PUBG Gamers vs Fortnite Gamers – PART 2

(Partie 1) Lien dans la description! Oui, si nous voulons la partie 2 Alors, nous y voilà! (construction) #fortnite) Construire et se protéger (véhicules #PUBG) La base ou La pyramyde (véhicules) #PUBG Il est temps de troller!>: D (j’ai un mauvais pressentiment à ce sujet) (Piège) #Fornite Vengeance La legende de Pan *PUBG (Optimisation)* Comparaison 1 et 1 * Enfin, j’ai un PC Gamer, maintenant je peux jouer à PUBG! (Ultra instinct) (Style Art) * Comparaison 1 et 1 * C’est tellement réaliste! Le style artistique est si unique et il est très coloré! Je pense que c’est mieux que les graphismes réalistes typiques des jeux (Modes de jeu) * Comparer 1 et 1 * + Silencieux Sneaky + Silencieux Sneaky
+Tir de tireurs d’élite + Silencieux Sneaky
+Tir de tireurs d’élite
+ Le sol dans la lave + Silencieux Sneaky
+Tir de tireurs d’élite
+ Le sol dans la lave
+ Mode Blitz et bien plus encore … DÉFINITIVEMENT NON EA
S’il vous plaît acheter Star Wars Battlefront II pour les bons modes de jeu traduit par Obinoakenobi

100 thoughts on “PUBG Gamers vs Fortnite Gamers – PART 2

  1. Part 3 >>>
    When a PUBG Gamer Plays Fortnite Battle Royale
    When a Fortnite Battle Royale gamer plays PUBG >>>

  2. Wow the Fortnite comments are tied with PUBG comments and by the Epic games made Fortnite and unreal Engine which is part of Epic games also made PUBG.

  3. Fortnite player's don't coment because they are busy playing Fortnite believe me or dislike me I don't care I like Fortnite and no one can change my opinion no matter what they say I will play Fortnite don't even care if other say's Fortnite suck you pubg player's someday a better game than Fortnite and pubg will come and you guys will play that game but I will play Fortnite only

  4. Pubg took's money pubg lag's a lot pubg has aids pugb has bigger map so people die from the storm pubg takes lot of money to buy skins believe me or not THAT'S TRUE

  5. Does anybodyelse notice that the names are diffrent on each click on fortnite, idk about pubg

  6. OK so pubg vs fortnite
    Fortnite=shield,and 6 items
    Pubg wins
    Pubg:cut parachute,trails yellow(s7),snow trails(s7)
    Fortnite: skydive,trails
    Pubg wins
    Pubg:realistic graphics
    Fortnite:such a cartoonist graphics ahhh
    Pubg wins
    Winner winner chicken dinner

  7. Pubg is best

    Even on mobile its graphics,guns,physics are better

    (Not like this is what I said earlier but when I played fortnite back in the day were there ads? Or pubg were there ads? Cus how is it not buy if it DONT have buy) also when you were running people over that’s not trolling people always do that same thing with pan

  8. By assuming (don't judge me if I'm wrong) most of the pubg Mobile players are from india ( I am too). The reason why is most of them have low end smart phones which can't even install fortnite. They couldn't simply afford it. Also many are comparing pubg Mobile ( which is absolute garbage which makes you addicted like a dog) to the PC AAA fortnite, which is a game loved all over the world. Without even knowing what the game is or even at least playing it once, they start to judge and complain about it.

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