0000Naughty! Teammate: Isn’t he BuQiuRen? Are you a spy? What do you work as? I purposely changed my ID What’s your job? Teammate: I recognise your clothes Teammate: I often watch your live streams Teammate: Felt like it’s you, I checked and I was right Teammate: Number 2 is a streamer? Teammate: He is BuQiuRen! I’ll win this match! Let’s play seriously! 2 enemies More than 2 Don’t know how you can recognise me I JUST changed this ID 2 mins ago! Teammate: Do you want M416? No need Don’t be nervous, I’m just a streamer It’s ok Brother… How to solve your shaky hand problem Hands will shake and the screen keeps moving around Let me teach you what to do Listen to me Do you have a table? Where are you playing at ? On the bed? Oh, sofa, are there any hard objects? Teammate: Yes Use it to hit your hand till it feels numb Won’t shake anymore When it’s numb you can’t feel anything I have Scar-L Extended AR magazine? I want it Why do you keep following behind me and giving me equipment? Teammate: You play well Teammate: Anyone else? No Let’s go to the housing area to loot Teammate: There are more enemies I’m not streaming at DouYIn Teammate: He’s at HuYa Let’s play seriously Teammate: Do you know how I recognised you? How did you know, from the outfit? Teammate: Outfit and name But I just changed it Don’t Arrange everything nicely Skills and attractiveness is not ranked 1st Intelligence is also not ranked 1st What nonsense, I’m unhappy Let’s win this match I’m unhappy now Enemies here! Teammate: Will you fall in love with him? Already happened Your 6th sense… impressive Enemy knocked Teammate: Can’t hear his footsteps He’s knocked Don’t know where’s his teammate Teammate: 6x scope Teammate: Give me a medkit Here Teammate: Thanks Let’s go Teammate: Enemies on the left Airdrop at Georgopol Didn’t see any enemies around Teammate: Scared by you Impossible, no one recognises me Teammate: Flare gun Doesn’t seem far Let’s go there Yes I think it’s at Rozhok Didn’t we drive around there just now? Did we? Let’s take a look But I coughed too much yesterday Took leave before I slept Thought I stopped coughing but it started again at night Tried deep breathing exercises but it didn’t help On the right! Get inside! Teammate: Car coming I’m rushing in I didn’t stop the car properly You all wouldn’t have died Can’t stop the car at that position Flare gun Get in The hilltop over there Let’s get off, might get bombed Teammate: Enemy below Teammate: Different teams 1 team eliminated Knocked Any more grenades? Don’t rush Ok, he’s dead AWM Teammate: Well played! No, it’s not easy Let’s go More crates here Let’s go! Teammate: Enemies on the right Teammate: He needs to run Teammate: Enemies upstairs! Teammate: Opposite building upstairs Teammate: Car on the hill AK47 is a good weapon Let’s go Teammate: Adding fuel So cute. 16 enemies left, be careful Didn’t we come from Georgopol? I forgot to on my mic, how irritating Brother, your performance is splendid Is there anyone? Red vehicle there Use the method I taught you for your shaky hands Enemies in that housing area See if they drive here Think they stopped Let’s kill them Enemies on the roof, get inside! Teammate: On the roof! I’m in deep trouble Teammate: Wow! Impressive! Teammate: Should be revivng Teammate: Wow! Your M762 recoil is controlled very well! Those who don’t recognise me will leave the match Teammate: Enemies ahead Such a pity, could have knocked them down See if they have Level 3 vest Last enemy , play it safe Armoured vehicle is here Come out! Don’t hide! It’s useless! Enemy: What are you doing? Keep your guns Don’t fight Really want me to kill you? Enemy: Come out, I won’t kill you Keep your guns Go into the safezone I’ll drive the car in Do you watch live streams? Enemy: No No? Know who is BuQiuRen? He’s my brother I’m BuQiuDi, never heard of me? My brother is very good, I won’t lie to you How do we end this match? Pan fight? Enemy: No Rock, paper scissors? Enemy: Ok How do we play it? Enemy: Say it out Won’t work Teammates are watching me How about we pan the car? Pan the car Pan the car OK? Enemy: No Need luck to pan the car Teammate: But I have no pan You don’t have it? Enemy: No Each of us shoot the car once, ok? Enemy: Let’s just play rock, paper, scissors! It’s unfair, let’s shoot the car instead Enemy: You shoot first Ok, let’s start Stand closer Why should I stand so close when you’re shooting? You’re standing a little far away You’re standing too far away, will you get blown up? What are you doing? You’re scared? How can you be like this? Have you shot the car? Enemy: Let’s end this battle How? Shoot at each other? Ok, each shoot three bullets You’re standing so far away You shot me! Ah, I’ll let you win Eh, why did you die? Both of us were shooting the car tyres


  1. IRAQ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🌺🌺🌺😊🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌹🌹🌹🌻🌻🌻🌸🌸🌸🌸🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

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