes the clean sweep, consuming 30 less watts at idle
and a still significant 16 fewer watts under gaming. Some of this gap has to do with the
more power hungry GDDR5 memory inside the PS4 but Microsoft has done a good job of optimizing
for less demanding use which is likely to make up most of the consoles’ life span.
Sony has built a better looking console in a more compact package with some serious power
under the hood but Microsoft made a lot of good choices to make a quieter, cooler console
with more hardware features giving it the edge in this one. That’s not the whole story
though. Want to know how the controllers stack up? How about the performance? Stay tuned,
this console war is just getting started.

100 thoughts on “PS4 vs Xbox One Episode 1: Hardware

  1. I moved from Xbox one to ps4. why you may be asking. well it all started when I called someone and idiot I then was reported and was permabanned from Xbox live AFTER I just bought a years worth of Xbox gold which is like $50 after that I sold all my games and the console and bought a ps4 and some games and I have to say I LOVE the ps4. thank you for wasting time reading my comment.

  2. Internals are different from hardware!!! Also PC is better than consoles by a lot but realistically most people or friends of people probably play on consoles so while PC is better, consoles are better in its own way in that people you play online with aren't all anonymous.

  3. A console is a console it's for entertainment. People stop with the console wars I personally like Xbox but that's because I only have a Xbox. People please please stop the console wars it's blinding us of our true nature. Every console is different and awesome in their own way. If you managed to read all this thx and have a good day.😋☺😉

  4. I'm neutral cuz I like what both Xbox and PlayStation is giving us each console has an edge on each other reply if u agree with me

  5. Well, Xbox won this one, but wait until we get to controllers and graphics. That's a guaranteed dub for Sony yet again.

  6. I don't understand why they would use an 8 core processor, because at most a game will probably will use like 4 cores
    so why not use a quad core? The cores would be faster on a quad core because they would have more GHZ per core being that it's not spread out to 8 cores and is only 4

  7. I know when my PS4 is on and running games, when it's on and doing nothing, and when it's in sleep mode.
    My Xbox one, I have to look to see the light.

  8. I swear if the new gen consoles made by sony and microsoft aren't as revolutionary as ps3 and xbox360 I'm gonna switch.

    (Get it? because nintendo switch)

  9. I didn’t even know the Xbox made a sound I thought it had some new tech to make it silent I know it sounds stupid but I honestly haven’t heard it

  10. this hardware specs that he showed on the video is offcial true by sony and microsoft or is made up by this guy ?

  11. I have the PS4 And Its really quiet whenever I run The last of us I would only hear the most buzz EVER In YouTube I can't hear how loud it is because a video is playing but on my PS3 holy damn that thing goes super loud when playing for about 2 hours And on YouTube I can hear it LOUD AND CLEAR Don't buy the PS3

  12. Well if I are seeing this now in 2018 November I'd say u can't compare Xbox 1 x or s to ps4 pro ,slim or original maybe your hardware is better but for a console that has been out for almost 6 years is still running fairly well

  13. PS4: we have easily superior hardware compared to Xbox one.

    Xbox one: we have an extra USB port and run quieter.

    Austin: XBoX OnE hAS tHe BEsT HARdWarE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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